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Thanks Rosencrantz! And yes DQ, I'd have to hire someone who I'd trust with my fish but yep...I'd hire some help! lol


It was quite the trip and I know both Lucillia and I are exhausted although she probably more than me since she did all the driving and stuff. I just paid for mostly everything >.< ugg there goes my money! But we drove out from Rhode Island around 3pm Friday afternoon and our GPS kind of took us a really strange way so we added another hour to our trip basically, fun times.

One thing that I have to say though is: I now HATE route I-90 in New York! That road is a blessing but a terrible terrible thing! We drove on it just about 300 miles EACH WAY omg, I've never been so sick of a highway like that before!! I've taken some long trips but that was just ridiculous! And we were practically hallucinating the entire highway >.< I was never so happy to get off a highway before!

So we reached North Tonawanda in NY about I think midnight? Or somewhere around there, I honestly can't remember we were both so tired. Got to the cute little motel, checked in and found out that my debit card wasn't working.....Thankfully Lucillia had hers and so we were able to split it at least with the cash my mom gave me and I just paid her back later. But that was basically the start of our wonderful Saturday...../sarcasm.

So off to sleep not to wake, well for me, at 8 in the morning, apparently Luci couldn't sleep so she was up earlier. So up at 8, showers taken, hair did and packing the car up to check out. Checked out and went to find breakfast. Breakfast was interesting....McDonalds was the cheapest thing and also apparently the greasiest....I'm not eating McDonalds for at least a year if not more stomach is still mad at me!

And finally it was time to cross the border! Got our passports ready and got into line over the Rainbow Bridge! Getting across the bridge seemed to take forever and I was getting sunburnt...whoops. Finally up to the guy, asked a few questions and we were off! We immediately drove down to the falls to find a decent parking spot. After driving through the mist four times we settled on the lot that was 5 dollars per hour, figuring we were going to be there not long, we went in.

Down to the falls we walked, taking pictures along the way. I awkwardly asked a stranger to take our picture in front of the falls and she sort of pointed the camera up instead of us and at the falls....So it's us, just a really weird angle...we ended up taking better selfies with Luci's phone haha.

So we walked through the mist and got soaked, it was awesome and went back to the car to chill for a while until we realized how bad of traffic that Catw0man hit! So we drove out, paid our 10 dollars for the two hours and went to find a Burger King or something...we found a McDonalds lol. So we got our lunch there and waited around for a bit until we went back to the falls to meet Catw0man and get our fish! She's so adorable and super nice! Her two daughters are absolutely adorable as well! So unfortunately we couldn't stay long because by this point it was about 2pm and Luci and I needed to get back to RI since I was supposed to have a busy day today and she was supposed to work today, the morning shift no less.

So off to look for the Rainbow Bridge again! And this is probably the most interesting part of the story, not the border crossing itself but getting into the darn line. So we went down a road that pointed; USA Bridge so we're like yay okay! We got down the road and found that the line was super long up another road and we were going to have to merge in. The only issue is that NO ONE would let us in! And there were people behind us since that was also a road to get to the falls, stupidly enough. So in addition to get yelled at, told off, flipped off and nearly run over, a guy hit her mirror with his and left a good scuff mark.

How the heck do people not have so much respect for their cars??? Like yeah that guy's van wasn't great at all but there was a beautiful black, mostly new SUV that nearly took us out! So we finally drove down the road, did an illegal U turn and got into the line on the otherside were we were both STEAMING and absolutely furious about what had just happened! It's like yeah, we know you've been waiting a while but we couldn't turn around on a ONE WAY road and there was seemingly no way to get into that line since we didn't know where it even came from!

So the kicker of the whole thing was that when we turned around and got into line, we got across the bridge before all those rude people did lol We just could NOT believe how unbelievably rude they were! There's aboslutely no cause for this and we weren't the only ones confused on how to get in, there were like five other cars trying to merge and no one would let them in!

So it took us like twenty minutes to get across the bridge, passports out, a few questions ask "Okay, have a great day!" "Thanks, you too!" and off we drove with our 16 Betta's! lol

Oh another reason I hate I-90 is the toll to get off costs us 15.30 dollars >.< there goes 30 dollars that I'll never see again And then another toll but that one was free thankfully! But we got home around 1 in the morning to my house at least and then Luci accidentally locked her key's in her car >.< so thankfully her bf came down with the spare and they went home around 2:20 and that's when I went to bed.

Went to dad's this morning and acclimated my girls to the water and fed them, they all ate like monsters! lol But then I realized that I left my camera in Luci's car >.< so no real pictures today and maybe not even this week because this week starts Band Camp for our Marching Band which I am a part of. So I'm getting my camera back tomorrow but might not have the pictures up for another week or so. After this week then it's our annual Labor Day party on Sunday and then college it's going to be really busy.

So here are some crappy cell pics for you of the girls...sort of!
This one is just showing you that I can fit 9 cups in my tank plus floating a 1 gallon QT lol

And here are sort of the girls in their cups after I acclimated them to the water and put them in clean water and fed them!
From top row left to right: Black DT, Majcha's Glowing Dragon, Orange Fancy
Bottom row left to right: My marble girl! MG girl, Black and orange girl, and my Black copper CT!

