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Post Bettas: My Journey with these spledid splendens (Pic heavey)

I joined this forum about a week ago and have already learned so much. For example my bettas used to have a top fin, tail, & bottom fin. Now I can talk about their dorsal and anal fins and their ventral . I still call is a tail though (note to self - find out if the tail is called the tail or if there's a proper term for it)

I started with 15 bettas (5 male VT's, 1 male HM, 1 male DT, 4 female VT's, 1 questionable betta bought as a VT female, 2 female (?) VT babies, and 1 female (?) CT baby.I had every intention to breed and sell my lovely fishies. Since I have added a second questionable female, currently nameless and learned what kind of journey I have ahead of me.

I am still going to breed and sell bettas, but I have a lot to learn first. Here I plan to keep track of my adventures with my fabulous fishy friends. Care to join me?

Here is my current aquatic family, pictured in the following order
  1. Mr. Fish - The "ONE" for me. He started it all. The first betta I ever bought for myself. I though he was so handsome and unique that I wanted to breed him and share his awesomeness with others. I'm still in love with Mr. Fish, but he has to share my heart now.
  2. Luv - One of my daughter's boys. We've had Luv awhile now and he shared a 10 gallon tank with guppies in my living room. Luv is, of course, a love. He's a sweetheart and very friendly and affectionate.
  3. Gema - If I'm going to breed I need females to pair with our males. Gema doesn't match anyone we have color wise, but I fell in love with her vivid colors anyway. Plus it was the perfect excuse to get 2 females instead of one! (Little Lady Love also came home with us, but didn't stay with us long. SIP Little Lady.Little Lady is not pictured)
  4. Monster - The biggest betta my daughter had ever seen and just had to have.
  5. Amor - Looking for another girlfriend for Mr. Fish. None with the right coloring, so Luv gets a girl instead.
  6. Darling - My daughter fell in love again, is indulged, and knows how to care for her fish. Plus I know I will end up caring for it & I actually enjoy changing my tanks and talking with my fish while I do so. She doesn't help me whenever I ask her to though.
  7. Thor - I fell in love with his blue on black body; blue, black, & cellophane finage; and jagged yellow mark on his anal fin. Had to have him and REALLY wanted a HM.
  8. Blanca - I just could not pass up an EE at VT prices. Her coloring might mix ok with Mr. Fish, but I need to check on mixing types of bettas when breeding. (Blanca is one of my questionable females, but her story will be later)
  9. Gaylord - My daughter could not pass up a blue and pink one. He's very feisty and one of our most aggressive boys.
  10. Freya - If I'm going to breed and have hundreds of fry it's better to have names planned out because we will end up naming the all. My daughter is a mythology nut, so since we already have a Thor we start with Norse mythology.
  11. Lofin - Bought to breed with Loki (SIP), a birthday present for Vivian (my daughter), but he did not live. Now that I know more I think the poor guy had velvet. Not sure I could have saved him as he had a gold sheen almost all over, but if I had known better then I could have at least tried.
  12. Mani - He was just gorgeous. I had to have him. No other reason.
  13. Babies A, B, & C - nameless until we know sexes for sure. If I was going to raise fry I thought it might be good to get a little experience with them. Since I had brine shrimp at home & bought them the pellets that Petco feed them I didn't think there would be a problem. Now I know I am pretty lucky to have kept 3 out of 4 babies alive (we lost one within days)
  14. Nameless female - not even sure is (s)he's a female anymore. My LPS knows less than nothing about bettas and sold he(r) as a female, but her story will he later too.

I swear this is my last impulse buy! No more even looking at the bettas. If I look I know I'm bringing one home, so just STAY AWAY! No more bettas until I have learned more and have everything I need for a spawing. Then it's a breeding pair, and not from the pet store.

More to come...
  • Blanca and the namelss females stories.
  • current goals
  • question I need to find answers too.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 100_2261.jpg (37.8 KB, 167 views)
File Type: jpg Luv -2.jpg (88.3 KB, 170 views)
File Type: jpg Gema.jpg (33.0 KB, 170 views)
File Type: jpg Monster 2.jpg (23.3 KB, 168 views)
File Type: jpg Amor 2.jpg (23.9 KB, 168 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2291.jpg (32.3 KB, 167 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2240.jpg (32.8 KB, 170 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2249.jpg (35.2 KB, 168 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2250.jpg (32.6 KB, 170 views)
File Type: jpg 019.jpg (44.5 KB, 168 views)
File Type: jpg 011.jpg (24.2 KB, 168 views)
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File Type: jpg 100_2277.jpg (36.2 KB, 172 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2290.jpg (28.5 KB, 171 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2269.jpg (27.3 KB, 170 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2210.jpg (28.2 KB, 169 views)

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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Thanks Matt

I lost my EE over night and the CT baby yesterday. More than a little bummbed, but I'll get over it. Everyone is getting an extra water change today. Things started going south after my last water change it seems.

