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How big is the biggest tank YOU own?

So... How big is the biggest tank you own? My "big tank" is 15 gallons. Feel free to post pics and details on your tank!

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33g long. I honestly have no need or want (or the space) for anything bigger!
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A 270 gallon many years ago. For my silver arowana and some cichlids. My great uncle (he gives us a lot of stuff) had it collecting dust along with other tanks in his basement for years, so when our fish grew out, he gave it to us. It wasn't the prettiest tank, but it was functional.

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I'd love a 270! I'd even take a 125... Heck.. A 55 lol.
I'm not allowed any more tanks though, and nothing bigger. My biggest tank right now is a 37gal. I've also got a 6.6 gal with some newts in it, but I'm about to move them to my 28gal and plant some plants that'll grow immersed in it.
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125. I'm hoping to get started with second 125 soon - it's sitting in the living room, in place, but dry.....

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my 55 is in storage till we get our own place, but then that bad boy is going UP! lol
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Currently I have a standard 30 gallon, 40 gallon hex and a standard 10 gallon (which use to have goldfish BUT is currently empty.) I do have "space" for more but currently it can not be anything larger than a 40-50 gallon.... Once we get the Basement refinished there will be space for a 200+ (although that won't be any time soon)...
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the biggest in my house are 2 75g... one Male African cichlid tank one community tank. Then a 46 lobster( crayfish really) tank. The 75 community will actually be transfered beggining of next year to something more like 125+ but I want to build it into a wall so ummm need a bf first to get free labor hahaha
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My biggest is my 55, which currently has cories, tetras, a clown pleco, and my red tail shark (which is surprisingly chill. I was worried I might have to rehome her but she does he own thing and only occasionally chases). I also have a 29g for my betta sorority, a 5g hex and a 5.5g for my two males, and a 13g that is currently empty and was going to house a rescued telescope goldfish from my boyfriend's parents' pond (it's doing really poorly with the koi and rocks... it may be fully blind from eye damage at this point and I suspect a swim bladder issue from how it was swimming), but recently mom said she's only feeding two tanks when I'm up at school (my betta boys go with me) so I'm going to have to convince her to feed the goldfish as well before I take it.

Mom has made it clear I am not to put up any more tanks until I move out though (which is unfortunate because I want more male bettas xD). We just don't have the room with three large parrot cages as well, but I'd love to have a 125 or something larger when I get my own place. I'm hoping to look into putting aquariums into the wall of a fish room (similar to how pet stores have them set up, but with some larger tanks on separate filtration systems) so floor space won't be as much of an issue.

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A 150g i just got filled up today.

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