And here's Aurora putting the MG girl "in her place"...through the cup lol

That MG girl and the Black/Orange girl are HUUUUGGE! They're almost as big as Aurora and Stardust! Bigger fins of course but holy mackerel! And unfortunately both of them have what seems to be columnaris and the MG girl looks like she might be getting a case of Popeye, so once Mattie is out of QT, one of them will go into QT for that.

Mattie is doing better but still not there yet, she'll need a few rounds of treatment. Same with Rembrandt.

Also I'm seriously debating taking that floating water sprite, duckweed (most of it) and frog-bit out of my tank and just getting some more Val and water wisteria to fill up the space since it's inhibiting my light just too much! Besides half of the water sprite seems to be dying....after spending a good 5-6 months in my tank it's just like "nope!" I'm wondering if the duckweed is choking it out sort of. I love the frog-bit but I can't stand getting it all on my arms when I clean the tank out and it's just such a pain in the butt!

So along with Ditto and Gambit, duckweed can go out and frog-bit. I'm not sure about shipping the water sprite since it's still so on the edge, I think I just need to "weed" it again to take out all the dead stuff. Also the GBR pair can go as well but I want to keep Lone Ram since he doesn't pick on anyone, at least not right now. The two males are sparing and biting up my girls WAAAYYY too much! They can be shipped out in Kordon breather bags. Let me know if you want anything, the duckweed and frog-bit I'd at least like to sell since I have grown quite a bit of it on my own.

Gambit I'll just take shipping but Ditto I'd like at least 5 bucks for since he's worth quite a bit more both sentimentally and for his tail type. Rams will have to be at least 10 dollars plus shipping.

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Wow! You had quite the adventure! Glad to see that you made it back safe and with some beautiful girls no less!

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Whew! Sounds like a good time! LOL Glad you made it home safe with all of your new babies :D

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Thanks all! Yeah, quite a trip, lots of adventures and my head is KILLING me right now so I'll be going to bed soon :-/

So Band Camp starts tomorrow and just want to let you all know that I won't be around much for this week or possibly next week since it is the start of college. Senior year!! Well..I've got another year after lol but NBD! I love college and can't wait to have classes and all, yeah I'm that weird child that likes school haha.

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Congrats on your new girls, lil! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Have fun at band camp! You're not the only one to be excited about school; I had a countdown going this summer!

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Nice to see you made it back across the border with the girls with no trouble! Can't wait to see more pics so I can continue to be jealous of that tank!

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Well, Haleigh, I'm not excited about the stupid college fee's I still have to pay lol but the classes themselves should be pretty awesome this year except Psych 103....I dread going to that class although I've heard it's easy enough. After that class I'll be done with Gen-ed's I'm pretty certain! I'll have to check over again, I might be missing a writing class or something but I can't wait to just be able to have ALL art classes! That will be the time of my life haha

And Huffle, thanks!! Yeah we're super relieved and glad we made it over too although the people before us didn't make it any less stressful!

But right now for some reason my plants aren't doing well, the ones on the right are fine like the swords and val but my crypt's kind of disappeared, all the planted watersprite is dying and the duckweed is I guess it's time to get rid of that and just go with all taller plants at the bottom.

There's Elodea Densa in Aero's former 5.5 (He was being a butt with Mercury so I swapped Aero and Jarvis) so I want to take a piece out and see how it will do in the 33, away from the current hopefully it will do well and propagate!! I need it!

But yes, camera will be coming later today and then some point...not sure when!

Rembrandt II, Suiché
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Omg the new girls are so little and cute! I love them!!

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My sorority is up and running now. It's going well so far. One girl went into time out for ridiculous chasing last night. Overall it's going well. Thanks for the advice I think it has helped things go smoother. I will probably do a journal for them.

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Yay Jada! Definitely start a journal! Always nice to track the progress, even for your own sake!

So I'm kind of running and posting at the same time lol. Well I'm eating breakfast and have to leave in 15 minutes but I have pictures from Tuesday night so I'll just post a few of the girls that I got, won't have many captions though.

So the Machja glowing dragon girl got into the tank when her cup fell in >.< she's healthy and only has a few nips so I'm going to leave her in to see what happens. I woke up my girls so that's why they look so sleepy lol

Sleepy girl sleeping with sleepy Rams

Her eyes are beautiful!

And then the boy Ram's where sleeping together like this, although you can see Boss Ram waking up a little more.

And Lady Ram by herself lol

This girl is absolutely adorable and gorgeous!

Lynx is looking a little better these days

Black CT girl who is actually pretty darn big!

My beautiful marble girl!

True MG girl and Asaria in the back.

Okay that's all I have time for right now. Today is the last day of Band Camp, yay and nae so I'll be partially dead tomorrow but I've got all my water changes and I should be able to get more pictures up tomorrow because I do have some. So for now all, I bid you a farewell and hopefully I won't be too dead tomorrow!!!! <3's to all!

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