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Originally Posted by Blue Fish View Post
I agree with you for the most part. But, it's not all of them who are willing to fight. There are many who are, absolutely, trained to do it, and still others used as bait dogs and "teaching" dogs because they *won't* fight. Furthermore, when they are abused, beaten, and starved into their aggression, THAT is conditioning them to fight. If they only way they get to eat that week is to fight to the death, then they'll do it.

If theres a dog that won't fight, there is no reason for dogmen to keep them. It is a useless dog to them and they will probably kill it quick and get on with their other dogs. Bait dogs are not necessary because they don't prove anything.
Think of fighting dogs more as... boxers, or mma fighters. Their men love them and will care for them greatly. They train them, get them in shape and strong, feed them good food. Theres money on the line. There is absolutely no point in wasting time with a dog that won't fight, nor will you have a strong dog that is starving and beaten. They get proven vs other pits that will fight. They have strong blood lines with winning dogs.

Dont get me wrong. There will be people that take this the wrong way and put random pit bulls they buy off the street because lol dog fights!! and do wrong things like use bait dogs or beat their dogs because they won't fight, ie vick. or random gangstas who want to have some fun in their basement. Its plain old dog abuse.

Its really important to be responsible if you own a pit because a lot of the world is gunna be against you. No dog parks, always on lease, good training manners. I had a DA pit (some sorta mix, ambull, amstaff maybe) that I always kept on lease and walked at odd times because people were idiots with their dogs off leash. We got into a fight once because someone ELSES dog ran at him. Its a pain to deal with and while I feel like I can manage a DA dog fine, its working around other people that make me hate it. Imagine if it was some 10lb puppy that ran at him!

I have a new dog now, a small pit and shes a wonderful beast. No DA at the moment (it can manifest at ANY time) and I hope it stays that way.
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I understand completely. :( Off leash dogs are the bane of my existence, and I got into it pretty seriously with a neighbor when her sheltie ran out into the road, ran down several hundred yards, and *attacked* one of my boys. It got nasty with the neighbor, and I stopped walking my dogs in my own neighborhood. We walk 3 to 5 miles a day, and we just go to a different neighborhood now. It's obnoxious...but whatever. :P

And you are absolutely right...I can control my dogs...it's having to work around other people who DON'T control their dogs, or who see mine barking and fussing about their own dogs that can be an issue. :( They just assume that my guys are going to eat their faces....when that's not the case at all. The court of public opinion can be a ridiculously misguided and uninformed place. :(

These two are the first dog-aggressive dogs I've ever had...and it is definitely a commitment and a fight. You hit it on the head when you mentioned that it takes a specific home and a specific person to deal with it. :) Fortunately, my guys are *awesome* dogs (at least I think so, lol!)...and their issues are easily worked around if I get just a little bit creative about it. :)

I know what you mean about people being against you, *especially* when you have a dog of a breed that's perceived to be aggressive. My two are terriers, so they're deceptive...people assume they're friendly until they get too close with another dog...and that low growl starts...and then they back off pretty quickly and look terrified.
My grandparents had a Siberian husky when I was a child, and I can still remember people scolding my mother for letting my brother and I play with him unattended. He was *huge*, but absolutely the kindest, gentlest dog. :) We rode the poor creature... :) But he was big...and he was black and white, so people thought he was "scary". We knew better, but it put the ridiculous notions people have about things they have no experience with in perspective at a very young age. :)

Fortunately, around here pitties are pretty common, and for the most part they're pretty welcome at dog parks from what I've been told. :) I'm sure that's not the case in other areas, but at least around here they're actually fairly well tolerated. :) There's hope, lol! :)

I'm sure your girl is adorable! I love the little pits, it's those wide heads and those giant pittie smiles. :) My cousin recently adopted a little black and white girl who was supposedly a "hound cross" (read: southern shelter terminology for pittie mix, but we want this dog to get adopted, so let's take out "pit bull" and put in "hound") and Maisie is just the *girliest* dog... :)

I've never actually owned a pit...but it just totally irks me when *any* entire breed of dog starts getting ragged on and blamed for things that are just as prevalent in other breeds. It could be any breed, not just pitties, I'd still go to bat for them. ;)

I think for the most part we totally have the same opinion on this, we just come at it from slightly different angles. :) You obviously love dogs and value pits just as much as anyone else, which is awesome. :)

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Here are my two guys:


He doesn't like the door to be closed. He enjoys being able to roam at will. I do NOT enjoy him roaming at all, because it lets all the heat out in the winter, and bugs in during the summer...argh. ;)


I swear this creature is dog-autistic. Life is just very scary and stressful for Benny...but he's getting better. :) The **screaming** anytime we see another dog has mostly abated... ;)

And the REALLY BIG DOG... ;)

She's a total dork. ;)

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my dorkbutt :D

Shes a tiny thing, about 25-30lb.
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She is so cute! And she's so little, lol! I love when their ears are left natural like that, just so much cuter. :)
Have you seen this dog? I LOVE this dog. ;) The 'stach is the best marking ever. ;)


I would totally steal this dog. ;)

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Those are so scary. ;)

Open your eyes
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Pitbulls are very loyal dogs, and this is the reason they can be either the best or the worst dog on the planet, they want to make their owners happy and will obey, which is great when the commands are for good, but when trained to fight it is a terrible thing, and no not all pitbulls can be trained to fight (only the ones who want to please their owners the most)now as to why they get a bad rap....they are like any other animal, they can be domestic or feral when people do not socialize the dog by spending time with it and taking care of it like most owners do, and just leave the dog out in the yard or worse tied up in a yard with very little to no human interaction is basically a recipe for disaster. That is the how they get a bad rap now the why would be the media, when a pitbul attacks someone it makes headline news and it is new a dog attacks, it's PITBULL ON A RAMPAGE, when it's a german shepard a collie a lab a chow, the story rarely makes it into the news and if it does the breed of the dog is almost never mentioned and if it is never in the headline, any dog can and will attack a person for any number of reason, most stem from lack the dog being socialized or the dog being trained to. In my personal experience and I have bred/showed dogs and been around more kinds of dogs than the average person ever would be, the most aggressive dog I have dealt with are chows, but most of that is because they are very protective of their owners and living space.
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