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This is SPARTA!

Okay maybe not really, but I think the goldfish thinks it is. So basically let me explain the situation bluntly and quickly. Roommates have a son, son didn't care for his goldfish, goldfish died, aunties decided to replace fish on the sly without asking mommy first. Mommy didn't want another fish for her son so she put the poor goldfish in a half gallon and put the tank in storage. Fishy went crazy in said tank and just wasn't dying like they had planned; poor fish. Two weeks pass this fish is stubborn and lives on freaking out and loosing many scales (I learned this is also due to attempt to tank him with a betta). Then he is dumped into MY aquarium and made my problem.

No, not my problem, my minnows problem. Fourze, Kuuga, and Agito have had no peace of mind in the last two days. F.S. I'll put the fish's name abbreviation since his name is a cuss word combined with a derogatory word, has gone off the deep end. He's plowed over decorations, knocked over rocks, tried to eat the seeds, up rooted plants, and keeps swimming head first into the other fish.

Does any goldfish owners know if this is ever going to end? I do not like goldfish but I am not about to offer a live one up to the porcelain god, nor let the poor guy die slowly in a half gallon. And lord knows no one wants to adopt a goldfish.

I think the way it looks right now I think the minnows might kill him.

-sigh- And my poor betta plans of her joining the ten gallon tank got shot out the window.
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I'm not sure what you can do. I never had any problems acclimating my goldies to bigger tanks. Maybe you should try the sister your username and password should work on there!

Best of luck with the poor little guy!
And be careful with him in there with your minnows, not sure what size he is but he could easily eat them when he grows (depending on the type of minnows as well)

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how big is he and what kind ( single tail,double tail?). how big is your tank? i have goldfish. they are clumsy,messy bulldozers. but i love them. are the minnows pecking at him? what kind of minnows? white clouds and rosy-reds should work if its a small comet or common goldfish. goldfish just run into stuff head on.most of the time they are just saying hi. just one of their charms. and they are terrible diggers. potting plants helps. give some specifics and i'll try to help.
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That is what he looks like but just orange on his head. Sorry my laptop is down at home waiting for a charger so I don't have any pics. Earliest I could get pics is Tuesday. It is a 10 gallon tank, and the minnows range in size. My roseys are smaller then the goldfish and look like twigs next to it. My fathead is a smidge shorter but more built then the other two minnows (roommate calls him a Piranha).

The minnows would rather do what they usually do chill under the filter or hide in their tube. The goldfish has been pecked at and well got his fins kicked by the minnows already. One of the first thing he did was swim into the minnows tube while all three minnows where in there (hiding from him). Four fish + one tiny tube = Inevitable fight. If you haven't guessed already the goldfishes main issue with the other fish right now is he won't stop annoying them.

There's plenty of places to hide in the tank. There is also goldfish cave and four sided PVC connector. Their is also several plants and a large Balinese Lantern Ornament. Yet he insists on staying in minnow territory.

My java fern is in a glass in the tank... It's been shredded. Have a grass like plants from goldfishes old tank, he's uprooted them pretty much all. I have Lilly bulbs that he keeps tugging at and dragging around the tank. Basically in a nut shell, he's destroying the tank. If isn't glued down or sediment it gets tore up.
This is basically what it's doing to the tank. And I can't keep reaching in there and replanting and fixing everything. I am allergic to some ingredients in the water conditioner.

LOL if goldfish are normally like this, I have a lot of respect for long time goldfish care takers. Two days and I am already going completely nuts.
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your tank isn't big enough for a comet. he needs at least a 30 gallon to be happy. they can get 12+ inches long and will foul your water. and will swollow anything they can get their hands on. goldies are very demanding and are not a good fit for you. try to find someone with a pond. this would be best. i personally love to be aggrevated on a daily basis and this is why i love my orandas.
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Tried to find the whole pond thing, and you think living in CA that would be easy. And I know goldfish are known for fouling water; 'nother reason why I don't like goldfish. If we really could find it a home (and home as in not dinner for another fish) it wouldn't be in my tank aggravating me right now. It's actually not my choice for him to be in there, but what em I do do? If I put him back in the half gal I turn into the bad person.

But at least I know he's doing what goldfish do, and man does this make me want to bang my head on the desk knowing that there will be no end to this goldfish's behavior issues. Maybe I'll split my tank till I can re-home it because I am assuming re-homing it is going to take a LONG time.
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Poor goldfish :( You can try giving him away on Craigslist or bring him to a local fish store to see if they'll take him off of your hands.

Good luck.

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Haha, oh lord yup that's goldfish for you.
I agree on just rehoming him... As bad as it sounds he'd be better off as a feeder now, instead of dragging out everyone's suffering..

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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Speaking of giving him to pet stores here is a fun fact. Pet stores can have contracts with vets which prevents the surrender of goldfish. My first option but oddly this state does not allow it apparently. I've gotten previous pets from petco that were unwanted dumps for free. As for Craigs list, as I mentioned before I can't find him a home that does not involve him being on the dinner menu.
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or you can learn to love goldies? craigslist for free or cheap tanks? diy pond outside for him made from rubbermaid container? if i had the room and lived in ca, this is what i would try. you may hate them inside but realize that they aren't so bad outside. i don't know your situation. assuming you have the money and room? i feel for you, you're in a bad situation. thank you for being compassionate to your goldie. comets are actually very smart. you tube "smart comet goldfish." seems the can have quite the memory on them.
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