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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Since Blanca passed last night I will skip that story and go to the story of my nameless female. (If you are still interested in Blanca's story, you can read it here: There's a lot of good picture of both male and female EE's if you ever happen to find yourself in the same position as me)

I went to my LPS for some plants, tank dividers, a heater, extra to set up my spare 10 gallon to house a few males. Having so many bettas in separate homes I literally spend half my day cleaning tanks. I was also looking for some cory cat's to add to my sorority tank.

This PS usually sells nothing but male VT's, although my daughter said they had CT's once. While looking for the corys I saw a large (twice the size of my ladies at home) betta in a tank. It looked like the king bettas sold at Petco and was priced as $3.99 for a female betta. This PS know nothing about betta, but otherwise is very helpful. (Twice they've given me free plants I admired and asked about in their tanks.) I asked about this pretty lady, it was hard to tell her color because the tanks was dark, but I could see blue fins & what looked to be a red or purple body. They said that a lady was moving and had to get rid of them, so she gave them to the PS to sell. 'Them?' I ask. They had 5 to start with, now only have three. The other two are nearly colorless, not white, just colorless and hiding behind the filter. The one I am looking at is swimming happily around, since I wanted her for a sorority which already has a very pushy VT I picked the active one and brought her home.

Once I added her to the sorority she picked a spot & told everyone to stay away. Being as she's bigger the other kind of had to listen. She wasn't mean about it, just flared and chased them away if they got to close. Once they were far enough away she's go back to her plant and watch thing. The other fish all changed too. Lofin, my lil red VT, decided nameless here was her friend and started hanging out just as close as she could without being chased away. Eventually nameless got used to her and they are now often found resting together by the heater. Amor still thinks she is the alpha and tries to chase everyone, but no one will run anymore. It was funny to see her try and bully the bigger female away from her plant. She does this body slam thing, where she gets next to the fish and starts slamming her body into the other one. My bigger girl put up with it for a minute or two, then all the sudden she flared and gave chase. Again, not mean, just said enough is enough. Amor still tries to bully her, but runs as soon as she flares. Sweet Freya was my most passive female. Her fins are rather beat up right now, and she used to hide alot, but I guess watching the bigger female stick up for herself has taught Freya to do the same. Amor used to chase Freya round and round the tank. Freya would go hide in the plants & Amor'd just wait for her to come out. Now Freya will run and hide in the plants. I guess she watches, because if Amor doesn't leave Freya will then come out and chase her.

After nameless was in the sorority a few days Amor and Freya started displaying eggs bands. My fiance, Brad, said he saw Lofin drop and eat eggs about the same time. I never saw Lofin do this and she didn't display any bands. This got me to wondering about this new betta that looked like the male king bettas at Petco. The filter currently in that tank puts out quite a flow, so I unplugged it for the night (it's half full of live plants and I figured they would provide enough oxygen for the night at least) and left it to see if maybe a bubble nest would start to take shape over night. In the morning all my ladies are back to normal, no bands, and there's not even 2 bubble anywhere in the tank.

So, while I was a little insure for awhile I have determined the new betta is a female. I believe she is a PK, possibly a HMPK. I also think (need to look into this a bit more) think she might be half giant or at least carry the gene. Right now her body is 2" long. To me that is quite large, but Not long ago I was one of those noobs that thought a betta was happy in a little fish bowl with no heat or anything.

Here's another pic of the newest female. She doesn't often look this blue. Not sure what Brad did to get her that color. Her body more often looks a really dark read or purple.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg IMAG0267-1.jpg (33.5 KB, 162 views)

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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Current goals and tanks

  • House all of my male bettas in properly heated & filter NPL 10 gallon tanks.
  • Need to get 2 empty tanks, soil, sand, plants, lights, tank dividers, heaters, filter, thermometers, extra
  • Set up 29 gallon sorority (would like larger, but at least 29gal)
    • This would free up one 10 gallon tank
  • This tank still need better heater & filter and everything to make it a NPT, and tank dividers.
  • Prepare two spawning and grow out tanks
  • Put research in order so all information on spawning is in one place and easy to access
  • Double & triple check to make sure I have everything I might need for a successful spawning
  • Get and start cultures for micro, banana, and walter worms.
  • Put together betta first aid kit
    • Compare supplies to medicines most often recommended to betta illnesses. Make sure I have everything I might need and buy what I don’t have yet.
  • Find out how to make tank dividers
    • Buy supplies and set Brad to work making up several tank dividers

