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Sorry about Spike Matt =[

Hopefully you can make it out to Calgary.
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I hope so too, chances are high. I'll get pictures up shortly, but I kind of wish this was in a month and not Friday... The fish are still small! Truong are you ok with little fish? They'll need lots of careful water changes and won't quite be ready for sorority life.

I got a group of five endlers yesterday to put in Spike's old tank. They are quite a change from bettas, they are super active and move randomly... It's like watching a video in fast forward. I love them though, they are colorful, funny, and I missed watching the behavior of fish in groups... This is the first time in months I've owned fish other than bettas (and snails... But those don't count).

I was talking to the guy who sold me them while he was netting them (which took a while because of heir speed and my specific request of a 2:3 male:female ratio) and I told him that I came here because it was the only place I had ever seen sell females, and he told me that it was because the wholesalers like to hang on to them because they don't want people breeding their own. That's what I figured, but it kinda makes me sad... I mean, endlers are either critically endangered or extinct in the wild (some smart person decided to build a garbage dump beside the locality they inhabit)... The more people breeding them the better. But that just shows how selfish people can be.

Plan is to breed these guys and start a small colony. I want more males, they are beautiful and some of the colors they show are way more vibrant then they are on bettas. All the girls look pregnant, but I have no clue when they'll drop. According to Seriously fish they rarely eat their young, which is a good thing, especially until I get used to determining when they are due. Once I plant the tank I shouldn't have to worry about it anyways.
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Yea I used to have endlers. Unfortunately I only found males so I had no hope of helping them produce. So I ended up just doing a project by crossing then with fancy guppies.

All my endlers died of old age though. And one of Popeye. No I have a line of hybrid guppies. They are really nice though and never eat their young. They are snakeskin with some vibrant endler markings. Some look like tiger endlers but larger fins too.
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Cool. I could have had males for a long time now but I wanted girls so I could breed them. These guys seem pretty healthy and the store I got them from individually quarentined all of their tanks, so I'm hoping they stay healthy.
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Happy New Year's everybody! Wishing everyone the best in 2014.
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Of course I'm okay with little babies ^-^
I've got a tank set up waiting for their arrival.
Happy new year too Matt!!
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Angry Fish died, rant time.

I am so far beyond pissed and frustrated right now. I'm losing my mind.

My ONE remaining male, and F2 male from my blue pineapple/yellow spawn died spontaneously today. In a jar, happy as can be, eating... No signs or symptoms. Then BAM, he's dead. No. My freaking fish need to know that they aren't allowed to do that. I've worked every single day for four months raising them, growing food for them, doing water changes, etc, and I get a spawn of 7, two dead fry in a week, and nothing to breed into F2 WHICH WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF DOING THIS. I feel like I'm done right now. I swear I am very seriously considering dropping the plan of selling most of the fry from this spawn on Friday and letting a couple people down (but until they are sold they are my fish to do what I want with) and just keeping them all like a selfish... person until I have a F2 spawn from either the original F1 dad or the tiny, ventral less (at this point I honestly don't care and will not hesitate to breed it to continue the line, it's almost certainly environmental anyways) thing swimming around the spawn tank that I can only pray turns out to be a male. But what do I do if that fry is a girl or the F1 male dies before I can breed him? This line won't die, I swear, I love it too much... I just don't know where I would go. Probably time to price out imports again, despite the fact that I can't see myself being able to afford it.

This is the kinda thing that makes me think about dropping everything and starting fresh with wild type livebearers and killifish. They're all practically identical and they probably wouldn't die at the drop of a hat. And even if they did they just seem soooo much more replaceable then a single and only male that I bred and raised myself. Hopefully we don't have too many diehard killi or livebearer fans reading this lol.

TL;DR (does a post that short even warrant that? Whatever, I doubt you really wanted to read my rant)-

F2 (AND ONLY) male fry died. Don't know why or what to do now.

Apologies if that was too much or too dramatic... That isn't how it's supposed to come across, hopefully you just get the point of how I'm feeling.
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Aww, I'm so sorry for the loss of your fish!
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I feel your frustration Matt. Been there myself. Lots of time energy and money put in with little results at least in my case. Don't worry about letting me or anyone else down your priority is line continuation that is important to you. Very sad about the spontaneous deaths. Ive had a couple go this way and never really figured out why as there was no obvious reason. Hang in there.

Proud IBC member
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That is one of the main reasons I got out of splendens. I had too many just suddenly drop dead on me for no apparent reason. It is so emotionally draining to do everything right and have nothing but bad luck.

Honestly taking a break from bettas could be what you need. I will say I had a lot of fun with my killifish and Australian natives. They gave me a real confidence boost when I was having difficulties with my bettas, and in this hobby it is very easy to start doubting yourself when you do have continued problems.

Sorry that you lost your male. It's always sad to lose them, particularly when they are ones you have bred yourself and poured all your hopes and dreams into.

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