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*eye twitches* Whispers: BIRDS!!!! D:

I'M TERRIFIED OF BIRDS! I don't know why. Every time I go to Petsmart I have to walk past them to get to the cat treats and food and there they are. Sitting there.

Does anyone like birds? I'm personally a feather hater, I like meows and bubbles, not BRAWCK!!!! BRAAAAWCK!!!!

So yeah.. Bird owners? Friendly-non-judge-mental-opinion-based-high-humor-argument about why or why not to love them?

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I have 2 green cheek conures and whether or not i hate them or love them changes on a minute by minute basis so i guess i cant really argue for them lol. They get louuuudddddddd when they want something though.
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I love birds as well. They are so emotionally dependent and just precious. Unlike my reptiles and fish, bella NEEDS love and attention or she gets depressed. She's like a young child--Sometimes she'll be loud and messy, she'll push her boundries even when she knows she's being naughty, but you can't scold her harshly, you just gently teach and be sweet. The saddest thing in the world is a sad bird. Their hearts just break right in front of you! They also need playtime and love to explore their surroundings.

Now of course this is the smarter birds. The less advanced birds are still emotionally needy as well, but not as much. As long as one of the smaller birds like a finch feels like they are 'part of the flock' (just talking in the room with the bird and the bird will try to join in the chatter with the family) they seem pretty happy.

Some people may be turned off by this neediness(they can't just fill the food and walk away) but it's attractive to me as a pet because that bird LOVES you. There is no question. It's not like the anthropomorphising we usually do with our bettas. These animals have very strong emotions. Birds get so depressed when they are sold and move houses, or when an owner dies--or even when a family pet dies! Your family becomes their flock, and that is everything to a social bird.

Not to mention they are total hams! Bella is such a little dork. She 'waddles' around on the ground and mumbles like she's trying to talk. She gets all puffed up when you talk to her and loves to listen to piano.

It's so sad when families don't love their birds! Birds whistle and squawk loudly when they are lonely and want attention, which makes a less loving family frustrated--so they'll do something like put the bird in a room they never go in so they don't hear the squawking as loud. So the lonely bird gets louder and louder trying to get attention, even negative attention would be okay. The people move the bird further away. I knew a family who kept their cockatoo in the garage--freezing cold or summer heat. Just because it was loud. ;_; so sad.

I don't think birds are for everyone, although their are very different types of birds that suit homes better. People with a lot of time on their hands can handle the funny and emotionally needy cockatoos, but I know that I would be too busy to give it what it needs. People with less time can handle birds that are social with each other--think love birds. But if you don't like noise--don't get a parrot. It's just what they do, talk.

I personally am going to get a dove. Unlike parrots they don't squawk, and they don't have the strong parrot beak that can bite you REAL hard. They make cooing noises, are pretty sweet animals, and generally make really nice quiet pets compared to other birds.

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I have a quail..... :)
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I've never had a real interest in "pet" birds, but I like wildbirds. I volunteer at a wildlife clinic, and have cared for baby, non-protected species until they can be released. Birds are lots of fun to watch etc.


Just because animals can't talk, does not mean they should not be heard
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just kidding. i love birds but im more into predatory raptors like hawk,s eagles and owls. i love just hiw diverse bairds can be with plummage but a quiet pet is more for me.

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Birds are nasty, dirty, LOUD little freaks that BITE.

I love them! If I were to get one of my own
I would get some cockatiels

This is my friend's Goffin Cockatoo, he's too
much bird for me!

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LOL! I'm not a fan of birds either. Been bitten too many times. Don't get me wrong, I think they are beautiful animals... I just think they don't like me. For some reason I'm always the one they end up bitting. You never know what's going on in their head. Cats and dogs you can predict what they'll do... but birds... I can never predict what they'll do.

And I love animals. I'm an animal health technician. I work at a veterinary hospital but I tend to stay away from birds as much as possible. Haha!

I do admire people that are at ease around birds.

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Originally Posted by Gen2387 View Post
LOL! I'm not a fan of birds either. Been bitten too many times.
Easy way to fix that? Spray em with a water bottle every time they do it. Worked wonders for my conures.
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