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Going to be moving around tanks and setting new ones up today so going to have some photos to post later on (it's only just 7am here so bit early for fish things).

I moved my uberis pair down onto the second shelf of my small rack yesterday, and they have very quickly settled in. Their tank is getting a change around today. Going to take out the yarn spawning mops, lay down some leaf litter, put in the Malaysian driftwood and java moss from my killifish tank, and then jar the female to give my male a chance to build up some confidence and aggression.

I always thought my new miniopinna male was a rather pathetic father. The water is very dark in that tank and so I can hardly see in. Both the previous time he spawned and the present spawn only ever looked like there was a handful of fry. That was until I got the torch out yesterday and realised there were at least twenty of them! No wonder he has built such big nests. He is a super dad. Just got to work out how to move the tank over to the smaller rack without causing him too much stress.

Unfortunately, it looks like my coccina are not going to arrive in time at the seller's place to make it to Australia in this shipment. Really disappointed as these were the ones I really wanted.

On the bright side, at least their tank will be nice and mature by the time they arrive, and the plants will have had time to grow in. I will also still be getting my rutilans so I can work on achieving spawning success with this species and cross it off my list.

Realised I am nearly out of IAL. I am going to have to order some more, which is more $$$. Think I might order some of the low grade stuff from Bettawan as I don't need particularly nice looking leaves. Hopefully customs doesn't think it's dodgy or anything because the leaves are not completely intact.

Looking at my brownorum tank recently, I cannot understand how my brownorum female got so big. She is huge when compared to my hendra female, and both fish were purchased at the same time, were originally the same size, and have been on the same diet since the start. I also discovered I have a juvenile female with only one ventral. The one she has is completely perfect. The other one isn't even a stub. It just never formed, and the skin is completely smooth. It's the first time I've had a wild that has presented any issues with ventral fins. Hopefully someone will want my NQR female for a discounted price.

I also had to laugh. Lately I have been reading a lot of posts (not on this forum) about people that have been breeding X animals for years and that is why they feel free to deride newcomers as completely lacking in knowledge.

Some people don't understand you can do something for years and still be doing a poor job. I know people who have been breeding German Shepherds for decades, but they still have a terrible eye for what makes a good dog and you look at their breeding program and there has been no success anywhere (working or show).

I've found that sometimes people become so entrenched in their beliefs and practices, they refuse to even consider that there might be anything more that they could learn. It's like they have blinders on, and because they have been doing this since 'before you were born', they must be right.

I am someone who is an avid reader/researcher. I don't like to rush into things, and I am like an information sponge. Therefore, I am always surprised by how lacking in basic knowledge some people are, people who have been in this hobby so much longer than me. I know I am certainly not going to be writing a phD on fish keeping any time soon, but I would have thought knowing the basics of water chemistry (such as cycling a tank) or treatment of common diseases, would be something most long-term keepers/breeders of fish should know - and I'm not talking about people who keep their goldfish in bowls.

I see some downright harmful information handed out on various forums and FB pages and because these people are considered as 'experienced' fish keepers, their words carry a lot more weight.

I also find bragging about one's achievements very off-putting. I am proud of what I have achieved with my wilds in the time I have been keeping them. But those achievements don't define my whole fish keeping experience. For example, I may (I don't know what everyone in Australia keeps and breeds) have been the first person in Australia to breed a couple of the species I keep, but that isn't something I use as some sort of claim to fame when posting online. I personally have more respect for breeders and hobbyists, who I know are out there quietly producing and showing quality fish rather than those who have to use their achievements as a crutch to validate their existence in the hobby.

That was just some rambling thoughts I had after being on a few dog and fish forums the other day. Particularly the dog forum where someone described conformation showing as being 'deadly serious' to them.

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Got some photos of my new rack. It holds my uberis and miniopinna, as well as my BBS hatchery and the two empty tanks for my coccina and rutilans. Beneath it is where I store my water aging bucket.

