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Creatives (and not-so creatives) welcome! This thread is officially open to drawings (and cross-stich pieces- that was for you Silverfang), and anything else as long as it's related to mythical creatures. :)

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I believe that there is definitely something huge in Loch Ness. My dad lived in Scotland when he was a kiddywink and he once saw a huge wake. He thinks the monster is probably a giant elephant seal (goodness knows they are big enough).
There are enough terrifying things under the sea that look like they shouldn't exist. Who'd have thunk that an elbow squid was a legitimate creature til it was caught on video?
I don't believe in the typical fantasy-style dragon as a creature here and now, though I do think perhaps a dragon-like creature may once have existed. Sea serpents? Yes. I can believe pretty much anything lives in the ocean. It's huge, it's dark, it's terrifying and it has many an unexplored place. Brr.

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Scientifically, dragons are pretty out there. Just be be able to fly they would have to have tremendous tremendous wing strenght, it would be like a person pulling 50 train cars full of water without wheels. They would have to have great joints for landing, quick reflexes, stuff like that. It seems impossible. Also, to breathe fire they would have to have phosphorous or something.

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@Fishman12: are you insinuating that you don't believe in them?

It does make sense though. How would a huge creature like a draon be ale to hide itself. Also there has been many sightings, not specifically dragons, but other "mystical creatures" and for some reason there is always a "scientific explanation."

Though the government hides things from us all the time so I wouldn't be surprised. I personally think it is from people in general with such a panic. They are always in a panic mode when they hear something. Just imagine hearing about a dragon or a deadly little fairy on the loose. People would go into panic mode and riot, fights over medicine, this world would fall apart if you really think into depth about it.

The results are in!

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I don't believe dragons ever existed. Not the ones portrait in stories. IMO it was invented out of fear of something big - something that existed in the past big that scared a lot of people ..... then they imagined a scary form and each generation added a new "mutation" (lol) and eventually ended up like the dragon pictures we see today.

But I do believe in mythical/mystical beings - some call ghost, goblins, etc. Some of them were man invented (their form) .... I don't really know. But I do believe in mystical life forms because many cultures have stories about them and some even documented. Further you can feel/see their existence - at least you can in my country.

I don't think this topic makes you a nerd. I find it very interesting myself and would like to know everyone's opinions.
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this is the merman that creeped me out when i was little and my grandmother would take us to Banff.
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Yeah, I know what you mean. You're lucky it's not in your home. When I was little we had these wall decors of mystical beings - one of the popular (a lot of people had them) had beady eyes and long red tongue .... shivers.... it really freaked me out.
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The mermaid is mummified monkey's head and torso sewn on to a stuffed fish. They were popular sideshow attractions in the 1800's. Creepy as heck, but fake.

I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to a lot of stuff, but I don't like when things are dismissed out of hand - the best scientists of the day once swore black and blue the earth was flat, you know? There's always something we don't know about and/or don't believe in lurking around somewhere, waiting for science to make it valid.

I do think a few remnant dinosaur-age creatures might have survived in the sea or in deep forest somewhere. The coelecanth was thought to be extinct for millions of years, until somebody caught one in a net. Same for humanoids - a very sane Aussie guy I know saw a yowie (our version of Bigfoot) and has spent many years since trying to track them down. He's not an idiot, and I do believe he saw something like a yowie out there in the bush.

Almost every nation on earth has legends of white 'dragons' or 'serpent-people', who gave humans advanced knowledge, interbred with humans, and possessed 'magic' - pretty much the same stories as told about the 'faery folk' (not the little one, the big scary ones). It's very curious to me that this story is almost exactly the same or at least has major points in common all over the world. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think our myths of 'dragon-people' very well may have had a source in some adventurous, advanced humanoid race which existed in the dawn of our own time. But I take the wild descriptions with a grain of salt - centaurs were created by the Greeks when they needed to explain the Scythians, the most powerful horse-riding, nomadic warrior race ever. Maye these human-like 'dragons' were associated with reptiles in some way and came to be thought of as part-reptile, as the Scythians were depicted as half-horses.

I do believe in elemental spirits (the little fairies) but not that they are necessarily humanoid. I also believe there may be multiple dimensions, some of them overlapping our own, and the majority of which we can't percieve in general via our limited range of perception.

Phew. tl;dr version: I'm not sure about mythical beings. But I can't discount them entirely.


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Hey Aus, I thought Yowies were just chocolate. Are they actually based on a creature, like a bunyip or something?

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