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If you won the lottery...

If you won a really major prize in the lottery, what are ten things you would do with it? I would:
1) Pay my parents back for my education and my sister's
2) Travel extensively
3) Give massively to my favourite charities
4) Help out disadvantaged folk locally
5) Buy me and my sister a house each (have mine built with custom tanks and millions of powerpoints!)
6) Get an interior decorator into my parents' house for them
7) Buy my grandma a nice ground floor flat with a small garden
8) Get some tailor-made clothes for me and my stupidly tall sister
9) Have flying lessons so I could get my pilot's license
10) Start an ethical petshop with properly bred fish and animals, buying from registered breeders or the RSPCA, not mills. I would also give my employees power to refuse to sell to someone who couldn't provide the necessary home for an animal. I'd search out hobbyists to make sure each section was staffed by experts, and give people who have been unemployed or imprisoned a second chance.

That would be my life with lots of money. :D What would you guys do?

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1) Build my own house, farm house blueprint and make it built to handle tanks, lots.
2) Pay off my parents bills, renovate my fathers house to brand new as well as my mothers. Buy my sister a house, my brother as well and I guess I could do the same for my inlaws as long as I can afford it ;)
3) Open a rescue of some sort
4) Go back to school
5) Buy my very own Lincoln Mark LT and Cadillac Escalade EXT for my fiance.
6) Donate to charities that mean a lot to me.
7) Give my landlord a HUGE check for taking a chance on us and renting to us with a Pitbull. He didn't want my dog and kids to be homeless.
8) Travel, I'd meet my online friends. I'd give Sakura a big hug, and harass Banicks in person.
9) Leave large sums of money for my children when they are 18. Since I'll be responsible for them until then (and after but ya know).
10) I'll leave this one open to whatever my heart desires.

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1) hire a tax lawyer .. so 80% of my winnings don't go into paying taxes (i live in california and lottery "winnings" is taxed very heavily)
2) invest 25% of it in some kind of trust or mutual fund with a very high yielding interest rate and that generates at least 8k monthly .. then i could just live out the rest of my life .. off of the interest
3) invest another 25% in a living trust for my kids (if and when i have some) education
4) pay off all debts accrued by all members of my immediate family .. and my husband's immediate family (when and if i get married)
5) invest 10% of what's left from paying debts off in real estate (having a handful of houses that generates extra monthly income never hurts)
6) buy my dream car *_* maserati <3
7) build my dream house
8) take a nice long vacation to visit every disney theme park in the world
9) invest in my own gaming company
10) donate the rest to breast cancer research .. and some other charities that catches my fancy at the time

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1. Triple major in psychology, animal science, and music.
2. A betta fish rescue, I'd take in fish that people can't care for, or sick fish from pet stores, and I'd rehome them.
3. A house with a music room, fish room, and art studio.
4. Acrylic paints, gesso, and canvasses.
4. Record a new album in a nice studio with my band.
5. TOUR!
6. 4 stall barn with a mini horse, two rescued horses, and two goats.
7. Fender Mustang and/or Jagstang and/or Gibson Les Paul and/or Rickenbacker 360 (GUITARS)
8. Dog and rabbit shelter (but that would be later)
9. PA system with a nicer amp for my guitar.
10. Travel? Philanthropy? Promoting my band? I'd do whatever I want!

Wow, I just realized how much easier life would be if I was infinitely rich.
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1) Pay my parents and student loans back.
2) Pay for my brother's education.
3) Build a beach house for my family (and I mean entire family: aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. [None of the beach houses at our beach are big enough!])
4) Buy myself a Carolina Blue VW Bug.
5) Buy a bunch of land and a bunch of goats and make goat cheese. Yum!
6) Buy season tickets to UNC Men's Basketball games for my immediate family.
7) Donate money to the no-kill shelter that I got my dog from.
8)-10) Save the rest of the money for my future kids' education.

Current Aquatic Friends:
Gustav the crowntail betta!

Lost Aquatic Friends
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R.I.P. Frederick the egg-infested marimo ball

Foster Friends:
Chloe the guinea pig

Successfully Adopted Foster Friends:
Iron Rat and Captain America the rat brothers

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1. pay back all those loans and people who've cared for me over the years
2. donate to the organizations I think are really important--especially small, local ones
3. have an amazing wedding. Nothing ridiculous, but so I don't feel pressured to stay in a tight budget!
4. get involved in the conservation of the boelens python
5. help out others who need me :)
6. get a small house that has exactly what I need including--
7. A heated herp room with the heated tile floors so I can have my reptiles out without them getting cold!
8. Buy my family and friends the amazing birthday and christmas gifts I've always wanted
9. totally make the COOLEST cages ever for all of my animals
10. avoid buying anything that is insanely expensive and will continue being expensive(aka a MANSION I'll still have to pay for years from now!! No thanks!)
11. The rest in savings with interest!

As the interest increases the money slowly I will be more comfortable investing in things important to me. :) We'll build/buy generators for our house, so we can produce electricity and cut back on electric bills, invest in computer stuff for nathan so he can be top of the line in the gaming world, and invest in animal and artistic stuff for me! Oh, and I'd build an amazing chicken coop and get chickens!

I think a lot of the money would go into making us self sufficient so we could have the money to spend on things we want to spend :)
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Let's see:
Give money to my brother and sister-in-law.
Give money to my mom.
Give money to my friend in Indiana who has been so supportive of me through some difficult times in my life.
Build her a house that's handicapped accessible.
Build ME a house.
Make sure my mom is taken care of and is comfortable for the rest of her life and get her whatever she needs.
Have a nice fishroom with several aquariums and hire someone to maintain them for me. lol
Hire a chef.
Hire a housekeeper.
Hire a chauffeur.
Give to favorite charities.

Oops, I think that's 11. lol
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Buy myself a luxury condo
Buy mother her luxury retirement condo (neither of us like outdoor chores)
Invest alot (secure savings, no/low risk)
Invest some in some more riskier venues (or at least let my investment wiz uncle do so).
Donate to some worthy charities (most likely would be the local SPCA)
Travel to those places I've always wanted to go.
Not sure what else!
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1. Put 1/2 into savings
2. Make a nice heated Pet Room, with anything from fish to snakes in it
3. Get a Pink Caddilac(:P) or Thunderbird
4. Buy an Explosives Company( why not?)
5. Build my dream Weapon Collection
6. Get a Private Chef
7. Get a 65" Flatscreen for Gaming Purposes, with XBox 360( with Live&Connect), PS3, PS2, and a Wii.
8. Donate to multiple charities and No-Kill Shelters
9. Build a Giant Robot Chicken( hey, why not?)
10. Get my Dream House with a Giant Swirly Slide in the middle.

6 Betta Splendens
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Haaaay, why does Sakura get a hug and I get harassed Pitluvs!

1. Aston Martin 177

2. Zombie proof mansion - http://www.news.com.au/technology/a-...-1226055251261

3. Arsenal of weapons and ammo for zombies

4. Zombie proof car - lets be honest, zombies wouldn't be seen dead near this thing :P

5. Personal Trainer & Chef

6. Helicopter & Jet

7. Big luxury boat

8. 8-track tape comeback

9. Elimination of the Betta myth

10. My own personal wolf pack
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