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*Revised* BettaFish.com Rules

Welcome to www.bettafish.com! This is a community for Betta lovers to discuss all aspects of Betta fish ownership and care, ask and answer Betta-related questions, share pictures, stories and more!

We're passionate about our Betta and know that others are, too. The rules below are in place to help keep www.bettafish.com a friendly place that is welcoming and respectful of differing opinions. Please keep them in mind when posting.

Note: Rules in italics are most frequently violated.

The www.bettafish.com Team

1. Members are permitted one (1) account per person.
Multiple user names are not permitted and may result in the banning of both the user names and/or IP address.

2. Be nice.
If you can't be nice, be civil. If you can't be civil, please don't post.
Even if you disagree with another member you can express your opinion in a way that won't cause hard feelings. Please do so.

If somebody doesn't follow this rule and is mean or insulting, please do not reply similarly, because that will only make matters worse. Instead, please report the post(s) in question and allow the Betta Fish Team to address the issue.

3. Let the Moderators do the moderating.
Do not comment on the inappropriateness of another member's post. If you think a member's post is against the rules or otherwise inappropriate please report it.

Further, please do not attempt to address issues with other members' behavior yourself. Please leave it to the Moderators to address other members' behavior. Please feel free to PM a Moderator for help at any time.

4. Do not post about any issues you may have with other members.
Do not post about any issues you may have with other members whether you refer to them explicitly or not. If you have a general issue with another member please contact a Moderator and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you and try to help. If there is an issue with a particular post, please report that post.

5. Do not second-guess or otherwise undermine Moderators on the open forum.
Moderators' actions are the result of careful deliberation by at least one Moderator and often the entire team.

If you disagree with the way an issue was handled, please PM a Moderator or post in Members Discuss With Moderators so that we can explore your concerns. Do not make posts that criticize a Moderator or the Team as that is only counterproductive and subject to removal.

6. Do not use bad language/curse.
This is a family friendly community so please do not curse or use any words others might find offensive.

7. Keep threads on topic.
Please keep the original poster's purpose for starting a thread in mind when posting in it. While it is natural for the topic of conversation to stray somewhat as threads evolve, please do not make posts that effectively steer a thread in a new and unrelated direction. Instead, please feel free to start a new thread where you can discuss the different topic. Creating new threads, or posts within existing threads, that are blatantly off-topic or serve no legitimate purpose ("Spam") is prohibited and will be deleted.

8. Do not make unauthorized advertisements.
Creating new threads, or posts within existing threads, with the intent to seek financial or political gain is prohibited.

9. Do not discuss inappropriate subject matter.
Certain things simply don't belong on BettaFish.com such as posts promoting Betta fighting, discussing illicit drug use, pornography, violence and suicide, etc. Please keep the family friendly nature of this community in mind when posting. Due to the manpower required and the difficulty in monitoring a Role Play thread, as well as the inevitable discussion of violence, it has been decided to deny Role Play threads from any of our Forums.

10. Keep your posts substantive.
While members of all ages 13 and older are welcome to participate we want to ensure that the community appeals to mature, intelligent fish keepers so that www.bettafish.com always remains a community worth visiting. For this reason, we ask that members avoid posting when they have nothing of substance to contribute to a thread. This would include one word posts such as "cool", "pretty", "nice", "cute", etc. or posts that consist only of a smiley. Instead, use the “Like” button.

11. Keep your signatures reasonable.
We all love our fish. Some members like to do the digital equivalent of shouting it from the rooftops by using large, colorful signatures. Unfortunately, many members find such signatures distracting, especially when they have to see them again and again. For that reason, signatures have been limited to a height of 75 pixels.

No external links outside of www.bettafish.com in signatures. Members are provided a *WWW*(homepage) button in their profile for external links.

12. Do not resurrect or bump threads without reason.
Please do not post to a thread that has not received a reply in a long time that is not more appropriate in a new thread. Similarly, please use "bumps" sparingly and do not bump your thread unless a significant amount of time has passed without any response.

13. Do not solicit donations.
Please do not ask for donations of money, fish or equipment from other members. We all feel for those in difficult situations, but unfortunately there is no way to distinguish those who are legitimately in need from those who simply have no problem with getting something for nothing at the expense of others.

14. Do not promote other social networks.
Because a lot of effort has gone into cultivating and maintaining this community, we ask that you not link to or otherwise promote other forums, Facebook groups, or other social networks here. Links to informational, scientific and image hosting sites are permitted. We reserve the right to restrict, remove or prohibit links that we deem inappropriate on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of our staff.

15. Do not make duplicate threads.
Do not post the same question in multiple places. Creating duplicate threads in multiple places multiple locations or intentionally recreating existing topics is prohibited. If you feel you have posted a thread in the wrong section contact a Moderator and ask that it be moved. Do not start another thread on the same subject.

16. Posting and claiming the work of another as your own work is strictly prohibited.
A source must be provided for all copied or quoted material or, if the source is unknown, please indicate that the material is derived from an unknown source.

17. Do not use the www.bettafish.com private messaging and email systems to threaten, harass, advertise, solicit or otherwise annoy another member.
Furthermore, members receiving such messages are encouraged not to respond to these messages but rather to forward them to the forum administration.

18. Yelling (use of all capital letters in a post) is prohibited.
All capitals may be used, in moderation, on individual words when the intent is to place additional emphasis on that word.

19. Posting content of a political nature, regardless of origin, is prohibited.

Please note that our rules are subject to change without notice as we deem appropriate in order to maintain the community.


First offense. The member will receive a written explanation of the violation. When appropriate, the member may be given opportunity to correct the violation.

Second offense. The member receives an infraction. He or she may be temporarily prohibited from accessing the forum.

Third offense or additional offenses. The member may:

o Receive an additional infraction.
o Have their membership temporarily suspended for a period of time deemed appropriate by the forum staff.
o Become permanently banned from taking part in the community.
o Other disciplinary measures determined arbitrarily by the forum staff.

Please help us out by following the rules so that we can all enjoy sharing our passion for Betta fish together here at www.bettafish.com.

Your fish, your responsibility.
While we have many knowledgeable fish keepers here, please remember that members' opinions are their own and that it is up to you to determine the best course of action for your fish. We are not responsible for any consequences resulting from following the advice you receive here.

The www.bettafish.com Team
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Last edited by RussellTheShihTzu; 03-28-2017 at 04:19 PM. Reason: Clarified Rule #14: Do Not Promote Other Social Networks
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