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I have an announcement!

I will be leaving, I just don't like this forum as much as I did, people are mean to others and quite frankly I am not learning anything anymore.
Some of the best people on this forum have left and it has been going down hill.
The mods try to do a better job but you still need to think of yourself as a member not a president or other high up postition. I am saying what. Truly think of this forum.

Members are rude to others.
People are taking stress leaves constantly
The mods are great but are not seeing half the things that happen
Members have quite frankly no respect for others, before you posted on your own threads now they don't care whose face they are in or whose thread they are spamming.
People react and get defensive and argue with more expierienced members who know a whole hell of a lot more instead of accepting that they did something wrong.
I used to love this forum and was on here 24/7 but I can't get around the people here.
Ones come seeking help and they are told they are trolls, retards, and should rehome all there fish. What a wonderful place to hang around.
Guess what?? The mods will not open a rescue section on the forum because they believe it would cause too many arguments! Well if we can't even have a new section how can we possibly keep any other sections?

Oh and don't even get me started on the "I am not rude just blunt" people because I feel like smashing your face into your computer screens every single time you post! You know why? Because you are rude! You are disrespectful and truly mean. People take things the wrong way and when they do you should not just be more "blunt" you should take the time to realize there is a person behind that screen and they have feelings!
I honestly hope that you all realize before you post next time that you are affecting someone somewhere, and you should feel horrible if you hit the post button and put someone down.
You guys are like alcohol addicts, you start going down hill and you keep going down.
Sober up and fix the issues.
On that note I have to say I have met some of the most amazing generous people on here some of whom I got to meet in person and all of who were friendly, awesome understanding people and guess what? I have seen every single one of them get put down, crushed, and quite frankly it is bullying! One of my friends takes regular stress leaves and once very nearly left!
You know what I find sickening? The fact that so many of you are soooo against certain methods of fish keeping that you spend more time here putting people down then you actually do caring for fish because I have been there! I would be telling people proper water changes and care when my fish were not under that care. They are now and I realize how stupid I was. How could I possibly be giving care guidelines when I couldn't keep up to them myself? How can you?
I hope all you lazy people get of you butts and actually do something for these wonderful fish! Shut off your computer and get out your syphon hose.
Now before I leave this is what I must say to a few members I will keep in touch with all of you.

Matt- you are my best friend I have made on here. You understand me and I understand you. We will for sure keep in touch and so long as you are there for me to send the odd rant to talk about my day and my fish to I will also always be there for you.

Sena- you are a wonderful person always thinking about others before yourself. Good luck with your family and dog I hope for the best and think you should follow your dreams and open up your pet store which I look forward to eventually walking into.

Logisticsguy- your cool, understanding and very generous, I would not be where I am today with out you. You use logic and are they guy who we all look up to. Thanks for being there for me.

And I also would like to say Thanks to Sy, I will get those fish sent to you!
BettaHeart for being able to take the time to send worms to me, they have helped lots.
Nothingness, for the IAL you ever so graciously sent me.
Lebron The Betta- We haven't talked in a while but feel free to message me anytime.
Saphira101 I talked to you once and loved our conversation, you were funny, uplifting and very friendly.
And to all the other members who don't frustrate me and make me want to punch you all the time, you have been awesome.
I will only be on here to pm people I am sick of hearing all you "blunt" people be so damn rude!

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B123, I hadn't known you long and not that well, but I have, ahem, lurked your journal for some time now (mostly because I never really have anything interesting to say...), but you always seem like a really real and genuine person. Good luck in your future endeavors, wherever they may take you.

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HIya chika -- we have each other on FB anytime we need fish advice, so I'm never far. =) I know you'll get to the fish, and am glad they're in your hands until that happens, so I'm not worried at all!

I'm sorry you've been seeing the same stuff I have, and hope I wasn't a serious factor in your decision.  0716Want Custom Betta Art Prints? -->
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You could have reported your concerns in the discuss with mods area. We do care about our members and how they feel. I'm so sorry you are so upset. We know there are members who are downright rude and we try to do something about it if it gets reported. We can't be everywhere at once and we rely on you guys to let us know when there is a problem. I certainly hope I wasn't one of the people who was rude or snarky to you. You have to take things people say with a grain of salt. It's hard to tell the tone of things people post and sometimes things come off as sounding rude when they really aren't meant to be. I really hope you reconsider and stay as you are a valued member of this forum. There will always be arguments and contraversy on forums but we need to just walk away when they upset us. If you need to talk about your concerns you can pm me or any other mod or use the discuss with mods section at TFK.

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But DQ not everyone does take things with a grain of salt, you can't tell people that because there is people who take things more than that, the only way you can get people to stop leaving and getting upset on this forum is to stop the people who are making them upset.
I have a friend who is sensitive extremely sensitive, you have to recognize people for who they are you can't change the way there brain thinks, make them take it with a grain of salt.
Anyways why should I have posted this in the Mod area? No one would see it there people need to realize there is a problem and keeping it private is not the way to do that. Have you posted a thread telling people just to stop it because they are causing an issue? Have you posted it where all can see? Or are you afraid that will stop people from coming? Because I would rather come to a forum where I can see people are trying to fix things than one I can't see any progress at all. What about you?
What is the point in getting new members when people leave on a daily basis people who know more than the new people. They don't have as much to contribute and what would this forum be with a bunch of beginners asking for opinions with no one to give advice? This forum is going down hill and unless you do something to stop it, it will crash at the bottom of that hill.
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Yes I have.
Also this.
Also, not everything needs to be out in the open, then it would end up being a free for all with people jumping all over each other saying so and so said this and so and so did that. Do you have any suggestions for how we can make things better?

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