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Thank you so so much to everyone who's been reading! I should have another post up by tonight. :))
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Yay! Can't wait! :D

Over hundreds of bettas die in their small, dirty cups each day. Only you can help them live. Research and then save them, today!
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I started reading it, but don't have time to finish..sounds really cool.. can you add my Sammy, HMDT..loves to watch himself and Sapphire, my Blue VT rescue fishy.. I would love to read about my babies in your story.. Thanks:)

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Part 3

Startled, Brent woke up without a clue where he was. He looked around the dark, small room in fear. Where was he? Who had brought him here? More importantly, how does he get out?

He jumped up from his place on the floor as the motion of the room shook him. He wasn't in a room; he was in a watercar. A veryyyy big watercar. There was only one window in the watercar. When he finally inched his way over to it, he pulled it open to let in light. What he saw when the room lit up almost made him scream.

He wasn't alone in here. At least fifteen other fish layed on the floors, on the shelves, they were everywhere. As his suspicions grew closer to his mind, he realized something. They were all veiltails. That would only mean one thing.. He was in a TransitSea to Doclo, the kingdom of the veiltails. They were taking him and these other fish to slave into their army. Just his luck.

He looked around the large car, staring intensely at the sleeping faces to see if he recognized anyone. When he almost gave up home on finding someone he knew, he saw a lime green and yellow tail fin slipping out from behind a shipping crate.

He gasped. Could it really be her? He wasn't about to wait to find out. He swam to her; grasping his tail around her back to pull her out. It was her; it was Stacie. Stacie was here!

He shook her excitingly.

"Stacie, it's me. Wake up!" Said Brent as Stacie's green eyes slowly opened. "Get up, get up! I don't know where we are!"

Stacie jumped up, startled. "Brrr..Br-ent? BRENT. WHERE THE HECK ARE WE?!?!" she said, eyes wide. "I JUST DON'T UNDERST-"
"Shhh! You're waking everyone up!" replied Brent.
Brent sighed and Stacie breathed slowly as the small crowd started to awake. After about ten minutes, the entire group was alert and freaked. No one knew what was happening.

"So.. If we don't know what's happening, why not just try and find a way out?" said an orange girl. "I'm Teeney by the way; and this is my friend Sapphire."
Brent and Stacie waved as the two girls approached them.
"Hello, Teeney, that's a good idea. We need to come up with something before the rest of these idiots catch on."
"Wow.. So.. Save us four but forget the others?" Brent said with a irritated look on his face.
"Do you want to live? I'm a betta scout. I know how to survive. If you'd like.. It could just be three?"
Brent gulped and agreed to help as the three girls laughed.

"Make that five.. And don't think you've got a thing over me with those pretty fins of yours dear."
The four fish looked as a gorgeous male appeared. He had a pure white body with long, sky blue fins.
"Who the hell are you?" Said Brent, too bluntly.

The guy swam in a circle. "The names Skyden, and all of yours my pretties?"
"If you'd like to ask any less creepy, I'm Stacie, this is Brent, the blue girl is Sapphire, and the orange one is Teeney." said Stacie, her big eyes glaring at him.
"Now you either help us make a plan, or you scat."

The group worked together to find the route of where they were going. The confusing part of this all was that, according to their calculations, they were 90 miles north of Doclo.

"This doesn't make sense.. We're way off track." said a worried Sapphire.
"Yeah.. Something isn't right. Brent, are you sure your readings were right? said Teeney.
"Yesss, I'm sure. They're exact. I'm just as puzzled as you all are." said Brent before he closed up the map they'd drawn. "It's just weird. Wayyy weird."

"This makes no sense." said Stacie and Skyden at the same time.

Half an hour had passed. The group had small talk; shared pellets and flakes and tried to hide their fear with normal behavior. When Brent looked out the window a second time, everything changed. He gasped, and as his other four friends looked as well, they all gasped. A large blue and orange brass sign hung in front of them on either side that read "Welcome to Helana." They weren't going to the veiltail kingdom. They were in even deeper trouble. They were now in the crowntail kingdom of Helana.

As the car slammed down onto the dirt, the doors opened. They overlooked the gorgeous kingdom decked out in every way. Three story buildings littered the streets in blue and orange. Blue metal roofs covered every one of them. In the very back, a large white castle with orange tin trimmings shined. It was beautiful. The kingdom it's self was outside; yet the buildings and castles were all shaped tanks. It was truly a sight to see.

The group stayed together, wrapping each other together with their fins. They had all made a bond; a pack. They were going to stay together. As they stepped out of the water car onto the silver platform entrance tank, streaming with orange and blue ribbon, a kingdom soldier stepped in front of them, as well as the other scattered betta's from the watercar Brent's group didn't talk to.

With a grim smile and a sign on the floor next to him that read "LEBRON: SEARGANT MAJOR", the crowntail slowly mouthed to the group, specifically eyeing Brent for some odd reason,

"Welcome to Helana."
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
So amazing!!!!!

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:D yay update!
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Awesome!! I can't wait til the next one

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So good! Are you taking inclusions yet? If you wish you can add my Piou to the mix. He his head and back are brown, his body blue and red fins and tails with irredicent blue on the edges(they are edgy not rounded). Hes character is a bit like the old men from muppet show despite been young.

Regardless i am becoming addicted to this story. What will happen to the gang next?
I am sure its all a marimo ball plot XD

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I love this story..its so creative..and imaginative..This should be printed out and made unto a book!!

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It's so suspenseful. >.< I <3 it! I can't believe Lebron is a Sergeant Major. ;) Can't wait for Part 4!! I wish I read this sooner, I was sleeping. -.-

Over hundreds of bettas die in their small, dirty cups each day. Only you can help them live. Research and then save them, today!
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