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Originally Posted by FishyFishy89 View Post
I considered those. But between me, hubs, brother in law and BFF we'd all knock over that gate and get really frustrated with it. That and Emma is super smart. She'll realize how easy it is to knock it over and get into the kitchen when we're not home.
I've tried keeping the kitchen really clean too. Sweeping every time we deal with food. She always finds something!!!
We have this:
It says extensions can be purchased separately
These almost look like the same product, but the brand isn't the same
A cat door!? OMG that's so awesome! One of my kittys is special needs and can't jump very well, which is part of the reason we decided to back down from gates to just tape on the ground.
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Originally Posted by MollyJean View Post
A cat door!? OMG that's so awesome! One of my kittys is special needs and can't jump very well, which is part of the reason we decided to back down from gates to just tape on the ground.
If I could trust Emma to not go into the kitchen when we're gone, then I'd love to teach her the tape trick. She is very smart and I'm sure she'd catch onto it in a heartbeat.
But that nose and tummy gets the better of her. YUMMY CAT FOOD. YUMMY SOME GROUND BEEF THAT HAS SLIPPED UNDER THE OVEN. OH BREAD CRUMBS!!! nom nom nom nom nom

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I don't like to stereotype breeds. I do think with certain breeds their needs to be more responsibility such as laws taken to ensure they have proper homes. I know people like to make the distinction that well Chihuahua and other possessive dogs go bad. Well there is a big difference between stopping 7-16lb Chihuahua and a 35-80lb pit/pit mix dog with aggression problems. Pits were raised/bred as protective dogs originally and some people have twisted them into fighting dogs.

This has lead to a breed that needs to be closely monitored in my opinion. These dogs instinctively know quite well how to take down prey and creatures including humans that it feels is crossing into it's territory. People shouldn't be allowed to have dogs of this nature because they think it's cute. If you want to get a dog because you think it's cute get a Chihuahua so when it gets loose and acts like an untrained/mishandled dog I can kick it off my ankle or pick it up by the nap of it's neck and bring it back to you and tell you what piece of crap dog owner you are. Another thing is even if it isn't human some of these dogs that are kept in solitary confinement as many of them are when they do get out don't know how to react to other animals.

Don't get me wrong I love the dogs I think they have a very distinguished bold look to them. Having said this I will not have one until I am prepared to raise it from a pup as I have done with all my large dogs. My dream dog is a Presa Canario and can be human aggressive but it has to be trained properly and given a proper environment. Some people don't have the self control not to get a dog that is capable of inflicting major injuries and is hard to stop once they decide to go after something/body that they are NOT prepared to house and train properly. I've had several large dogs and NONE of them left my house without ME and a LEASH. Not even the popular "good" dogs. Personally I feel like half the people I know with Pits should be re-homed and given Chihuahuas. These people do not realize the strength or tendency those dogs can have when instincts take over. With an improper owner these instincts will take over even in the "good" dogs.

I personally think if a dog weighs over 30lbs it should be mandatory for somebody in the household to be a licensed dog handler to have it regardless of breed. Maybe it's my personal over exposure to "aggressive" dogs that I seen at the animal shelter I volunteered at. I just seen to many "good" dogs that had to be put down because they was mishandled/trained. People bring in the Pits/Mastiff/Husky/Shepard/Rot/Dober... he/she bit at my child... he/she is getting out of control... I can't handle him/her stories. By that time you can't just re-home that dog to even a person that could have been good with that dog from a pup. Those dogs then need a very experienced trainer and many sessions that most people will not invest in when saving a pound dog. You throw the puppies that go to the shelter next to them and those dogs just don't have a chance at a second chance.

I'm a firm believer in:
Give me the pup and I'll give you the dog.

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For me, if I get a large breed dog, it's going to be on a farm, have a job, and have the room to roam, explore, and work

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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Hey, Sena, my large dogs quite enjoy the suburbs. Of course we have a huge forest and creek across the street for them :3
Edit: I just sneezed and my dobe pup just look at my like OMG WHAT WAS THAT O.O now she's licking my face xD

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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I'm still not clear why Granberry didn't give the dog to the vet tech with a farm, no kids and others Rots? The one who offered a home for him just before you had him killed?

In any case, of course kids come first, but love for kids can also make parents think in an unbalanced way. I can't help but wonder.....we'll never know, none of us were there to observe.

Also, what kinds of tests were done on the dog before the decision was made? Was there anything making his behavior change, like a chemical problem or a brain tumor, etc.? I'm not sure how many tests there are out there that can be done for dogs. Especially all those years ago.

Apparently the four year old child is now an adult with kids of his own. Thus the name GRANberry.

I'm hoping he does not own any large breed dogs.
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I have a wonderful red/white pit bull male named Copper. I trust him with my cats, and other dogs. He is sweet and very loving. I hate it when people just automatically think your dog is vicious because of his breed alone. When the time comes, hopefully in the far far future, I will rescue another pit bull without any fear.

Member of IBC
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Originally Posted by Granberry View Post
I swore I wouldn't explain this again, but my son dropped some food, they both went for it. Bogey's expected behavior was to back off. Humans are alpha, and we get the food. He didn't. He barked an ear-ringing warning bark and took a step towards a 4-year-old then took the food. Food aggressive dogs and 4-year-olds don't mix, and I didn't trust him any more.

