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Thanks guys! The for-sale boy's copper is starting to bleed out in his fins, he's beautiful!
Girl went off to Retof and was late two days but finally made it safe and sound! It wasn't even the week of Thanksgiving, the post office was just being poop apparently! I sent out Saturday, expected for Monday and didn't get there till Wednesday! Thank god I pack my fish well!



So, I started my job as a Dunkin' Donuts baker. I get to work at 2AM which means I go to bed around 4-4:30PM. It's a lot of work but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I'm kind of actually enjoying it! It's not as stressful as being up front but I do go up front once my work in the back is complete. We are one of the few Dunkin's that does bake all of our stuff: cookies, muffins, and bagels. Donuts come in plain and glazed and then I get to frost and fill them (I HATE JELLY DONUTS AND STICKS, THEY SUCK). The Boston Kreme Croissant donuts is probably my favorite to do because it's just fun. I like frosting the regular Boston Kreme and then Coffee rolls since it's just a nice big plain and I don't have to go around and ring lol. The ring donuts (donuts with holes in the middle) are more of a pain but I'm getting good at frosting them.

I opened the store by myself this morning! Fourth day and I opened by myself lol. Well, "opened", I started my baking at 2 and my help came in at 3:30 so she opened the front and I just got all the baking stuff done. Takes me until 6 to get everything fully done typically. Then we pull out more bagels to defrost for the 2nd bake later when we start to run out of stuff.

Today was crazy, because the Pat's won last night, we do the 87 cent medium coffee thing and my god, everyone and their mother, cousins, aunts, and uncles came out of the woodwork to get their coffee! I got to work the window which is fun though. One of my regular customers from when I worked at Del's Lemonade is now coming to this Dunkin' which is right down the street from the Del's and so I thought that was hilarious that we both attend the same Dunkin too.

But I am pooped.

Fish are all good. I have a pair of clowns now, waiting to get rid of my Mummichogs so I can get the rest of my fish eventually. Tank levels are great!
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 10
pH: 8.2 (still working up to the 8.4)
Calcium: 460

Calcium should be in the 400-450 ish range for some of the corals. My base level of Calcium is 380 which isn't bad considering my tap water has nothing in it. I added a bunch of crushed coral to the tank before because of this, it's helped out a lot.

My green star polyp has exploded with growth! Super happy about that! Have some Red Slime algae unfortunately (cyanobacteria in the saltwater world. In freshwater it shows as blue-green algae that everyone loves), but I just manually remove some of the algae and it's okay to manage. Not a huge explosion but definitely there. I need to get some macro algae for sure.

Betta's are all doing well. Fishies in the 45 are also doing well, did a nice deep clean to it the other day in prep for Thanksgiving at our house

Alright, time for my nap >.<
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I'm glad you're enjoying your new job!

10 gallons, petco king and community fish
2 x betta 5.5 gallons
1 betta 2.5 gallons, all low-tech planted tanks
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I'm sorry I haven't kept up with this lately!

But Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays! Happy New Year too!


So work has been taking over my life essentially. Still have everyone, they're all doing well.

New additions:
PetCo is now selling female Koi's for 12 bucks so I have a new female!
I have a Yellow Clown Goby for my 20long salt. So far it's just that and the pair of clowns, going slow now.
Gold Gourami female in the 45 with Ghost my angel. So far so good.
Also got my latest boy from Martias from RussellTheShihTzu as well for my graduation present! Super excited, he's gorgeous and showing off to my female koi!

Nothing else really new. I've been sick the last week and a half with a bad virus. I was quite literally dieing, I was sure of it lol. And I was still working hindsight, I probably shouldn't have but I didn't want to leave them shorthanded either. And I like my paycheck too. But....I probably also spread my illness around too >.< whoops. Got my dad sick too but he's fine after three days, of course. I'm still on the tail end of it where some phlegm and mucous remain and it's just annoying at this point. My sense of smell and taste is also coming back gradually as well. So that's nice.

