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Yeah..It's just the matter of replacing the negative memories of being frightened when seeing a spider..with positive ones where you are learning about the spider and feel comfortable :) eventually, when you see a spider you don't think "Oh, no those are scary!" instead "Oh! I know what that one is! How pretty!"
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I watched a show lately about this same phobia, it was My Animal Phobia I think? I know there was a lady scared of spiders, a guy scared of snakes and a guy scared of Pitbulls. My biggest fear is Roaches, Hissing Madagascar Roaches to be exact.

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I cannot stand roaches.. I had a full freak out moment on one specific roach.

I completely agree.. Baby steps! Relpace bad with good, become relaxed, and be knowledgeable! I used to be freaked by sharks, but then I learned a LOT about them, and now shark week is my favorite week of the year and I want to scuba dive with them! I almost did 2 weeks ago, but couldn't afford it. I think of sharks to be so beautiful and amazing creatures simply from KNOWLEDGE!

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Ack! Pitluvs said the "R word." ><!!

You want to see me cling to ceiling fan, that's the magic word.
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Haha roaches..Yeah, they're gross.. But I can get over Dubias, since I know they are the ultimate food source for my bug eating lizards. Nasty as they are, I may one day have a feeder colony of them. Honestly, they are cleaner than crickets, BLECH!! After dealing with having crickets around, roaches seem heavenly, crickets just are gross.

Of course if it comes to wild roaches on my floor, all bets are off and I will freak. But in an escape proof tub, I can handle them

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No, thank you. If I have to feed it roaches, I'm not getting it. I don't care if they're wild or bought, I do not want the little buggers in my apt. Just thinking about it has my skin crawling.
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While roaches are the best possible feeder animals for Ts, crickets are perfectly acceptable as well. I personally feed crickets because I can't have a roach colony right now. The most important thing with Ts is that it must be LIVE food. They are not like snakes, where they can be trained to eat dead.

Remember that the tank your fish lives in is his or her's whole world. Ask yourself this question, and answer it honestly: would you choose to live there?
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My daughter used to have a red knee, a very easy T to handle. Roaches on the other hand, if I see one, I grab the nearest thing and squash it!!!
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A way I find is based on psychology... Fear of spiders, is very common and it's because the brain associates the spider with bite - bite with pain/poison, pain/poison with death.
1.Get a color picture of a spider... put it on your wall/door in a high traffic area. Every time you see it, you'll get more and more used to it.
2. Next step, you could have the picture, and touch it... Touch, to an image, shows yourself you are capable of doing it without getting hurt!
3. This step involves actually seeing a live spider in it's container. The spider should remain in the container.
4. This step, you could have a spider in a clear container, and you hold that container. This, to your brain shows again: touch without pain! Get used to it.
5. This one, involves someone holding the spider, no container. They should not approach you, you should approach them without touching the spider. This shows close distance = no pain :)
6. This is basically the second last step... or the last step. whichever you please! This time, someone holding the spider, will have their hand touching yours - NOT THE ARM!! This way you have control (your hand) with the object. Let the spider go to you.
7. own one :)

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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Sena, I've taken multiple psychology classes and for now, I think I'll pass on the whole getting over the roach phobia via systematic desensitization. I don't have many phobias, I know which ones are ridiculous, which ones I can get over (probably all if I tried), but when push comes to shove and I have to choose one thing to be fear to death, it is that roach. Most of my other phobias could literally kill me trying to confront, this one won't.

I also don't view having a phobia as being unhealthy. Yeah, the heart attack from seeing my phobic object is not exactly healthy, but don't we all have something we fear or dread? Ugh, I'm making this too deep, sorry folks.
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