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LOL why is that? :P <3

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1) english n French bulldog
2)English cause they're a lay back dog/lazy
French small n compact
3)english-hoping that my brother female take
Frenchy still looking for one

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Favorite dog breed: Welsh Corgi (also German and Australian shepherds and Rottweilers)

Why?: All of the dogs from these breeds that I've met have been VERY intelligent and total sweethearts. I like corgi's in particular because of their size, though. My parents have always had a thing for pekingese so that's what I've always had growing up, I'm not used to caring for big dogs. Once I get my own place (living with my parents while I work on my bachelors degree) I'll probably get a corgi.

Favorite dog: Piccadilly (like I said above, a pekingese). He pretty much had the personality of the golden retriever from the Homeward Bound movie which is odd for his breed (hate to say it, but most pekes can be mean little suckers and they aren't too smart). He was also very large for a peke. Not fat, he was pure muscle, but he was about twice as tall despite being purebred. We got him before my sister was born, and he was always attached to me despite being a "family pet" so I'm the one who took care of him. He passed away this past December at 16 years old. :(

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Originally Posted by BeckyFish97 View Post
Border Collie
Their intelligance and their dumb moments, and their ability to answer back-"sit"..."why?"
My baby eve-border collie :) <3<3<3
Have you been acquainted with Bet, the border collie in charge of Karen Ramstead's large sled dog operation? Bet is a hoot! She has her own blog and everything. If you're interested, her latest blog post is at http://www.northwapiti.blogspot.ca/2...erwebs-in.html

(Back to the regularly scheduled thread)
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English Bull Terrier

Always been my favorite. I love the stocky build and egg head shape :) such good loyal dogs when raised right.

Slightly depressing? If it makes you cry, i'm sorry.

I'm 21 and had been wanting a BT since I was about 9 years old. My dreams came true last year, I was posting on CraigsList that I wanted one but wasn't willing to pay hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars for one. I didn't care about the gender or the age so long as he/she was housebroken and good with cats as I own a kitty (and rescue & rehome kittens). I got an email from a guy who was going through a divorce and he couldn't take his dog, Lloyd, with him to live in an apartment and the wife didn't want him. The only thing was he was 11 years old and had a little tumor on his foot though it didn't bother him but was good with cats, dogs and house broken AND Lloyd was free.

I went the next day with my dad to meet this Lloyd character and as soon as I walked in their door Lubba Lubba Lloyd (as i called him) came running up to me tail wagging and jumped up and gave me a big ol slobbery doggy kiss. Of course I fell in love instantly. We brought him home and boy was he great in the car, laid there the whole time and he gave Bunny (my cat) a big snotty sniff in her face when he met her and went to find the cat box to try and clean it for me lol, ew. Of course I had to go to drastic measures to hide it from him but still let Bundiggity get to it.

He didn't act like an old man at all, he acted like a puppy, running around doing a hucklebutt, he knew when food time was down to the minute. He walked over to his food bucket and "woo-wooed" lol, that's what his bark sounded like. Woo Woo. I took him for walks every day around the block, I only took him to the dog park once he did great but it was a bit much for him, the next few days he was limping pretty bad so i had given him acouple doggy aspirin to help him out and he did pretty good on that.

He was always wagging his tail, you could just look at him and he would wiggle his butt. When someone would come in the house he would nudge them and run over to his cabinet in the kitchen and show them where his cookies were so they would get him one. If you didn't do it fast enough he would throw the door open and woo-woo at em lol. At night he would crawl up in the recliner with my dad and watch tv with him and dad would tell him stupid stories about how we found him in the wild roaming with a pack of wolves and how we had to tame him with cookies and pets and kisses. He demanded pets too, he liked to walk up to you and nudge his head under your arm and throw it in the air so your hand landed on his head. And when he had to go to the bathroom and I was in another room from him he would come up to me and clear his throat "ah-hem" then walk away. lol, silly boy.

