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New Dog!

Firstly, they sent me the wrong picture. But, whatever I don't care.

The description they gave me of how she behaves though... No way. Dead wrong. Other than kid and people friendly.

Dogs: Well, she likes dogs. But she is over excited where she will start spinning, lashing out at the leash, act as if you were the issue.

Walks: She is NOT FOR OFF LEASH. Being an overly excited dog, she bolts.

Walks part 2: On leash is not something she likes. First walk resulted in her spinning, lashing out and trying to get off the leash. I didn't let her, and I changed direction on her every time she pulled. Eventually I mentally exerted her. I made her walk by a dog (who barks, lunges, snarls etc), two dogs behind wooden fences, and four cats chilling out. For the cats I made her sit there (properly on her bum not halfway). But everyday, it's backtracking to the very first day!

Eating: She inhales. Food th- gone!

Cats: Since we have a kitten, who was unhappy the first day then stopped caring... We want to make sure she can integrate into the family fully. She doesn't want to kill her... Thankfully... But she is too excited to "not eat the kitty" so to speak. We let her smell (to which she wanted to nip said bottom of the cat), and using the screen door as a blockade. The screen door worked better because she could get REALLY close without hurting.

Listening: She doesn't. She's learned with me, I am more aggressive. By that I don't mean I beat her or anything. I mean if I DON'T LIKE IT she's NOT getting away with it. The way it AUGHT TO BE FOR ALL DOGS. MY room is MY room. Dog's food is mine, until I tell her she can have it. It's about having patience and listening. Not getting HER way.

Overall, exhausting. But because of how she is, I'll keep it up for a month. She may end up being too overwhelming, in which case I'd like to find a large place for her... A family with kids (any age), maybe another dog of equal or bigger size, a large fenced (taller fence) yard. And I will make sure she is NOT going to some backyard breeder (WILL make contract between me and them stating they will not breed and will spay within a year's time or less), or dog fighting.

I will also note the previous people found her a few months ago. Came tired, underweight with ribs showing, and dirty. With a raggy collar and a name tag with NO number or address. I am making sure no one is truly missing her, even using Kijiji for most of the provinces, to make sure they aren't elsewhere, other than Alberta, and missing their young dog.
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why would you make someone sign a spay contract? why arent you going to spay her yourself? there are a lot of programs for affordable spay/neuter. every animal should be spayed/neutered. it is the responsible thing to do.

did you not meet her before adopting her? it is kind of unusual to adopt a dog sight unseen.

they make bowls with sort of dividers in it to slow down dogs who eat too fast. if you are concerned about how quickly she eats you could try one of those. or spread it out on a sheetpan or something.
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Sena.... what a job you have taken on, Bless You for that. Everything you are doing is right. Changing direction when she pulls, that type of thing.
You sound like you definitely know what you are doing. You are the boss of the food, It's yours until you choose to give it to her. Darn right. Good for you!!
My daughter went thru exactly what you are going thru now... He is, we think, half black lab, and half Great Pyrenees. Suffice it to say you cannot leave anything out including stuff on the top of the fridge. Yes the top of the fridge.
He was incapable of sitting to have his food dish put on the floor when she got him, and now he can sit 3 minutes beside his bowl and wait for his dinner... (and drool)
My goodness she looks SO thin. Nothing a good amount of food can't fix.
Please keep us posted with pics. Good job tho you are doing everything right!!

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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How old is she? I'm not sure if you have a general idea of age, but if she is unspayed currently and not a young dog, I would be concerned about the chance of Pyometra. I think the risk gets quite high in unspayed females the older they are/the more heats they have so it is just something to be aware of.

Also if she is entire you have to be very conscious of her heat cycle as we have two intact girls right now, and for two or three weeks it can be a nightmare.

Just two things I thought I would mention as I am not sure if you have owned an unspayed female dog before (I am assuming she is not spayed based on the breeding contract thing).

She looks like she has had a rough time of it. Poor thing. I hate seeing any animal in such a condition.

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She is about 2 years old, judging her fur (no grays), her teeth, energy etc is very much of a puppy's. I checked for a spay scar, and he mentioned as I did she was in heat a week before I got her. It's approximately 6 months apart they go ito heat correct? I know stress and other things induce it (kinda like us!). I expect her to be very "wild" when it hits. Luckily two stores do have "heat diapers" lol. Washable and tossable.

When I fed her, I did it differently. Something I never tried before. Made her sit, tossed her a piece (totally can't catch food LOL). Made her "dance" as I found she knows how to! Gave her another piece. Made her sit, and stay (take a couple steps back). Give her another piece. Sit, stay then come. Gave her another piece. She knows "down" command but you have to tug the collar just a little, and she's down. Did that a few times, each time she got a piece. Then I decided to give her the bowl, but made her sit and wait. Took her four times, but she did it. Also knows "back off" lol.