Current tanks
1) Sorority tank – 10 gallon tank home to
a) 4 female bettas (3 VTs: Amor, Lofin, & Freya, and 1 unclassified female: Big Bertha(?))
b) 2 cory cats (Felix & Emerald)
c) 1 full grown female guppy with spinal deformity (Quasimodo aka Quasi)
d) several guppy fry of various ages (maybe 6 little things that will be given to new owner once they are big enough)
e) a couple snails
2) 10 gallon divided tank – home to
a) DT Mani on small side (only have 1 tank divider, but going to divided it 3 ways. Mani has the space he will have when the tank is finished being divided.)
b) Baby betta A in glass chimney 4” wide in large side
c) Baby betta B swimming free in large side (I put A in the chimney & B swimming because B is about 3 time the size of A and needs a bit more room right now.
2 snails
3) 10 gallon fry tank
a) Currently home to several snails with java moss, 2 banana plants, and floating water sprite
4) 5 gallon tank (bbs farm. I don’t buy frozen and my bettas love the live ones. Monster would jump out of the water to catch them wiggling in my fingers) Thinking of cleaning this out and dividing it to house a couple more bettas, making it a hospital or QT tank, or possible a tank for taking pictures.
5) 4 gallon Evo tank in my daughter bedroom is home to Monster and our last male guppy, Tropper.
6) 2.5 gallon day glo tank being used as QT tank for Ra.
7) 1.5 gallon brandy sniffer (heated & filtered) is Luv’s current home. He may be my daughters fish, but at the moment his home is in my room. I turned his 10 gallon tank into the sorority when he seemed to become depressed. Moved him to my bedroom where he gets more individual attention and he has come back around to being his normal loving self. He may become my desktop betta when I get my desktop aquarium.
8) Four 1.25 gallon vases – home to
a) Thor
b) Mr. Fish
c) Gaylord
d) Darling
9) Lee’s Dual Betta Hex, – home to Gema. Really need to fix this situation. I think this is a first priority & Gema may get the Brandy sniffer while Luv goes to a divided tank for a short while. Gema was put in the sorority at first. I left her for about 24 hrs and couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone picked on her. She was the smallest & every time I looked hiding because if she came out she was attacked. She will never be put in a sorority. She was hurt bad & I don’t think will ever heal totally. She’s they shy, quiet wall flower and has more than earned the right to her own home. Her current home will be relocated to the trash can.
Shopping list

  • 2 – 10 gallon tanks (to house males & spawning tanks, 5 in total)
  • 3 – 29 (or larger) tanks (sorority & grow out tanks)
  • 3 heater for 10 gallon tanks
  • 3 heaters for 29 gallon tanks
  • 4 sponge filter for 10 gallon
  • 3 sponge filters for 29 gallon
  • 5 10 gallon tank dividers
  • Tank for plant QT and growing (size ? can it also house extra snails & shrimp? Heater? Filter? Soil? Sand? Need light source & plant food)
  • 4 heaters for QT homes
  • 8 thermometers
  • 11 nets
  • 11 turkey basters
  • ? pounds of soil (to make sorority & divided tanks NPL. Can grow out tanks be NPT too?)
  • ? pounds of aquarium sand for NPTs
  • 4 filters for QT homes
  • Heating source for fry once they need separated
  • Several hundred $ worth of plants
  • Snails (? Depends on how fast they multiply)
  • Shrimp ( what kind? How many? Can I raise them? How? Food?)
  • 7 tank hoods & lights
    • 4 for 10 gallons
    • 3 for 29 gallons
  • Betta first aid kit (need to make list)
  • Measuring spoons
  • Various tank decorations
  • 5(?) cory cat (for 29 gallon sorority, I have 2, so 7 total. To many? Should the grow out tanks have a couple? What about shrimp & snails for grow out tanks?)
  • 11 - 3 gallon buckets for water changes

If you have actually read all this, WOW! I kind of rabbled a bit & probably repeated myself more than once trying to get all my thoughts in order. If you have read it all please feel free to make comments on my goals or shopping list. I admit I am still learning and both my fish and I would appreciate know what I can do to make them healthy and happier. I will be adding to both my shopping and goals list as I learn and figure out more anyway.