I loved the guy, he was a great GREAT dog and I would love to have another someday. He passed away April 13th a year to the day that we brought him home. He had had a few seizures while we had him, nothing serious they only lasted a moment, long enough for him to poo then he would be back up wagging his tail asking for cookies. The 12th it got different, I took him for a walk and he had a different kind of seizure, this time he just collapsed. We were walking around the block in the evening (cause it was hot out during the day and neither of us liked the heat) and we were almost home, right around the block at the neighbors house and he stopped and looked up and me then just collapsed. I laid him on his side and sat there with him for a few minutes and when I noticed he wasn't responding to me waving at him, which usually got him to wag his tail, i got really scared. I picked him up and he was totally limp, and he wasn't a light weight dog either 70 some odd pounds. I took him around the corner and had to lay him down again cause i didn't want to drop him. He was still staring off into nothingness. I clapped my hands and stomped my feet right by his face and he finally looked up at me, i don't think i had ever felt so relieved... ever. I sent my dad a text to come outside and help me and he did, along the way back inside he started to come out of it. After laying on the floor looking really confused for about 10 minutes more he finally started wagging his tail. A little after that he was back to my normal Lubba Lubba Lloyd.

Well the next day, on Friday everything was normal, he was fine all day then around 4pm after dinner he went outside to do his business. It was raining like crazy so I knew he wouldn't be out for long. I looked out the window to see where he was and he had just finished and started walking back to the house when his head dropped and he fell over. He had another one of the same seizure but as soon as I ran out there to pick him up he came out of it. He was covered in mud so my dad got a bowl from the kitchen and filled it with warm water and we rinsed him off and dried him off inside. He was acting like nothing happened so we tried to as well. After a few hours of him being normal again dad and I left to go have dinner and to stop by PetCo to get him some different cookies. We were gone maybe 3 hours? When we got home Lloyd had passed away. It looked like he had another one of those seizures and didn't come out of it. It hurts, alot, but I think he was probably supposed to go the day before and we just got lucky and were able to have him for another day.

He was a great, fun, sweet and amazing dog. He never growled, never bit, he was great with my BunBun and the several kittens I had during that time. We only had him for a year and even though it hurts so much missing him, I wouldn't trade that year with him for anything. We took him to get him cremated and the place did a casting of his paw print too, which we were not expecting. <3

I added some pictures of Lubba Lubba Lloyd or Lloyd B. Thomas Jr as my dad liked to call him lol. I couldn't choose just one, sorry lol.
Attached Images
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1) boxers
2) they are so full of energy loyal and adorable
3) Mickey and Hercules both fawn boxers
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i am sorry for your loss losing a dog is never fun or easy.
beautiful dog beautiful story.

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not going to fill in the chart because I dont have 1 favourite breed, but I have a favourite breed "type", bull and terriers
why? cause they are tenacious, stubborn, driven, love people, are comical.

breeds Id want: boston terrier (have a mix, tenacity is her middle name), staffordshire bull terrier, jack russel, french bulldog, bull terrier, border terrier, patterdale, another olde boston bulldogge
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Originally Posted by TheCheese909 View Post
English Bull Terrier

Always been my favorite. I love the stocky build and egg head shape :) such good loyal dogs when raised right.

Slightly depressing? If it makes you cry, i'm sorry.
Awww, how sweet. . ..and sad.

Have you checked out Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue? If you're interested the site is http://www.rcbtr.org/ . Bullies aren't my breed but they do tremendous work saving bullies.
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1)small fluffy dogs
2)They don't bark as loud, don't take up as much space, and are cute
3)I don't have a dog, but I like Teacup Chihuahuas, Yorkie-poms, Papillions, I also like German shepherds, Collies, choc & black Labs. And I especially like any dog that is well groomed & taken care of.
Sorry about your dog, Cheese, he musta' been special c:. I would love to rescue & rehome kittens.

Bowties, are, cool.
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