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Yeah, I know someone who volunteered with an eye seeing dog organization and they put a lot of effort into breeding and training dogs with good temperaments.

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exactly... it is not a stroll in the park lol. I looked up about training service dogs and that is why I knew her "they are ALL taught like this" was a bogus cover up for a bad temperament dog :/ She picked him as a pup. They don't actually allow that...

Although I do find most dogs easy to control... well...bigger ones x) I've never had a problem with rotties, pits, beagles, etc because I'm firm, but good with them. Little dogs I just cannot work with xD little meaners.
(although I wanna find a good tempered pomeranian because nyawwwww =D)

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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I just went through some stuff because I'm getting a pitty puppy. He's 3 weeks old right now and I'll get him when he's 8 weeks. He's from a breeder and is being raised in a home with children, including a newborn.

A lot of people frown upon these dogs, but I think it quite ridiculous. They are big sweeties and are bred to do anything for their people. In all honesty, I trust labs less than I do bully breeds.
I grew up with a doberman that wouldn't hurt a fly. As a toddler, I led him around by the bandana he wore around his neck. He taught me to walk.

I hat a pit/lab mix that taught my daughter to crawl.

The puppy I am getting is going to be trained to be my service dog. A lot of people frown upon it because of the breed. In all honesty, I think people have just gotten it in their heads to fear these dogs because they don't really know them. Fear of the unknown really. And yet not so long ago, the American pitty was the mascot for our military. Now they ban these dogs from military installations and from so many cities. Not to mention how hard it is to find someplace to live that doesn't have a ban on the breed. If people would take just 5 minutes to interact with a family raised, well socialized pit, their entire view would be changed.
Heck, their are pics of my puppy's father laying with a newborn propped up against him. These are dogs that have been bred to love us and give their lives for us. A lot of people don't realize it, but most breeders of pits will put down any dog that shows human aggression.

I also found this and thought it cute so I'll share it with you all.
Top Ten Reasons Why You Can't Trust Vicious Pit Bulls
10. They will steal your spot on the couch while you are up getting a soda.
9. They will take the treat you give them and bury in the back yard like a paranoid crack head
hiding their stash.
8. They will jump on your bed with muddy feet. Making you do the laundry...again!
7. They will lick visitors with an uncontrolled passion only they understand.
6. They will cause children to smile.
5. They will make you feel horrible for not walking them by looking at you with deep sad eyes.
4. They will look at you like you committed a crime against them if you don't let them lick your
ice cream bowl.
3. They will cause wide spread happiness in large group settings.
2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so hard you think they are going to snap in half.
And the number one reason why you can't trust vicious Pit Bulls...

1. They will steal your heart like a thief in the night, showing you complete and pure love that
only a Pit Bull can show.
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haha nice. I saw a brindle pitbull... dyawww. he was ridin' low with his bum wagging with his tail so much he was gonna fall over xD He was raised really well. His sister was the same too lol.

I've wrestled with a guard dog o.o she was taught "play" is "okay" if the person is wearing gloves or something over their hands. Once the hands show, games done It's all how they are taught hehe. She really was gentle and lovin' though

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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I got my 1st dog from North shore Animal League..
Anyways, ther eis no such thing as a dangerous breed, just stupid owners and breeders.

dogs 101: pitt bull


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The problem with Pitbulls:
  • Commonly owned/trained by bad people (guys trying to look tough/want a scary guard dog)
  • Strong desire to please humans, thus good for Dog fighting
  • Negative media spotlight/confusion aka "If it looks like a pitbull then lets call it one to grab headlines"
  • Powerful breed... Obviously a bite from a Pitbull is going to do more damage than a Chihuahua, which makes them seem more vicious
  • Misunderstood
I always encourage people to watch this video. It's from Best Friend Animal Society, the sanctuary/rescue that took in the Michael Vick fighting dogs -many have gone on to new family homes, with children, btw.

"No dog should ever be euthanized for what they are. This is America's Dog we are talking about, and unfortunately America has lost track of that. "
-John Garcia


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I personally have no dislike for any dog breeds. My only iffyness about myself getting a pitbull is that I have no strength to hold the leash if it is not good on walks. lol
Another issue with people so against pits is that, as for the media, we only really hear about pits when they do something wrong (and of course they do not state the reason the dog bit, just that it bit), I can list many people I know who have pits that have never bit someone (just as I can list stories of pits and other breeds nice and not). My cousin has a pit bull who has been attacked by other dogs and still did not bite back when they got her!
My family has owned many types of dogs that have mixed results. We had a mean chihuahua, a nice chihuahua, a mean great dane, and 2 nice danes, a mean border collie, a loving brittany, a possive lab, and a cuddley cattle dog. Right now my mom has 2 dachshunds, one is a total psycho and the other is very shy and caring. What I am getting at is, dogs are like people, just as other animals. We all have a huge lottery of personalites.