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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Since starting this journal I've lost 3 betta. My baby CT passed, not sure why. Blanca Got the body slime thing, just a tiny bit hang off her(his) face. I also got a gift of a blue marble DT from my fiance that passed overnight. In exchange for him I got Ra (first picture below). Today my daughter picked a VT from the LPS that seemed to have SBD (second pic), and he is already doing better. His name will likely be Prometheus, but she hasn't decided for sure. The formerly nameless female has also been named (not Big Bertha as listed above), but Pandora. Still trying to get a decent picture of her that really shows her color & shape.

Ra & Prometheus(?); Ra: and finally Prometheus
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg IMAG0288-1.jpg (35.0 KB, 153 views)
File Type: jpg 100_2380.jpg (23.2 KB, 150 views)

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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You've got some beautiful fish!
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Thank you drama. I know all my babies are breed or show quality, but they are still all my babies.

Got 2 new 10 gallon tanks yesterday. Was supposed to get a 29 also, but Petco was out, so we'll be making a special trip Monday (when they get more in) to pick that one up.

I work on a pretty strict budget, my old man won't really help with the bettas finacially (which is pretty sad considering when he started tattooing I put a couple thousand into equipment to get him started.). Anyway, I get $85 a week to buy all my needed supplies. I also have to pay for things like the cable/internet/telephone and our sons ABC mouse account with that money. So next week I'm spending my money on supplies to make sponge filters for all my tanks because I don't want to put more than 1 betta per 10 gallon tank without a filter. After the filter it's time for tank dividers & heaters (I'm keeping my house about 80 until I can get the heaters). Then it's my bettas first aid kit. After all my current finned friend have the best care they need I will work on getting everything I need to start breeding.

All bettas have a story and mine wants theirs told, so over time I will be introducing each betta with a little more about them, but first, my mystery lady above. I was finally able to get some good pics of this betta and it turns out that Pandora is not a female. I ended up with a male PK, so the sorority got taken apart (he/she was the 4th girl).

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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Thumbs up Meet the Bettas:Luv

I'm going to do this as much as possible in the order they were added to the family.

We've had Luv for almost a year now, and is technically my daughter fish. He's a VT male that I believe would be classified as bi-color, maybe multi. He used to look purple, but as he's gotten older there are patches of red and blue that show clearly. I think he is read with blue over the top which makes him look purple in the right light.

Vivian, my daughter, got perfect attendance her 8th grade year. I reward perfect attendance with a gift and she's been wanting a betta for awhile. At this time I still believe bettas were happy in little bowls, but I didn't like having them in that little space. I picked out Luv while she stayed with her grandma over the summer. Bought a 2.5 gallon tank, a little whisper filter, and 4 neons. Set it all up and surprised her when she got home.

On our next trip to the pet store (after she got home) she had some money of her own & stopped to look at the bettas. She feel in love with an orangish-pink guy. She bought him and a tiny little plastic dividable tank for bettas (I'm sure every ones seen the little thing I mean). She took Luv out of his tank and put him in this little things while her new betta (Sweetheart) got the bigger tank next to her bed. After awhile I realized how much Luv was being ignored now and offered to let her put him in my 10 gallon guppy tank.

She allowed me to do that & Lu developed quite a personality. His name fit him well as he really was a little love. Vivian did not care for Sweetheart properly and she lost him. She asked if she could take Luv back and after a big fight was informed it was a big, definite NO. Luv was getting the care he needed out here and was part of the family. I wasn't going to let her take him back and ignore him again. (Btw, Vivian was 14 at this time, now 15)

I believe Luv is getting up there in age. His color is starting to fade. In places it's almost like he's going white (like old men get grey hair). I know I am going to be totally heart broken when Luv leaves us.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Luv 4-13 011.jpg (37.8 KB, 138 views)
File Type: jpg Luv 4-13 004.jpg (43.8 KB, 138 views)
File Type: jpg Luv 4-13 006.jpg (48.8 KB, 140 views)
File Type: jpg Luv 4-13 017.jpg (49.5 KB, 139 views)

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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Got my first betta in the mail today. Sad to say it was not a good experience for me. It was cold where he came from & hot here, so even sent yesterday he got to hot on the trip. I think I'm going to give up on the 4 that were shipped on Tuesday being alive when they show.

Dream Bettas: Pure white HM or VT (for my daughter), new 'spikey' fish (CT for my son), blue & orange betta male (for my fiance), and more live plants (for my bettas )

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