Then this is a sort of full room shot. The black tub on the bottom shelf is where I also age water. It is specifically for my rutilans green since they have had velvet and I don't want any cross-contamination going on.

It will be nice when my old bed and bedside table are gone and the dresser from the spare room is moved into the corner. I will just need a chair then so I can admire my fish.

My uberis pair love their new home. I got a photo of them both. They are awful photos because I should have cleaned the glass first, but they seem to have no problems with the move. My poor miniopinna male had his nest destroyed and his fry sent everywhere on the way from the sideboard to the rack, but he seems to have rounded everyone up again.


Female in stress colouration

My uberis male is doing less fleeing from the female, so hopefully he gains some further confidence and there starts to be some courtship going on.

Also those photos make them look larger than they are. In reality I would say they are around 3cm from head to tail. They are in about 3 gallons of water and they make it look like so much space.

I killed my Resun air pump today. It's been rattling a lot lately and not pumping as much air and I tried to open the top to have a look and just totally wrecked the inside of it. So for now I am just using my two Aqua One pumps and this cheap one I have, but I will probably have to look at replacing it fairly soon.

Other than that, I haven't done much else fish wise. Just about to go down and hose out the 2ft tank my killifish group used to live in. Considering using it as my plant growing tank. I have the perfect spot on my sideboard for it, as well as a spare lamp. I think if I lay down some ADA Amazonia the plants would thrive.

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Getting my new male today at 2pm. Haven't got a tank set-up for him yet, but I am just going to pull one of the 30cm cubes out from the shed, fill it up with water from my aging tub (it's heated and had rooibos added) and just throw in some java moss and watersprite from my persephone tank until I can order some more plants.

Will hopefully have some photos of him to add by the end of the day.

I think my male uberis might have strung some bubbles together in the film canister. I'm going to give them some mosquito larvae and blackworms today in the hopes of inspiring some loving.

Poor Nike is miserable. She seems to be going through a phantom pregnancy and is bloated, restless, and carrying this one toy around crying over it and guarding it from everyone else. I had to bring her upstairs to my room and she tried to dig a hole in my doona for her and the 'puppy'.

Usually Eos is the one who gets like this in the couple of months after her heat. Nike is really bad this time around. I can't even touch the toy because she gets upset and starts crying for it.

She's lying up next to me with the saddest face. At least once she is desexed after her final hip x-ray, we won't have to go through this again.

Also forgot to add that I ordered a 2ft light for my small rack, and a 25 watt heater for my rutilans tank.

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My mum's male arrived. He may not be perfect, but he is very feisty and is already flaring up a storm in his temporary tank. The blue in his fins is richer than what the photos show.

Going to fill the tank up to halfway and just stuff it with plants and he can just live out his days doing whatever he wants.

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I have to admit that I was kinda shocked to see pictures of a domestic in your journal. Everything's looking awesome!
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Matt beat me to it. He is one good looking fish though. All your fish are, wild and domestic.

Poor Nike. I hope she feels better soon.

<a href=http://www.bettafish.com/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=46230&dateline=1367964262 target=_blank>http://www.bettafish.com/image.php?t...ine=1367964262</a>
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I know... it's really weird. I honestly can't even remember when I had a fancy splendens last.

He is very personable and is still flaring at everything. I do have to say though that I certainly am a wild betta girl. They are just so much more interesting and I love their secretive little behaviours. Here he is 'helping' me sort of some mosquito larvae. These are his two nemeses, the syringe and the green scoop.

I had a massive panic attack the other day. I thought my separated pair of rutilans green had velvet because the male and females both had these open wounds around their head areas. But after a closer inspection I think they were actually just fighting wounds as the male had torn fins. Since there appears to be a good number of fry from their several spawnings, I have put the back into the main tank. The 3.5 gallon just has the fry now, so I can focus on getting them to maturity without any issues.