We did have an issue with an unseen cat who slunk off... She saw it before we did (after an hour walk nonetheless). She did her whole frantic twists and turns, chewing on the leash. I made her walk by that house 6 times until she stopped "searching".

Then when we got to the house she sped up ("home!!" Lol). So I walked by it. I don't intend to be dragged up or down stairs. Dangerous! So, made her go up to the house - second she pulled I turned around. She did not like going away from home that is for sure eventually she walked behind me going back to the house lol.

Also like I said she is 53 pounds... Should actually be about 65, which is plenty more to avoid overweight or underweight. Just judging by size and breed.
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They don't go too wild. Ours just sniffs more on her walks and does a lot more marking in the weeks before she comes right into full-blown heat. It is more about making sure she isn't in contact with any intact male dogs.

The amount they bleed depends on the dog. Our one now is very clean and hardly bleeds at all, while our youngest is very dirty and it looks like someone has cut themselves sometimes.

Also, it's when they stop bleeding that is the peak danger time. Even neutered males will often react to an in heat female. Our male does and we have to separate them as he will try and mount her.

I sometimes make our dogs work before they can have their food. I can't stand dogs that don't wait or make a huge fuss over their food. Sometimes our male gets lazy about the whole 'waiting' business so I make him do a few obedience commands just to sharpen him up haha.

What breed is she? The photo makes it hard to see. She looks like my dad's poor dog we picked up from the RSPCA. He is a pitbull/staffy type dog and he was so skinny I was afraid to walk him for fear someone would dob me in to the authorities for cruelty.

So did the previous owners have her for months? What was their explanation for her present condition? Blows my mind how some people are content to have walking skeletons for pets.

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I had planned to neuter my puppy when he got a bit older until I did some research and now I am rethinking it. That said, if I had a female, personally I think I would still get her spayed even with the risk.
Here are some links to what I found.

As you can see I have been doing a lot of research regarding dogs in general...A lot has changed since I have had a dog and/or reared a puppy of my own-not a family dog and I was a certified trainer over 30 years what happens when you find a new I am a crazy dog nut.....Proud mama of Skipper'D
This is a 9wk old pic-he is now 6mo old
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Females it is better to spay simply because the risk of uterus infections becomes really high the older they get.

I think a lot of breeders (particularly of big dogs) recommend waiting a year or two before spaying. Our GS male was left until he was 18 months and then we spayed him.

However, I generally think for the average pet home it is better if dogs are spayed/neutered. A lot of people have difficulty containing their pets and the last thing we need is more irresponsibly bred puppies.

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Well for her behavior I'd expect her to not pay that mucb attention if in heat...

LittleBettaFish, they fed her quite a bit. 2-3 months ago I'd say? So the fact she is thin (ribs are not shown but I'd like more muscle and mest on her bones) proves how thin she was when they found her. I'm also going to post throughout the kijiji provinces to make sure someone did NOT lose her (i've seen it happen!!)

She is a german shepherd labrador cross. Probably another dog breed in there. Her shapely body is normal for the shepherd, but I still feel she could be a bit more "stocky". That and the fact she could put on muscle!

She is cautious of trucks, which is great. I don't mind "let's not get close" behavjor. But... She is TERRIFIED of grates. Know manholes, and grates on the side of the curb/road? Terrifed. Shuts down into sheer panic where she fights you whenever you are a couple feet near it.

She also lacks listening skills, unless you really raise your voice. She isn't deaf, I know she isn't. And I am NOT stressing myself or her by shouting.

I'll get a better picture of her after I brush her. Handfuls of fur comes out since that was her winter coat (thick coat like a shepherd)
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So, two questions:

What makes dogs afraid of cameras? She acted as if I was going to beat the crap out of her! I don't use flash (for many reasons), it's a non-obtrusive camera (small), and I don't hold it in front of my face thanks to it's nicely sized screen.

Second question: What drives a dog to only pee when they ABSOLUTELY have to? She will be taken out enough times, but only pee once... Usually when SHE HAS TO PEEEEEEE. Most dogs I know when they are outside, even just do a tiny piddle. I stand there with my dog, who does a 1 minute pee x.x I'm surprised her bladder is so great. She was shaking so bad she had to pee so bad when I got home, though Scott took her outside so she could go pee, a couple hours back.

Here's two better pictures of her. The second one was her cowering from the camera, acting all "submissive" in a very prominent "don't kill me!" fashion
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