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Got a hair algae outbreak in the NPTs. It's true what they say about DHG being an algae magnet! It's cool though, ordered some Excel and will dose that in hopes of getting rid of that. Spent the last two days researching how to effectively dose to get rid of algae while keeping livestock safe, so I'm fairly confident it should be good.

Despite the algae, plants are still growing (except the frogbit in the middle tank which seemed to bite the dust inexplicably and the microsword in Weehawk's tank...) so I'm not too worried. Filters should arrive next week, and after they're cycled and where they're supposed to be I'll start thinking seriously about some tankmates.

I still would love Otos but I'm afraid of them as well, given their reputation for being extremely sensitive. I know I'll get snails, but I would like something more active too. If I can somehow be sure that my tanks are not a hazard to Otos I'll give them a shot, but if not, I don't know yet...

OH! And I managed to source some hydrilla. Very excited about that. If it takes off, which in all likelihood it will, I may think about replacing some other plants with it. My partner will probably disagree with what I think I'll remove in favour of the hydrilla once it starts taking over, but I've got a fair amount of time to convince him before that happens, hahaha.

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Eep! It's been SO LONG since I was on here! Been so busy I've barely had time to think. I've missed the forum! In the time I was gone I've got just over halfway through my course, got offered a traineeship at the studio the course is run at as a result of my performance on the first prac day (woohoo!) and made some changes to my tank setups. It's nice to be back, got a whole heap of forum-ing to catch up on, hehe.

Saruman is finally over in the NPT that was created for him. He seems to be absolutely loving it! He still refuses to eat pellets and will only accept live food, unfortunately. He's a bit of a pain in the bum, but I love him anyway. The other two boys were a bit like "WTF? Another dude between us?" but have settled down. Weehawk and Saruman seem to enjoy hanging together (on opposite sides of the glass, seems like a no-brainer to me but I thought I'd better say it anyway, heh) which is cute.

The rotala macranda didn't work out, as expected. That's totally cool, it was pretty while it lasted, and since it was an impulse buy from my partner I'm not too upset as it wasn't part of "the plan" to begin with, haha. I've filled in the gaps with hydrilla, yay! The DHG is sending runners, which, when I first noticed it, made me perhaps a little too excited. XD

I'm absolutely loving the Marina Slim filters. Almost no noise whatsoever, as long as I keep the water line high enough. I was planning to cycle them using the bucket method before putting them in the tanks, but having zero water movement was doing me NO favours. The plants are doing their job of keeping the water wonderfully clean, so I'm not worried about a fish-in cycle.

Speaking of the NPTs doing their job, I was amazed during the last couple of weeks of testing the water in them. I'm able to change the water fortnightly now. Holy crap! I initially thought I was doing something wrong when testing, but nope, I'm already down to that little water changes. Woo!

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and get going on catching up on all the stuff I've missed!

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Back again after ages of not being here. Finally, a chance to rest and do my own thing for a couple of days. I've been so flat-out, I've had absolutely no time to myself, and even less time to sit and watch my beautiful boys, only just keeping on WC schedule. ARGH.

I'm really upset at the moment. Weehawk is no longer with us. I have no idea what happened. I check each and every one of the boys every day for signs of illness. EVERY DAY. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him, and on Friday morning I woke up, and he was dead. I had a big cry, my partner buried him, and that's it really, not much else I could do... I'm really sad because he was a real mummy's boy, he loved me the most. The other boys kinda love both of us equally and get excited when either of us says hello to them, but Weehawk didn't care when my partner came up to the tank, and did a crazy wiggle dance when I'd show up. It was adorable. I miss him lots already...

I guess I've gotta keep with my resolution of trying to find a bright side in every situation, so... The NPTs are doing great. I only have to do a 40% WC every two weeks now, been testing the water and everything, it's great. I plan to add ember tetras to them, and now that unfortunately one NPT is vacant, I'll try seeing how the bioload goes with that tank first with 6, before adding any to the tanks that have a boy in them already. I'm fully prepared to go back to weekly WCs, which is why I was not going to add any more fish until I was well and truly settled into fortnightly WCs because I didn't want to push the bioload thing.

I may not be making much sense at the moment. Still really sad over Weehawk's death, and really exhausted.

I will make an effort to come back here though, now that the bulk of the super-busy couple of months is over (I hope!). I've missed the forum a lot, and wonder what has changed...

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