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I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience on the forum. Yes, people need to quit trying to ram unwanted advice down other peoples throats and sometimes it's not really the advice that's being given, it's the way it's worded. It's horrible to hear of members being so stressed out because of the way advice was given to them. This forum is meant to be a place where people can come and relax and talk about their fish, not be so stressed out by rude people that they don't want to come back. Those of you who may be thinking of leaving I ask you to please reconsider. If you have problems with certain members there is always the report button or the members discuss with mods area that is confidential or you can contact one of us directly and we can help.
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I won't say don't leave if you want to. Ill be sad to see you go but I do think I found you on FB tagged in a picture of Skye's plush. If I add you, you'll probably recognize the name :p (so don't be freaked out if I do, I'm not stalking you, lol. Plus my FB is littered in fish pictures. Unmistakable! :D)

Veyron Sprite Ayala
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Lol, I wont mind Ayala.

It's okay DQ, I know this forum has a lot to offer a hobbiest in terms of friends and advise. There's just been a few too many incidents lately and I've just been pushed beyond that limit. A friend of mine brought her concerns up, and immediately was attacked for it. It was dealt with, but really...that sort of person isnt as rare as it should be here, is all.

If I come across people needing advise beyond what I can give I refer them here though, and let them decide for themselves if they want to take advice and make a small home here or not. It's not like I'm leaving and bad mouthing the place, cuz it's one of the few safer refuges. I just know my limit and am doing what's best for me. =)  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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Yeah, you can always step back from it for awhile if you need to but I'd hate to see you leave and never come back.
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I really can't say for sure. I imagine I'd pop in and haunt the place from time to time, but who knows really. Only time will tell.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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Sy; I can't say I know you nor have interacted with you, since I'm mainly in the breeding section. But the way people have expressed their thoughts about you, I wish I have. You sound like a great person.

If I had seen this a month ago, I might have asked you to ignore those insensitive people and stay. But with the events I experienced here and in real life, I realize now that this would be selfish of me - not considering your personal needs. So, as much as I would like you to stay, I will advise you to do what you need to do.

Perhaps step back for now and occasionally read up on what ever interest you. Then, one day, when you feel a change of atmosphere, acceptable to your personal needs, you can become active once more. You'll always be welcome here.

Though we try to make this site a fun family friendly site, nevertheless we also attract less sensitive and actual trouble makers. We try to stop them before they do too much harm to others. But, believe me, that is easier said than done. Other than the fact that we can't be everywhere all the time, we do not want to go over board on censorship because between free opinion, discussion and debate is actually a very thin line - which is often difficult to identify. We can only act immediately if there were a report.

We appreciate your referring this site to your friends. That will certainly keep the site, which I've grown to love, "alive". I hope we can always provide help when needed - both fish related or personal.
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Syriiven... I too am shocked at times how members seem to "choose" to interact with other members and forget there is a "human" behind that Username. As a Canadian, we are very polite and friendly by nature and reputation... I share your feelings last week about the way several members turned on each other. Last week's interactions were quite shocking to say the least. Rest assured Infractions were handed out and posts were removed. It will no longer be tolerated.
Your journal thread came up in the Mod area as there were concerns about you leaving. As you can see several Mods have replied now, myself included. In my usual Mod habit I don't weigh in on a thread's issues until I start at the beginning and read the thread in full to make sure I haven't missed an opinion, snark or something that might have started the "fallout" so to speak. Thank you for the lovely 19 page journal about your Bettas. I'm sorry for the shipping mishaps.
CP scares me to how far was he/they shipped? Your new boy is gorgeous... (I even watched the video). I want one like that!! I have a 10g fully cycled and planted...empty... the LFS only had 8 plain basic blue ones, all the same, but I'm afraid to order one and ship it.

I hope at some point you DO come back and post in your journal again... promise?!! Maybe lurk in the background for awhile!
You know it is impossible to stay away...
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Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert

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Lol, I was wondering why I was suddenly getting moderator attention, haha. And it's wonderful to see how much you guys care about keeping people. I may lurk, though I may unsubscribe from threads or atleast unhok my email for a time so I can actually walk away without being pulled back.

Thank you for the kind comments, Jakie, and for taking the time to read this journal. The DOA and FishBeastie were both shipped from Toronto to Southern Alberta. Hung and I discussed it at length and felt that for the more Western provinces he should use bigger bags for shipping fish. I may even attempt for an AB sorority in a few months, and if that happen,s well, we all know how much we love showing off our beauties.

Though since you and Hung (our transhipper) are really close, you're will most likely arrive perfectly fine. CatW0man is also Canadian and lives near Hung and gets a lot of bettas perfectly fine. So I'd say go ahead and order =)

I will be lingering until I've completed the prizes for SkyeWillow's and my contest. It's been my vacation week so I've been busy, but within the next week the prizes I need to do ought to be done. After that is when I'll prlly unplug my email and give myself the break.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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I know how you feel, and now we're having the issue of people doing something against the care information that's been pounded into us, and we can't say anything for fear of starting another knock down, drag out fight. Or the people that ask for advice and just do what they want anyways. Makes you want to just shake your head and walk away.

You're one of the most compassionate fishkeepers I know, I love seeing your pictures, and hearing about your fish (hence is why the fact that we're FB friends is pretty darn awesome!). You've also been an awesome moral supporter when fishkeeping has weighed me down.

take your time to find your muse, I'm sure the winners will understand, and if by some chance, they don't (which I'm sure they do anyways), you have my support, I know sometimes the creativity just... dries up for a bit. blech.

-big hugs-

so yea, you're an awesome fishmomma, and an awesome friend, an amazing artist, and you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the things you feel passionate about, take your time for you; You're important.
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-big smiles and hugs- Thanks Skye! I don't like making them wait >.< But I just don't want to rush it and give them poor quality art. My muse srsly has no concept of working on demand tho u.u

You'll definitely be privy to all the fish pictures and stories, since they hit you first anyways before I post xD And I can't help fish pic spam on FB every once in a while when my little family is just being squeedorable and full of sass.

Thanks so much for being my friend on here, and going so far as to befriend me on FB. You've been an amazing support for me when I just don't know what to do with certain trouble fish, and understand when I srsly can't produce art xP. You've also become a much closer friend beyond the hobby, and I'm ever so glad we met =)  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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