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New fish for me

So I have had a couple better in the past. . The other day my dog passed away and felt I needed to fill a void. I bought a nice looking half gallon tank and beautiful blue and yellow Betta. While I was shopping for taking KS I noticed a plant called a "Betta buddy". What the heck are these and do I need one?

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Hey. Sorry if this comes off as rude, but you need a bigger tank. Nothing massive, but generally it is recommended to get a 2.5 gallon tank or more. The smallest I have is a 5.5 gallon. :)

Also, betta fish are Tropical fish, so they need a water temp. of 76-82*F. It is best to get an adjustable heater to help. I'll provide links at the bottom.

Bettas can go without filters, but you would need to do water changes more often. Most people here use Sponge Filters for smaller tanks, and Hang-On-The-Back (HOB) filters for larger. Sponge Filters are powered by Air Pumps, that are usually $10-20. THe filter itself is $5, the heater is around $20. If you can get a tank at the $1 per gallon sale at PetCo, the tank is $10 for a 10G or $20+ for bigger tanks.

A "Betta Buddy" is a type of plant usually a Marimo Moss Ball or Anubias Nana that doesn't need much light. MMB are a specialized type of algae that doesn't do much, but if you can find an Anubias, it will keep the tank parameters down.

So, what I'd recommend getting (*=optional)

- 2.5G Tank or larger
- Adjustable Heater
- Filter*
- Seachem Prime (dechlorinator)
- Omega One or New Life Spectrum (pelleted food)
- Gravel or Sand*
- Silk Plants or Live Plants (No Plastic Plants! They will rip your boy's fins.)
- If you can afford one, an API Master Test Kit to help with the cycling. If not, API Test Strips.
- Gravel Vac

That's all I can think of now, here's the links. (Get whatever size is the wattage for the tank) (Make sure to get the Airline Tubing add-on!)

Get the sizes that the tank needs, ex.) 50W heater for a 5 gallon tank, 10G air pump for a 10G tank... and shop around for lower prices! :D

Good luck with your boy. :)
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Hi, and congratulations on your new little buddy!

Keeping a betta in a half-gallon is really not recommended except in an emergency. Yes, I know they market/sell even smaller ones and call them betta tanks, but keeping a fish in anything smaller than 2.5 gallons is a LOT of work, though some experienced keepers can manage 1.5 gallons or less.

With a filtered, cycled 2.5 gallon tank, you are looking at a partial change (25-30%) once a week... easy, right? With a half gallon you should be doing changes (partial or even complete) every day. And it's even more stressful on the fish than it is on you.

So 2.5 gallons is good, 5 gallons even better. The quality of life for your fish will be so much better than in a little half-gallon.

ThatFishThough is giving good advice!
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Well that's a shame they market those cages. I'm gonna get him a bigger aquarium. .

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Yes, please do! :D I like the MiniBow 5 from PetCo, or the TopFin Rimliss 5 from PetSmart. Both come with filters, lights that can grow low-light plants, and all you have to do is get the heater/sand/plants.
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So sorry to hear about your dog. As a committed dog owner/lover I know how difficult it can be to lose one.

If it's in your budget, you can set up a nice 5.5 gallon for your boy for around $60 which includes the heater. By the time you wind up replacing parts from various kits you are actually spending less.

5.5 empty aquarium from PetCo (in-store-only): $16.00
25 watt Hydor Heater from www.drsfostersmith: $18.00
16" glass canopy from www.drsfostersmith: $11.00 or 9.00
PFE-1 AquaTop HOB filter: $14.00
Aquarium Hang on Filter PFE-1 - 15 Gal Capacity, 45 GPH, 2W

Total: $54.00

16" LED Finnex Stingray: $33.00

I mention the Finnex if you want a planted tank. However, you can use a table lap or a clip-on lamp until you decide if you want plants.

Welcome to the Forum!

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Hey! Welcome to the crazy world of fish keeping! Everyone here has posted amazing advice already and I have nothing really to add to it.

I like the Aqueon Minibow brand for tanks, (2.5 or 5 gallon models) but so far my favorite five gallon tank is the Fluval Chi. It runs about $70 so it is a bit spendy but if you can afford it it is an amazing tank. (IMO at least)

I second the Hydor Theo heaters though, I love these heaters, they work great and I really haven't had any issues with them.

Live or silk plants are definitely the way to go, though if you did go with the Fluval Chi, I will warn you the light supplied isn't all that bright so idk how it would do with live plants tbh. I also like the Topfin 5.5g kit Petsmart sells although I'd caution against it only because the filters they supply are way too big for that tank. They used to supply decent HOB filters for it but they had a recall on them a year or so ago and replaced the filters with ones built for 20g tanks.

Hope this all helps and looking forward to pictures of your lucky little guy!
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