This really isn't something you should be taking a stand on.

I would really feel better if you were on the side of prevention of harm to children instead of not euthanizing a dog at all costs. But it is that same attitude that is making a lot of the voters out there just decide you're all way off base in your priorities and we're going to support legislation that protects our livestock and kids from your mistakes..
I agree with you 110% and I would have done the exact same thing....my children safety come first....it only takes a split second for the attack to happen an to wait until after the attack, severe injury or death would be irresponsible......Personally I wouldn't have waited either......

Do you remember the story not long ago about the adult Rot that was re-homed that ate the 3 year old within the first 24h....that was here in Oklahoma too...I think....

I often question why some people think it is more humane to keep a dog in a small cage, limited human contact and play time waiting to be re-homed...that is existing not living......Thousands of pets waiting to be adopted.....Please Spay and neuter your pets.......

I am a major animal lover of all creatures big and small, wild and domesticated...I have plenty myself...lol....but I also know they are animals- instinct driven- not human with human thoughts and emotions-we like to give them-we like to compare them to human children....but they are not....they are animals....without us...Who will care for them...this is why we can't let them kill us or our children......

We also have to remember that a lot of members on this forum are young children, young adult without their own children and these members have a great deal of passion and love for their pets and I respect that as I hope they respect us older folks that protect our children-just as their parents protected them......
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Originally Posted by Granberry View Post
Pitluvs, I hear what you're saying, and I think you point out some valid considerations very well. I find especially persuasive the fact that Ohio lifted its BSL due to ineffectiveness.

But when you said, "I would support proper education over banning a breed", I just can't go with you there because I don't believe "proper education" works well enough for me to feel my kids are safe, my pets are safe, or my livestock is safe from dogs as I've described.

Is it fair? Nope. It isn't fair to good responsible owners. But until breed clubs or somebody can find a way to handle this problem either by generations of selective breeding to weed out traits that we as a community don't deem safe or better control of these awful breeders, then government legislation is the only remedy.

And BTW in my state we most certainly do have "FSL" , i.e., fish specific legislation. :) There are many types of fish that are illegal to sell, dump in ponds or lakes, etc. because we deem them dangerous to native livestock.

BTW, if I come off as abrasive, please forgive me. I am a retired lawyer, and I never have anything interesting to talk to people about any more because my kids quit listening to me when they went to college and my husband has never listened to me, so I'm just really enjoying this discussion. But I promise I've said my piece now, and I'll zip it.
I don't take you offensively at all, I mean I am kind of upset because it's people with this kinda of mentality that all Pitbulls are the same, interferes greatly with my life. I live in fear, everyday. Is tomorrow going to be the day that some wingnut on a power trip passes a law that will take my dog from my home? This clear cut solution effects everyone, even those who obey the law and raise great dogs. And as long as I'm breathing, I'll fight it. I mean it's like catching a leak with a bucket, just because you toss the water down the drain, doesn't mean you've fixed the leak. You just started all over again. Getting rid of the dogs doesn't solve anything, the problem humans are still there and they will move onto another breed (maybe something with human aggression, more of a threat then a terrier).

The sad thing is, positive breed groups ARE trying to educate people, but the only ones listening are the ones who are educated. Those who mistreat this breed don't give two flying flutes what these "Pitbull Hippies" have to say, they know better than us and they don't like being told what to do. You know how the human race is, there are people who don't like being told what they are doing is wrong. So yes, our breed groups are trying to fix a problem we didn't even start. Tell the government to let us hang animal abusers, that would help. Right now, you can get away with anything you want to do with an animal.

Another thing is.. my mothers neighbor poisoned my 3 yr old Rottweiler, Mason, in 2006 with antifreeze. He suffered in pain, scared for 3 days at the vet while we tried everything possible to save him. We ended up gathering around him, all holding onto him while the vet euthanized him, $3000 later. His ashes remain in a Rottweiler urn I bought for him, sitting in my mothers living room. We'll never be the same, my whole family weeps at the sight of a photo or the mention of his name. He was killed because my neighbor didn't like his breed, he felt threatened and didn't want Mason around when his grandkids were over. Not one time did that low life ever ask us if Mason was friendly, or if he was good around kids. Mason loved everyone, I truly believe he was a little gay honestly. But because he was black with copper markings, he was a monster that needed to be killed. What you suggest really hits me hard, because you may feel like you're protect your family and pets.. but I'm protecting mine as well. And someone who thinks the same way once harmed my family so deeply, we'll never recover from it :( If you'd like, here is a letter my then 16 year old sister wrote to Mason after he passed. This is what will happen to families if BSL is passed, it's what's happened already. I could never put that much pain and hurt on someone :(

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I just read through the post and I have to say I have lost all respect for certain people on here. I'm out of this topic. This is the reason I love my Pitbull, because she's not a one sided judgmental person who basis everything on personal experience and doesn't take 5 minutes of their day to get to know dogs for their individual personalities. Why don't we make a thread about African Americans so people can bash the whole race because one black man may have shot someone in their home town? Seems kinda ridiculous, and so does this.

To make that more clear, my Pitbull judges no one and loves everyone she meets. Some humans could learn a lesson from her. My own mother taught me not to judge people by race, or animals by breeds but each person and animal as individuals. And with that, I will teach my children the same way.

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