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Ya and for a company to design a heat rock, they need to now about reptiles, so they usually will consult with a herpetologist or a reptile expert to see if the product will help and do what they want it to do correctly. Also heat pads can have the same effect since you stick the pad to the bottom of the tank and corn snakes like to burrow

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You are telling me not to gather quotes and that is exactly what you are doing, the first link clearly says it's better to avoid heat rocks, the second is a forum where the majority is agreeing with what I said, so I'm going to assume you support my opinion. :p
Yes I do own a snake, just want to make sure Bluewind gets enough info to make an informed decision. :p
Every company exists to make money off of product, which is why every aquarium company will still tell you carbon is a must in your filter, because if it wasn't that's one product they can't sell anymore.
If you look at companies like ZooMed that sell the most of that stuff, it's pretty obvious they don't care that much. $$$$
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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
You are telling me not to gather quotes and that is exactly what you are doing, the first link clearly says it's better to avoid heat rocks, the second is a forum where the majority is agreeing with what I said, so I'm going to assume you support my opinion. :p

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first one also states alternate ways of using it if you have to use one also my quotes are newer lol. And i will say that i am starting to agree about the heat rocks and heat pad, But ive never had any problems with my snakes but i have had problems with my 6' iguana.

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Originally Posted by Maddybelle View Post
I really don't think the OP started this tread for folks to argue and dismiss other's advice. Heat pads are safer because they go on the outside if the tank, so the animal doesn't come into direct contact with it. Herpetologists don't design heat rocks, companies do. Whatever they can sell the most of at lowest cost to them is what they will manufacture.
Agreed! Now I LOVE a good debate. Information being bounced of each other. The most logical and reasonable hybrid decision winning out in the end. If anyone has an opinion on anything snakes (he wont be getting one until April or May) please say it here! If you have data or something to back up what you're saying, post it! Give your argument real weight. If you disagree with someone, say you disagree and {insert research that disproves what they are saying here} is why. Just dont turn it into an something heated with low blows and no facts to back up anything you are saying ok?
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Hey y'all ,
I dont have alot of reaserch or txt to post for links and stuff but I gotta snake to lol .
He is a eastern king (african) kinda similar care I would asume .
I got a homemade habitat for him made out of a wooden 1x2's I just made a wooden cube or box shape its cheaper than a tank and if you build it for the cost of a 20 gallon tank you will never have to upgrade in size mine is 2ft wide square and 3and 1/2 ft tall and coverd it with nylon screen used a stapler to secure the screen and molding to hide the cut edges I got it all from LOWES hardware store think it cost round 15-20 dollars.
I use the repti sun bulbs in a flourescent light fixture from LOWES as well its way cheaper than the pet store lamps and just as good you need to make sure of the size though cause repti bulbs dont come in all lenghts and you gotta have a repti or the lil guy will get a nasty bone problem , "this is an assumption based on owning other reptiles " (lizards) but as a result of a few yrs now my bugger is still alive and slitherin For a heat lamp I use a 6 dollar silver heat lamp from wal-mart you know which ones Im talking about ? Looks like a dome or a metal bowl with a light in it ? some folks use them to keep dog houses warm in winter and water lines from freezin ..Well they work for critters to just be carefull with the bulb you get make sure of watts and dont get a coil or energy saver get a plain halogen with the correct watts for the corns temp prefferance . I use a 60 watt but yours may need more or less .
I dont use the froozen mice either but nothing wrong with them just dont like 'em personally feels weird to me , I got an old hamster cage and keep lil whites in it when its feeding time I uthenize it and throw it in the cage . DoNot Hand it to him I would advise against tongs or anything that has you near him at supper time unless you have to by no other choice , some wont eat it unless its movein a little .
Far as cheap tricks well darlin I told you all mine while telling you what you needed like the substatutes and where to get them .
For bedding I use sand but you dont need that with your kinda guy you want alpine shavings or newspaper shredded will work if you aint got the shavings . Remember its something for them to sleep on and poop on you wanna go for easy to clean and cost wise . Alpine shavings are easy to get and cheap every pet store and almost every wal-mart has them .Dont use saw dust from pines it holds heat in a bad way I dont knw the scientific word for it but it aint good although for us in the south its real cheap and easy to find a saw mill willin to give you a truck load stay away from it .
Water , well I use tap just like for my fishes I have milk jugs we got water in at some point from the dollar store and we just refill as empty leave the top off and 2-3 days later its good the chlorine and other chemicals evap I guess once agin not sure of the science just of the outcome .
An like everyone says you cant hold the guy or gal to much , I dont agree about reptiles not having emotions , dont know how they could prove or dis prove that but mine show signs of intrest and affection they also show signs of being ticked off at times so you make your own call on that .
You mentioned in other posts that you have younguns nephews I think ...around sometime . I would recommend them to be watched very closely with the new pet . I wont say no more just remember it'll prolly be a baby when y'all get him and fragile to an extent . well to my 5 yr old son concrete is fragile lol he can break steel so Im asumeing yours are as well , they mean well god bless children lol .
I hope this helps some .

Just because your fish are alive dont mean they are
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