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New Kitten Woes

First, my mistake. 6 weeks old. Forgot about the "minimum 8 weeks". The kitten was for Scott, my BF, who lost his 19 year old cat to old age. And they connected like there was no tomorrow!!

Lady said the kittens were vaccinated, and dewormed.

First day, did not poop or eat. But, hey, new home! Stress for cats and kittens alike to move to a new place.

Second day, one strained poop - normal looking, no worms, no discoloration.

Today... Well... She had an issue with a very temporary (under 2-4 hours) prolapsed anus. For those unknowing to that term, it means the internal parts of the bottom come out! It is not as dangerous as rectal prolapse which is an immediate "TO THE VET!"

Asked the lady about it, she said she would deal with it tomorrow, ask her vet, and get her in ASAP... Then she said to push it back in myself. I already looked it up. That is how I knew what it was (yucky sight!), and what NOT TO DO AND WHAT TO DO.

I asked an actual vet assistant. AKA my brother's girlfriend. Her mom is also a Persian cat breeder. The one bottle (as shown on the left) IS STERILIZED WATER used to mix the powder substance in bottle B, on the right.

And again for those who do not know... Those little bottles, the vet does not give you (which she uses a vet, but did the vaccine herself). That is how we know she did it herself.


The vaccine... HAS NOT BEEN PUNCTURED. You take a needle to the top of the lid, to add the water, then you shake it up so it is a mixed dark pink, then you use a syringe needle to remove it, and vaccinate the cat. The small amount of vaccine left in there, is light pink. The lid seal is also broken.


That bottle... Is made for 12 months and older. Give it to a kitten and they will die within 24 hours or less. So no, the kitten was not vaccinated.

And as an added measure... The "fancy natural food" she gave us in a bag, is Iams. Not natural. Not fancy. Actually it is one of the leading foods that causes constipation and upset tummies. Luckily I prefer Whiskas, which we have the kitty formula (and left over from adult), also got wet foods (bi-product free) and I was recommended to give gravy to her, due to the low iron levels (causes pale gums). Luckily, she drinks water. GOOD.
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Sorry you've had so much trouble. If you need extra help contact a local rescue they will have people that have had to raise orphan kittens and will likely have suggestions to keep the kitten healthy,

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This is why you don't purchase from people who are willing to sell kittens at a such an early age. They are usually dodgy as all get out.

I would probably take the kitten to a vet to get a thorough check-up anyway. I would want to know what was going on to make the anus prolapse (to be honest that would have sent me to the vet anyway) and to make sure that it was in good health.

Also do you mean whiskas cat food as in the purple packet whiskas (that's what we get here). If so that's a pretty awful food. On par or worse than IAMs in my opinion. I would be looking at a better brand or just a very bland diet at the moment if the kitten is suffering stomach upsets.

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Actually we've never had issues with it. All our cats used it no problems. She acts just fine anyways asides the discomfort she had when it prolapsed.

I've already talked to Joni about her that's how I know what to do. Be ause she was fed tuna and rice (tuna long term causes issues and rice overall is a stupid idea) by the lady, it's causing stuff to back up.

As for her selling them... I paid a small amount because here "free" goes to DOG RINGS. Everyone has been told to STOP giving away and ask a small fee to weed out the baddies.
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I will say the wet food choice is Fancy Feast. No biproducts. I've given dry food of either fancy feast or something similar and it gives cats the runs! Friskies makes smelly poos. So I've found what works best.
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whiskas is definitely just as bad, if not worse than Iams. Quality cat foods that are byproduct free are brands like Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo

Wellness also has a grainfree line called Core if you want to get really fancy.

Wellness also has SO MANY different excellent wetfoods. just because Fancy Feast has fancy in the name, doesnt mean its all that good.

No by products, but what about corn? grain? artificial colors?
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Sorry you've had issues. The first thing I always do regardless of where I get my dogs is take them to my own vet for a thorough check up & shots, it makes me feel better when my vet says they're healthy & if they're not advises me how to treat. My eldest dog was from a rescue group, the 1st time she went to my vet they were not happy with her condition, that was 14 yrs ago. Anyways I hope all goes well from here on out for your kitty.
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Shellieca, that's why I had Joni look her over :) I was told what to give her for iron (as she lacks it thanks to the dumb woman...).
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We also have a new kitten, Shadow, 7wks old. At first, she didn't eat well. We gave her kitten milk and then she just took off on regular canned food- feeding Friskies shredded at the moment. We mostly just give her soft foods, but are trying to get her to eat dry by putting cat gravy from pet store on it. She ate it fairly well last night. She is a very happy, active little girl, not afraid of anything. Hops and chases anything she can find to smack around. Not climbing too much yet, but give her time. Her favorite toy seems to be attacking hands. She is not afraid of my 2 dogs, and hopefully Shadow and Princess, our adult cat will become friends one day. Shadow gets to visit her "grandma", my mom,and play in 2 houses. Sorry you had trouble with your new baby, hope she does better for you.

Here is our Shadow, cat in background is mom's Garfield. He doesn't appreciate the baby at all.
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Does the kitten have fleas? Fleas can make them anemic and cause the pale gums. The vet I went to gave Shadow a half dose of flea drops, said to give her the rest next week. Ask a vet about what kind of flea stuff might be safe for the kitten. As for the food we give our cats, they get whatever we can get at the time, no particular type is a favorite. We are a little more careful what we give the kitten. Canned cat milk would be a good thing for the baby, ours needed it for the first day, after that no problem.
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