With pits, one of the things that upset me about people against them is that. If a lab bites someone, we sit and think for a good reason why the dog did it, but when a pit bites someone everyone just says "well that is a pit for you". We do not even give it a chance.
Does anyone remember that story about the newfoundland that killed the owners child? They did euthanize the dog right afterwards but they made sure to do an autopsy to find out why he attacked (turned out the kid stabbed it in the ear with a pencil). Do not get me wrong, it is horrible when a child dies no matter what. But I just think if that was a pitbull, they would not have done the autopsy.
IMO, just as how each type of fish have an experince level, I believe dog breeds do too. I think pits are under the "for experinced dog owners only" section. :)

I honestly have no idea what to do about the "bully breed" situation. I guess each person just needs to make their own choice about wether or not they would like to own any of the "risky" breeds.

Bettas - Giovanni (HM), Burly (HMPK Giant).

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I love the breed. The puppy I'm getting is a black brindle. He's absolutely adorable. I'm really looking forward to training him. Hopefully potty training will be easier since there are 2 older dogs in the house. XD
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but chihuahua bites hurt :( LOL.
I personally would love to own a pitbull. When I have the space, time and place for one

(heh heh for the first point LionCalie.... I imagined a big ol' tough muscle man with a pitbull with a spiked color, and saying "come on Shnookums")

The newfoundland got stabbed in the ear? :o If I were that dog I woulda bit too >:( ouch!! (although, poor kid!!)

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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As an owner and lover of the number 2 most dangerous breed (The Rottweiler) I have never understood the argument for breed specific legislation. 34+ years ago when I got my first Rottweiler, people didn't know what they were. Nobody thought anything of the 72 pound 10 year old walking all over the place with her 110 lb Rottie. Nobody crossed the street when they saw me coming, I could tie her up outside the drugstore and go in for some gum without worry. People would ask to pet her all the time. I am sure in part this is because she was owned by a 10 year old who loved to dress her in a tutu and ribbons on her head. Was the breed not dangerous back then? Why were they not killing anyone? Maybe they hadn't bought into the idea of dogs being responsible for human error?

When the Movie "The Omen" came out and the Rottweiler was the dog that "guarded the gates of hell" guess what kind of people rushed out and got one? Do you think it was the same kind that rushed out and got a Golden or a Collie? NOPE! People saw a well trained to in a movie and bought into the idea of this MEAN dog with evil tendencies. I cannot tell you how often I hear people say "I have seen how mean they are in movies" as if that everything you see in movies is true. Heck, I have seen purple and red elephants that can fly in movies but I don't suddenly they are all that way or for that matter, that elephants CAN fly.

Breed bans don't work. It has been proved over and over again that they do not work. Until people are held accountable for their dogs actions, we will have an issue. I have had this breed 34+ years, I have worked in Rottie rescue and Pit Bull rescue for that matter. I have never once in all those years had one that was nasty like the movies portray. I have had dogs that endured unspeakable cruelties yet came out on the other end friendly and forgiving. Both Rotties and Pit Bulls have that forgiving temperament. They are loyal and if a good owner has them, they are the BEST dogs in the world. If the owner is crappy and leads them in the wrong direction... the results are less favorable.

One other thing I didn't read on here is how often the "Pit Bulls" or "Rottweiler's" that are involved are misidentified. I have been called out to houses many times to pick up a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler only to find a Lab mix or something totally different. I have seen pictures of dogs involved in Bites that are labeled these breeds and they most certainly are NOT those breeds. For years, anything that was black and tan was a Rottie. Now anything with a big head is a Pit Bull. Do you know how many times people have argued with me that MY dogs are Pit Bulls? Mine are purebred dogs and NOT Pit Bulls but I have had people actually get angry with me when I say "no, they are not PIt Bulls"

I do not recommend doing some things with Pit Bulls or Rottweilers that other breed owners can do. One thing I will never do is take my dogs to a dog park. I did in the past and on 4 separate occasions, MY dogs were attacked by other dogs. Of those 4 occasions, 3 were Golden Retrievers. NONE of those times did my dogs fight back but if they did... who would be to blame? Who's dog would be on the front page of the paper? Not worth the risk in my opinion. Also, I don't care how wonderful your Pit Bull is, the truth is, they have been bred for dog aggression and you do not know when that will show up. IT isn't worth the risk. IMO

Owning one of these dogs, in today's society requires 100% responsibility all the time. There simply is no room for mistakes. I have a fenced in yard (6 foot privacy) I also have locked gates and nice neighbors. I do NOT just leave my dogs outside at any time. It isn't worth the risk.

IF my dog ever bit someone with no provocation, nobody would have to ask me or order me to put my dogs to sleep as it would already be done. My dogs are registered therapy dogs, they are socialized all the time, do a lot of public events, training and rescue demo's, are a part of "read to a dog" programs, sit with pediatric and geriatric patients but at the end of the day, they are still dogs. Over and above that, they are large powerful dogs and I do not take for granted the damage that could be done if they made a mistake. If every owner of these breeds was that careful... You would never hear about them. Sadly, there are too many that think staking a dog out in the backyard and tossing food from time to time is enough care. Worse, people that think it is funny to encourage their dog to chase people at the fence or charge the door when people come over.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi
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