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Question Dragons? Mythical beings? Your opinion?

So I feel a bit hesistant to start this thread, cuz it makes me sound like a total gullible dweeb (but wat can I do?). I know this is a pretty friendly forum so I'm just gonna have to take a leap here. Anybody out there believe in mythical beings? Specifically dragons, but anything else is welcome. I know there are such people as dracologists, so if there is a profession for dragons, the subject must be worth pursuing. Gosh, I sound like a nerd. Oh well, I can take the hate. Just want people to comment on what they think. I personally think that just because it's not proven something doesn't exist, doesn't mean it doesn't neccesarily exist. It's sort of like Christianity. Just because there is no concrete proof that the Lord exists, doesn't stop millions from believing. I think this should be applied to "mythical" beings. A few years ago certain types of animals didn't exist to us because we knew nothing of them. But now that we have seen them, we believe. Is this true of so called mythical beings? Many of these creatures are said to be as smart as, if not smarter, than a human being. If a human being doesn't want to be found, or doesn't want something to be found, they or it can be hard to find again. You hear all these reports of people gone missing. If these creatures are smarter than us, than surely they can hide themselves well enough not be found unless they wanted to be. That's what I think.

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I am of scottish descent, so naturally, I believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

As for dragons, I can't say I believe in them, but I will say if there is sufficient evidence, I won't deny their existence. Some people don't believe in ghosts, but that is something I believe in as well. To each their own, right?
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I'm watching Finding Bigfoot right now

I LOVE shows like that and about Nessie and Champ.

There is something in it, too many people have had sightings.

I remember a show, forgot what channel, about dragons, all the types there are, how they behave, etc. Made them seem real.
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Ask my tattoo... of a dragon real or not, I do love mythical creatures.

PS love your avatar, love Ruth's work (Ruth Thompson search for tarnished images, she has DOZENS of amazing dragon prints).

My fav, Tempest... I will cross stitch this one day
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I know this will sound weird especially coming from me but I believe dragons and other creatures exist, where would all the old stories come from in the first place?
I know many will think Im crazy but in the mountains close to my childhood home there have been many stories of dragons, fairies, griffins and griffin-like creatures, mermaids(they do not look pretty as much as some like to believe lol look up mermaid Banff, alberta) and then there are the more common bigfoot sightings.

Alot of people do like to think none of these creatures exist but its mainly out of fear. Nothing is impossible.
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here it is! From Animal Planet of course!

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The whitehorse "dragon" supposedly a dragon was slain here and it's blood left this mark where grass has never grown. One heck of a coincidence, wouldn't it be? xD Cool eh? :D

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There is enough of mythology and legends from nearly ever culture and civilization of creatures that we would classify as dragons, that there must have been a creature of some sort out there.

Science has proven(last I heard of this) a creature that lived in the oceans. It used the salt from the water and if I remember used a chemical it produced, that when it blew the salt out converted it to fire. So it was an ocean dwelling fire breathing reptile. Sounds like a type of dragon to me.

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Originally Posted by GreenTea View Post
Well that was a bit blunt LOL.

I am not usually the see it to believe it kind of person, but anything is possible. You just have to have an open mind or get past the real naked eye.

The results are in!

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