My uberis male is now acting a lot more dominant. He actually chased the female off this afternoon and she is much more subdued.

I also spotted an completely independent and older looking fry in with my newest pair of miniopinna, so it doesn't seem like any parental predation is going on there. I will be over the moon if I can get my uberis pair to spawn, and have my rutilans pair arrives safe before the end of the month. Then it will just be a waiting game until my coccina arrive.

And thanks Fenghuang. I am so happy when my fish are healthy. It was such an incredibly hard time when I was battling disease every other week. The hobby is a lot more fun.

Also forgot to add, Nike is still miserable. Panting and freaking out about her toy. She was trying to dig a hole right through my bed before and I think I am going to have to sleep with her tonight because she won't settle unless she is with me.

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He is a pretty boy.

The majority of fish issues are initially caused by poor water conditons.

You don't keep fish you keep water
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Thanks Beautiful Betta.

He had some blackworms this morning. Admittedly, he is not as fun to watch as my wilds. My wild betta tanks are like soap operas. There is always some drama going on.

It seems like maybe there were some issues with my brownorum pair and poor genetics coming through. I have been looking more closely at the juveniles, and one has a growth on its head, one has only half a caudal (this is not from injury) and there is the one with the missing ventral. This has made me question whether it is worth continuing with this line. I have not had such a high number of deformities in my wilds before, and I'm afraid doubling up with a sibling cross would make things worse - and I don't know if I want to waste a nice wild-caught female on males with those kinds of genes.

It's not all doom and gloom though. I did get some photos of my original brownorum female. She is so thick through the body. I don't know why. It's no wonder the sp. wajok male in the tank over is intimidated by her. You can sort of see the faint green spot on her side. It's faded as she has gotten older. I guaranteed her a retirement here, and I will keep the two males so she has some companionship. I will just get rid of the remaining F1 fish and use the money to put towards a new pair.

I have just fed everyone and my hendra female decided to eat more than she should. So now she is semi-floating until the blackworms go through. I did try to tell her that those were for her entire family to eat, not just her.

Then some of my sp. apiapi youngsters (probably the same fish) enjoying their breakfast of grindals.

I am going to put a plant order in for hydrilla, hornwort, giant duckweed and either native milfoil or native ambulia. I'm considering some native vallisneria for my rutilans green tank and maybe my persephone tank as well, and also some java moss just because even though it annoys me, my wilds seem to absolutely love it.

After that, my fish account will be broke until I sell off some fish at the end of the month. I figured mum can put some money towards her plants as a number of them will be used in Atlas's (that is what mum has called her new fish) tank.

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Well someone obviously doesn't mind their new tank. Woke up to find a bubblenest with a proud Atlas showing off underneath it. Looks like he is doing some further work on it after a breakfast of mosquito larvae and white worms.

Mum saw it and was like "He needs a girl now!". Maybe the macrostoma would have been a better option.

It seems like the flare training with my uberis male is paying off. He is looking better than ever and the female was showing some vertical barring this morning after I fed them some mosquito larvae.

Unfortunately, he is the hardest fish to take photos of. He is very friendly and always at the front of the tank, but never sits still long enough for my camera to focus on him and not whatever is behind him. These were the best photos I could get. I'm hoping his dorsal and anal get bigger and a nice sharp tip develops on the dorsal. I think his female may have chomped it off, which is why it is so rounded.


Got through all my necessary water changes at about 9:30pm last night. My rutilans green now just have a totally separate water aging bucket from everyone else so I don't have to be furiously scrubbing my hands with soap and hot water and worrying I have contaminated everyone else.

I have to do a big change on my goldfish tank today. It is way overdue, but the water is so cold it makes my arm go numb right up to my armpit.

Otherwise just going to potter around and start getting my rutilans tank set-up. I think my pair arrives in Oz on Tuesday or Wednesday and then it's the usual 7 days quarantine.

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