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Originally Posted by Laki View Post
About the dogs, terriers were bred for rodent baiting. In fact, many terrier clubs still practice it, though it is done humanely. I would refrain from panicking and yelling at the dog anymore. Daisy is hardwired for it. It's like yelling at a greyhound for running after a lure or yelling at a german shepherd after it protects its family. *sorry, had to step in about the dog*

Sorry you had to experience this whole debacle. The poor little mouse will pass on and more will come. Having rodent infestations is hard because they're larger and mammalian and therefore killing them evokes sympathy and compassion (unlike insect pests)..
Our dogs are hardwired to kill rodents too, thankfully my rats are hardwired to kill stupid obnoxious small dogs xD.

Our minpins went into my bedroom while my rats were in their playpen so I could clean the cage and Fili FORCED herself through the bars of the playpen so she could attack the dogs. Both ran from the room screaming and Fili was chasing them down the hall with tail raised. She's such a monster, god I love her.

But I can understand your compassion for the mouse. As someone who has owned and loved pet mice every time I see a wild mouse in need I jump into action to save it. They are such wonderful and brave little beasts, it's no wonder they and rats are seen as holy animals in other countries.

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A few years back, my friend, brother, and I once saved a mouse from our cat... We had her in an old fish tank lined with newspaper, we fed her cat food, rice, corn chips, etc. One day she started shredding the paper and hiding in it. a few days later we looked under it and she had given birth to seven babies!!! they were raised successfully to their teens at which point we released the lot of them. They always acted wild in the tank, never got the whole domesticity thing... I think they made it in the wild. Mama taught them well.
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Daisy is a mutt and I believe is a German Shepperd/Hound/Jack Russel Terrier/Whippet, so I know she's wired to hunt, she always gets the mice and chipmunks, but usually when I'm not around and I just clean up the mess. I was screaming because she wouldn't let go XD I'm so glad to see all of you other mice and rat lovers here... My mother is terrified of them and will never, ever let me get one. I broke the news to her last night that with three mice now being found by our dog in the house, they most likely have a nest. Which I have no problem with, but she was hysteric. She wants to go out and buy as many mouse traps as possible, and I told her if she did that I would move out. Humane traps only. Hopefully she listens.

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I lived in a +100 year old house before I moved here, that house was OLD (newspapers as insulation) and the entire inside of the walls was just a gigantic mouse maze. There were holes everywhere, they were able to get into our bedroom on the top floor and steal my bunny's hay. I hated to see them around, they were on the counters (I soaked my dogs food in water and ACV which they ate until I discovered them IN the bowl) they were just ugh.. The home owner used glue traps and since he worked all day it was me and my bf who had to release them off the glue traps with oil. Such a sin it was, glue traps are the worst even if they do survive.

I don't know but humane traps don't work unless they are brought like a Km away because they will just come back. Or end in someone else's house/barn to be killed. It's a vicious cycle. Before we moved, matt and the homeowner were setting snap traps and baiting them with ACV dog food (the mice really seemed to enjoy that treat) and then snap they were dead. I hated it, I was anxious and tense every time I was in the kitchen bc I did NOT want to hear a trap so I made a ruckus and lots of noise so they would stay hidden.

I had a lot of pet mice as a kid. They were GREAT little pets! Males smell a bit but they can be so affectionate.

Lol LV, your minipins were probably very embarrassed about the incident. My terrier was bitten and chased by my sister's first couple of rats. He knew not to chase them afterwards and was in fact, quite docile around them.

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yep, my dog was a JRT! My favorite breed! Altho I don't have one now.

Any critter that gets into my house is fair game, spider, gnat, mouse, ants, whatever. That's MY domain and the dog's & cat's, so if they want to go after something they can.

I would never use any kind of trap besides a catch 'em alive type. Any other kind just makes a mess and of course causes suffering.
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Wink Another one...

Just found another field mouse today

I think it might be a pregnant female, as she had this nest of fluff that we found her in. (no babies.)

She's in pretty much the same setup as the other one. My brother and I had some trouble getting her to go in though. My brother picked her up, and she jumped out of his hand across the room. We spent a while chasing her, and after much frantic cursing and screaming, we caught her. We agreed to never pick up a wild mouse inside of the house again. Instead we'll *gently* tip her from her container into the big tank/habitat/enclosure/whatever you call it. My parents say we can keep her, (as long as she doesn't escape) and they don't really mind if she has babies. I asked them why they won't let me have a mouse from the pet store, but will let me have a wild *possibly pregnant* one. They said that it's because the pet store ones always look sickly and smell weird, and the wild ones are way cuter.

Her name is Emma.
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Be careful saphira, wild mice could have all kinds of diseases or parasites!O_O

They are cute though, I've caught them before! ^_^
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Be aware too that the babies might not survive and if they do they might not socialise to humans. They are awfully cute though.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -N. Mandela
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My dog kills hedgehogs that wander onto our property :( and brings their prickles inside for me to stand on

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I rescued an orphan baby mouse once (aka wild house mouse) she was a pinky and so very tiny her eyes were closed too. Raising her was very difficult because it was hard finding a tube that was small enough for her to suckle from. I did it though, her name was muffin and I loved her dearly, this was years ago now and she is no longer with me but I felt like she was my baby, I spent so so so much time hand raising her (a kookaburra got into her nest and ate some of the other babies and either ate the parents or scared them away. I saw it happen, when I realised what was going on I ran over and saved her, unfortunately her sister cupcake did not survive.

When muffin was a week or so old and had the beginnings of fur but her eyes were still closed I would sit on the floor and sit her on the floor in front of me while I cleaned her cage. She would wander around blindly calling desperately for me and when she found my hand she would quickly climb up on it and curl up for a nap. As she got older if I placed her on the floor she would follow me around. She was very stubborn and never wanted to sleep in the nice warm bed I made her, she was only ever happy sleeping in the palm of my hand. When I tried to put her in her cage she would desperately cling to my finger and attempt to climb back into the palm of my hand to sleep. She was very tame and no different to a petshop mouse, probably tamer because she was hand-reared. It broke my heart when she died, she left a hole in my heart

My rat was also a rescued orphan wild rat , I posted about pumpkin in this thread already. I have some domestic pet mice currently (maisy, daisy and chickpea) I love them dearly but the only thing I do not like about owning mice/rats is that they are prone to tumors and it is just so heartbreaking. We do not have any vets in the area that have the experience to remove a tumor though they are willing to do research for more simple rodent illnesses that simply require medication. I would recommend a pet mouse or rat to anyone who loves cute, friendly pets it is surprising how much they can touch your heart, such special little creatures wild ones and all.
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