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Dog Troubles

Had my Fenris neutered on the 28th of July... Have had nothing but problems since then...

He had a puppy bacterial infection. They said it wasn't bad enough to effect the surgery. His belly looked much better when we picked him up since they scrubbed it all while he was under.
He went through the surgery like a champ.

First problem was that he wanted nothing more than to chew and lick at the incision site. This meant he had to wear a cone. He has to wear it until tomorrow.

The first night, the shot of pain killer they gave him wore off. He was up all night whining and crying. What did this mean for me? No sleep. Couldn't get any sleep because he couldn't.
The following morning he was started on an antibiotic and pain killer...
The pain killer did not work. We gave it a day... Then went back to the vet. He ended up on one that he takes 3 times a day and hates. At least we both sleep.

The antibiotics don't seem to be clearing up his puppy bacterial infection. I still give them to him as prescribed. On top of the pills, he got an injection while being neutered.

He also got micro-chipped. I'm taking no chances with him. He is now registered with Banfield (since they did his chip), the Home Again website, and with service dogs. I also take a pic of him every day because a lot of dogs have come up missing around us.

Needless to say, his vet bill was a lot more than anticipated... I didn't know he was going to get the injection of antibiotics. Nor did I expect the first pain medication to not work.
When a "pit bull type dog" is showing a lot of pain... Well, we had to take him in. I felt so very horrible for him.
Though, I must say that I'm happy I have him on a puppy wellness plan with Banfield. The bill would have been so much more expensive if I didn't.

Also... The cone makes him hold his ears funny. I took it off so he could eat on his own... Still held his ears funny. x_x

So... Has anyone else had problems like this after getting a dog fixed?
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Oh my god I am so sorry to hear of your troubles! I haven't heard of any neutering problems personally.. Did the vets guess as to why he has the belly infection? Could it be an allergy to some of the meds or food he was given? Hopefully this all clears up soon!

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I am so sorry you are going through this with him! I've never heard of this happening before. :(

Hopefully his (and your) troubles will be over soon and you can enjoy the health benefits of having a neutered dog. My dog who my dad chose not to neuter is suffering of testicular cancer. :(

Sending wishes your way!

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I have never had a problem with my dogs after getting neutered or spayed, they were pretty much normal within 24hrs. They never had to wear the cone of shame, never had to have pain meds, but always had an antibiotic as a precaution. I'm EXTREMELY surprised they did surgery knowing he had an existing infection, IME most vets would wait until that was cleared up 1st. Prime example, when i got Anna from a resue, her vet wouldn't spay her until ALL her other medical issues were cured even though she was old enough. Personally I don't like Banfield, I used them once years ago & never have since, plus I've never heard anything good from others that have used them.
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Awwwww... poor Fenris. I hope he heals up quickly.

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Sounds rough. But it won't last much longer, right? How old is he anyway? Some animals just have more problems then others. When Sadie had her knee surgery she wanted to chew on the stitches so bad. We had to wrap them up to keep her away and if we left her alone for very long she would chew through the wrapping and cotton pads.

If he's getting a lot of infections, maybe you should put him on a doggy multi vitamin or powdered food supplement to boost his immune system.. We where worried about Sadie after her knee problems and how weak her back legs seemed, so put her on K9 Mega and she's doing great now. No more weak legs and she's putting on weight (at last). Do some research and find a vitamin that works for you.

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The puppy infection he got is like a form of acne from what I was told. They said that some pups that get it have it until they're about a year old and then it goes away on it's own. It doesn't seem to bother him, surprisingly. The spots start off as pimples. When they burst, they leave behind this scab-like area.

I've used Banfield before and loved them. They took great care of the Am Staff I rescued and got on her feet. Had her get shots and spayed there. She had to have pain meds to keep her relaxed. Very active dog.

I have never had a problem of the pain medication not working before. Nor have I had a dog need the cone of shame before Fenris. The vet who did the surgery suggested it because he kept going after the site any time he thought they weren't paying attention.

I have to say though... The Banfield I use has 1 vet I do not like. I will NOT let him see my dog a second time. The one time he saw Fenris, he handled my pup with fear and you could tell he didn't really want to handle him. Fenris is a 6 month old bundle of love. He doesn't bite and NEVER growls. Not even while playing with us or other dogs. He doesn't have his ears done, so he looks soft and cute. Well, he looks a bit tougher now because he has since lost his puppy weight and gained some nice muscle tone. All the other people there love him to death.
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Took him to the vet yesterday...

The vet he usually has because I make appointments for when she is there.. XD I like her and rather she see him since she seems to be a bully lover... Took a look at him. She said that he looks like he's healing fine. Also said that it is at the healing point where it will probably be itchy to him.

Brought him home. It was about 100 degrees out... And the power went out. So we took the three dogs (him and the 2 Danes) out front and hosed them off. Fenris was all for romping. He played mostly with the female Dane as is usual for him. Hosed them off again after they played for a bit. Let them drink from the hose. Fenris looked like he was getting really tired. So we brought his kennel downstairs where it was cooler. We put him in there to air dry and nap (didn't want him on the furniture where the dogs are allowed or to hurt himself trying to run on wood floors with wet feet).... Only he then slept the rest of the day. He didn't even get up again for a last potty before bed... or dinner. Fenris never misses a meal. Ever. He got up this morning. I put him out for potty time. When he came back in, he loved on me a little and then headed right upstairs... This is very unlike him as well. He always sits very nicely and waits for fresh water. Had to bring water to him. He drank it and then went into his kennel. I even had to feed him his breakfast in there. He ate it all... And went back to sleep...
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Aw maybe its the meds or changing hormones/testosterone or simply the heat that's having him act funny. I'm glad his belly is getting better! He sounds like a real treasure <3

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Lady I bought him from thinks that he may have been hit by a bit of depression once the cone was off and he noticed things were missing.

Now I am having completely different troubles. Since the neuter, he has been behaving... Unlike himself. Biting and acting out. Things have gotten even worse today. I'm not really sure what to do about it...
I've done all the usual things. I have pinned him. I have bit his ear. Slapped his butt. Done positive reinforcement. Exercise. None of it is working. So I'm talking to the lady I bought him from. She and her husband are going to give me ideas as we go along. If he doesn't straighten out within a month, I will be sending him to them for a kind of puppy boot-camp. If it comes to that, I will pay for any of his food/expenses while he's there. Also, if it comes to that and it doesn't work, she has offered to take him pack and give me a new pup. I love my Fenris and hope it doesn't come to that. However, if some of his behaviors don't change... I will have no choice.
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