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Question New add't to the family "Oranda's"

I got 4 new Oranda's for my birthday. Up to now still shock and actually stress about it. I love the goldfish but stress since I honestly I am not familiar with how to care for goldfish, yet alone Oranda's. I did some research about how to care for it, but still need some guidance. I dont want to give them away, so I'm trying my best to care for them the best way I know how, base on research of course. I have 4 of them in 10G tank with filter (since they do produce so much waste), no heater (since they need to be between 60-70), airbubble (to create more oxygen), and gravels; some decors plastic plants. So far, they said 1 goldfish should be on 10G, so I have four = 40G , when should I consider upgrading the tank, or is their a way I can have them in 10G and just do 2 - 3 water change, with water conditioner. They are no longer than 1" just babies. I know for a fact that when they get bigger they need more room, can I postponed this for another 6month to a year. Just really compress in space, and money is tight. Please help. Thanks alot for all the responses.
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What kind of goldfish?

Goldfish creates so much waste and need huge tanks to house one, most common goldfish would be comet ones do I'm just going to go with that kind. Comet goldfish become huge fish, around a foot or so I believe. Meaning you'll have to get a 100g+ tank or even bigger for all four of them.

You'll have to re-home then if you're not able to get a bigger tank, they're just babies and being in such a small tank will stunt their growth.
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Originally Posted by Micho View Post
What kind of goldfish?

They can get over 7 inches (most only get 6-7 but...) I would get the 40g sooner then later because they do produce so much waste and because there just isn't any room in a 10gal for them. You should get atleast a 40g tank, bigger would be better but a 40 will do if you dont have the money for a larger one.
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i think they said Orandas. do Orandas need as much space as comets?

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I would say no they dont need as big of a tank because they are not as big swimmers as comets are and there a little smaller then comets. But they still need a large tank because they still get 6-7inches.
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I've been. Looking into goldfish for myself for 2 telescopes I was going with a 30 gallon but with your 4 you need around a 60 gallon for when there full grown. check out this site you may be able ask some questions on here

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From what I understand you should have 20G for 1 full grown goldie and 10G fro each additional goldie, so you really need a 55-60 gallon tank.

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+1 to everybody. You need to upgrade them sooner rather than later. As you know, they create a heck of a lot of waste, and even with lots of water changes you aren't going to be able to keep the water clean enough. This will stunt their growth.

Look on your local classifieds, craigslist or whatever, for a second-hand 55 gallon. You are going to need a very powerful filter, too. I would also suggest getting a heater - orandas, from memory, like to have their water at about 68.

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Everyone is right. You need an upgrade and fast to prevent stunting. Young goldfish in a proper environment grow very fast and will reach 6+ inches in a year. For 4 oranda, you are going to want a 55+ gal tank. A 40 gal tank will not be sufficient as oranda are some of the larger fancy goldfish and have the potential to be 10 inches long. Ten gallons per fish is minimum with goldfish as is heavy filtration. Your first move will be to get a larger filter. The Aquaclear 70's are great for goldfish as they provide a lot of room for the beneficial bacteria. On a 55 gallon you will need two of these. I highly suggest a 75 gallon and canister filter as this is going to be the best setup for your oranda. Your next move is going to be doing daily 50% water changes on this tank. As this is going to hamper your cycle, I suggest cycling a filter in a bucket with pure ammonia. Cycling - the first 30 days This is an excellent article about goldfish and cycling. This site is also an invaluable resource as it contains quite a few goldfish experts including numerous breeders with decades of experience.

And I would actually suggest getting a heater as fancy goldfish do best at temperatures between 70F and 80F. They also don't like rapid temp changes which a small tank like a 10 gal has the potential to do. If your house temp is pretty steady this time of the year, then you don't need to get one yet. The first thing you need to do is get a powerful filter and a large tank.


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Thank you all for taking the time to respond, and for some suggestion. I wish I have enough room in my room to put that size of a tank. Will for now, Will just get another filter unitil then, wish me luck ^_^
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