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Love him! And glad all the fish from Shae got to you safely.
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Mhm! Everyone's spoiled and comfy xD She double bagged them which was awsm =3  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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So, slight update::

Catching up on some orders;

- got the lineart for CJ's commission down, though I"m running into issues with my tablet which is old and a bit beat up. Thik Imma tell everyone that all I want for Xmas is money so I can buy my cintiq tablet.

- just now finishing an order of 50 penny-sized origami lotuses.

- and then will attempt finishing my nana's mobile of 49 angel fish.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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So, about Walmart....

I work there.

There, it's out in the open again, bring on the flames and animal1st rageers. Bring it, whatever.

One of the reasons I took a break from this site is due to a serious amount of RAGE when it comes to PetStores (PetSmart, PetLand, Walmart, BIg Al's whatever, etc)

And I see people just hating PetSmart, Walmart, so on and so forth, yadda yadda...

And I kind of want to smack you for it. Because you say 'I"ll never buy from ____ again! I'm not going to help them get money!'

Only you forget, that your passive aggressive strategy won't matter a bit because animal rights protesters are a minority (especially Walmart customers).

I'm not saying, give up, or dont take offense, or dont get mad...what I'm saying is your going about a solution for the problem the wrong way. And saying 'All Walmart employees' or 'all Walmarts' is kind of hurtful to those of us who kind of need our job at the establishment.

Now, my Walmart doesnt have a live fish area, and if it did I would jump through hoops to get the job. Because I know I'd be good at it. It would be short-lived because I wouldn't be able to let a customer walk out fo the store with something smaller than a 5gallon tank for their retarded and uneducated fish ideas, but I'd try.

But it's time people remembered that no, not everyone is as passionate as us about our fish friends, or other animals. Some people have a family of a bajillion kids to feed, or a drinking problem, or debt to pay off, a car to fix, a wife dying of cancer, being evicted if they can't come up with rent money....

These people have LIVES and the millions of shoppers at Walmart are NOT going to stop living their lives long enough to give a rats ass unless you approach them in a different way.

being civil and polite is a start. petitions is another, so long as the petition outlines facts, and not feelings. People don't care about how much YOU'VE cried over the animal, so what makes you think they care if it's been crying at all? Diplomacy is key, the right tone, the right words, the right facts that won't turn them off,but will instead make them listen and rationalize to themselves how right or wrong animal treatment is.

It sucks, I know, you can't just PUNCH the facts and LOVING AND CARING into their faces, but you're going to have to deal with it.

Spreading knowledge would be far more effective than throwing a fit. Sure, it's probably worked fro people before, but wouldnt be better if the facts were common knowledge beyond the fish community? Instead of pissing off employees and managers, you could be helping them understand. If you care enough to boycott, why not go to the top with a petition and one thousand signatures?


I'm just royally tired of being angry all the time. There's a whole lot of the world beyond humans I'd love to save, but unfortunately I'm one person, and getting pissed about it every time I see a picture of a dead whale, finned shark, clubbed seal isn't helping those animals at all. It's just making me sick - as in unhealthy, lack of sleep, migraines, surliness that makes my already retarded social abilities abysmal.

So now everyday on FB I share a picture of a wild animal, and simple facts about that animal. Spreading knowledge in whatever small way I can. I raise money for Betta Rescue and for Ocean Conservation. And I try not to bum people out when I bring up the cold hard facts that we've already ****ed this planet up, and I'm damn glad the planet will live long after we're gone and try this whole evolution thing again. We just sped up the schedule, and as much as I'd love to see what comes next, I'm also exceedingly glad that we're a blip in Earth's history. We're a tiny chapter compared to dinosaurs even. We wont be remembered well, and for that I'm glad. And if there is sentience behind the chaos of nature on this planet, I hope it remembers 'humans suck' and not do that again.

See? I'm bitter. Bitter as all Hell. I still try to do good, but that bitterness isn't going anywhere. I'd rather punch most people than talk to them, I am just that angry deep down inside. I'm waiting for someone to start something all the time. I dont want to be angry all the time, but I am and it might never go away.

But I'm still trying new ways to deal with the problem, and still get all my facts before jumping on someone's case, AND I've acknowledged that screaming at people doesnt accomplish anything.

So yea. There it is. My rant about Walmart rants here on BettaFish.

It's a public forum, people's feelings are going to get hurt, that's the internet. And I accept that. What I dont accept is that people can choose to be better, but instead simply dont try at all.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->

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Those are really great points!! I'm glad you got that off your chest! Don't be mad... take deep breathes... let it go. It's not worth your health. The stress is eating at you.

If you find a thread too "angry" just walk away and find another and don't be drawn in.
If you think you can add something to someone genuinely needing and wanting help, post.
Just find a balance that works better for you. And smile!!

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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Thats basically what I do and why I posted the rant ehre instead of in my friend's thread.
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Well I must say that I enjoyed your thoughtful rant. You make many valid points.
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Thanks CJ.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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Yes, you made some very good points. People af Walmart, Petsmart etc need their jobs, too and in some situations might even get in trouble for speaking up or trying to change things at their store. I agree with Jakiebabie. If something really makes you angry just walk away from it. That can be hard to do though, I know. What you just posted was a rant, yes, but it was a good rant. :)
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I'm always the first to say that while it upsets me to see their living conditions, I have to stop and consider how long it would take me to find the associate assigned to pets, and generally that person is ACROSS the store working in the rest of the departments that they're assigned to. Both with Meijer, and Walmart. Pet stores have less of an excuse, their focus is pet care, but in a large grocery store, it's not the associate's fault, and ranting, raving, and stomping my feet would just lead them to think I'm a nutjob and blowing me off.

It's the same issue that we find on here, and is the same reason I almost left. People don't care about being compassionate, and they let their emotions run away with them, and they don't slow down long enough to avoid leaving tread marks all over someone else's feelings, or to consider anyone's opinion but their own. We lose the ability to communicate effectively, preferring to pound on our keyboards shouting profanities or being completely demeaning to get our "point" across. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

it is NOT the Walmart employee's fault that they're not trained to know what to do with the fish, it's also not their fault that they're most likely being sent all over the store and kept too busy to take a moment to clean the cups, also not their fault that they don't know how much to feed the fish. Most places don't hire people who are knowledgeable, because they make a lot of sales with those kitschy little tanks that hold less water than a bottle of soda. How many of us started in Bettas because of their reputation for being a space-saving species of fish? I know I did.

Go to headquarters, tell them it's wrong, and like Syriiven said: FACTS, not FEELINGS, will get their attention.

Also, thank you for sparing the girls' thread, sometimes I think that the fact that Walmart employees are people who work for a corporation that doesn't even care for its workers is too easily forgotten.

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