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Should I...

give my Bristlenose Pleco back to an LFS?

She's only two and a half inches long at the moment, yes I'm aware they get to 4 inches easily. She's in my 33 gallon tank and I'm wondering if I should take her out and donate to my awesome LFS?

My reasoning is because I acquired more girls for sorority and I know my Pleco is taking up a lot of the bio-load capacity, also there's really no algae that my Cory's can't eat in there. I'd like to shrimp on day when I get enough hiding places that my girls won't demolish them off.

And thirdly because she likes to "attack" my cories. She's very protective of her food and gets irritated when anyone comes near her as well. I know she can't do much harm to my girls except sucking their slime coat off at night, but she hasn't really been doing much and I'd like to add more girls to the tank instead but I want to keep my Cory's because they are just darling and never hurt nothing.

Oh also, the pleco will slap my girls with her fins if they get too close to the algae wafer.

So, any opinions on this matter or should I just suck it up and keep her?

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If you are having issues with a fish disrupting the balance in the tank, then removing from the tank is certainly an option. You tank should be plenty large enough to accommodate them all. As far as bioload is concerned, if all you have are bettas, Corys and the pleco, you're no where near the tanks capacity. However, the real question is whether your filtration is up to the job. As long as you are getting 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites when you test, you're fine. 0 is 0. As long as you can keep your nitrates under control with maintenance, bioload should not be an issue. If you start seeing ammonia and/or nitrite on a regular basis, the adding to your filtration capacity will fix that. But as I said, 0 is 0.

Many behavioral issues with fish are due to external factors. Diet is one of those factors. Plecos are omnivores, so if the are not getting enough protein in their diet, that can be manifested in various ways, such as aggression and later slime coat eating. If they are just getting algae wafers, then that might be part of the problem. Corys are primarily carnivores, eating worms and inverts and such living on the bottom. While they may eat algae wafers, algae is not a big part of their natural diet.

Also, one of the most effective ways of dealing with good aggression is to feed small foods. It's difficult to hog all the food when it's everywhere. I just said all this almost word for word in another thread this morning.

Before you go and give your fish back, I suggest changing the fishs diets. Try feeding a high quality pellet, like NLS, as the bulk of the fishs diets. They can/will all eat it and love it. I think you will be surprised at the impact such a small change will make, though its really a monumental change. Diet is very important; feeding the fish the highest quality food goes a long way.

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That's what I figured but I wanted to make sure. All my parameters are at 0, I tested yesterday just to make sure, it's heavily planted so that's no problem.

I do feed NLS along with Omega One occasionally. I have algae wafers along with Bottom feeder wafers and I've had a blanched cucumber in before, although the Pleco wasn't much for eating it. At that point I'm certain there was enough algae and other bio-film for hr to munch on.

As far as the filter, I just added in an extra Aquaclear foam block for extra places for the BB to colonize. It's a Whisper EX45 and so far it's doing fine. And I do a regular 50% water change each week although I had to skip last week so I'll be doing about a 75-80% change tomorrow.

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