Christmas was really nice. Got a Bamboo sheet set from mom since I always get hot at night so these should cool me right down! I'm excited! And some of the usual stuff: spray to melt ice off windshield, chocolate orange, got a mitt with a snow scraper in it (pretty excited about that, I hate snow between my gloves and coat!), small handle thing with cleaner head on it for cleaning the windshield inside because it's a Toyota and so it's slanted and I can't reach in without hitting my elbow on the window or something and making another mark >.<, got a 3D printer pen from my brother! Mermaid sequined pillow from Walmart (got the bronze and black one, my favorite!!), and the usual candy and food from my Memere lol. It was good!

My brother loves slim jims and jerky and stuff so I individually wrapped three packets of jerky, two packages of 26 mini slimjims and 6 monster slimjims for him to open. He's 21 but he still had a blast with it lol. I also gave him $100 to buy a new 39" TV with as well the other week so that was most of his present right there. Gave mom a $30 certificate to Saver's, her favorite clothing shop lol. And some Live, Love, Laugh scroll words to hang up since she requested that. And then gave John, mom's bf, a $20 certificate to West's Bakery, the oldest bakery in our town and still going very strong. He frequents every morning with the gang. And then I purchased some expensive bluetooth headphones for my dad which he also requested. These ones flip out to become stereos as well which he was psyched about ^_^

Great Christmas all around! We had the family over for our usual Christmas Brunch at 10am. Got to watch my little cousins open their presents which was so awesome. I don't typically get to watch them so it was super exciting this year. My littlest cousin: Alanna, she's a riot! She's 3 and already knows so many words and is forming fantastic sentences now! Oh man, she's going to be too smart for her own good, that's for sure! She even knew what a Cookie Cutter was!! I was shocked! Heck, I didn't know what the heck those were until I was like 10 lol! OKay, maybe not that old but seriously. I was impressed! She also remembered I have geckos (snakes in her mind lol) and she loves to feed my fishes and say hello to each and every one of them. Oh my goodness, it's so cute! And she has to have everything in a certain order. She paired up all the same items if she got multiples and put them in a neat pile. One of her juices kept knocking over and so she'd right it before plucking through her giant bag of goodies some more lol. Too funny. I wish I had taken videos of her, she's too precious for this world!

I'll try to upload a couple pics for you all in a moment once I jump to my phone. Since I no longer use photobucket, it's been hard to get motivation to post photos >.< A shame too since it was so easy to use but darn, their service has really gone downhill the last year or so!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and their holidays!
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And the photos

Recent boy from Martias when I first received him.

Later that night, coloring up some more.

Couple days ago, trying to court my lady koi. He's built a bubblenest to cover the surface of his little holding tank!

Lady koi at the store! She's peachy and so I'm hoping she won't go all red but peachy color instead! Color change is inevitable but I'm hoping she'll keep the spots, I like them ^_^ She's great, laid back personality as well.

Painting I did for my Memere for Christmas. She had originally commissioned it but me being the lazy butt that I am, didn't finish it until two years later. So, instead of her paying me, she just got it for Christmas instead. There was no way I'd force her to pay for it after all that. I'm pleased with the turnout. Last minute finishing on Saturday lol. I work best under pressure though. No deadlines means no work for me.

And pictures of Sammy! I love Sam, he's my little boy! Wonderful lap kitty! And it was true what someone told me; orange tabby's are the most lovable kitties!

Sleepy kitty

Different day but same pose lol.

Christmas day! Sorry it's sideways, seemed the site turned my vertical photos to fit with the format, oh well.

And chasing treats lol

Dean, the handsome brother kitten in his own tie for Christmas!

Ghost showing off one day. She's so beautiful!

My baby girl Ieli chilling in the bushes one day. Enjoying the peace and quiet away from the kittens lol.

Simon the stray cat that frequents a breakfast shop we go to! He's mostly friendly unless he doesn't feel like being pet. Didn't like my dad, liked me though

And a new (first) bed at dad's house so I don't have to sleep on the couch any more yay!!! But yeah, who am I kidding? It's not my bed lol!

Baby girl was not overly happy about starting to wear her Seresto collar but she's grown used to it now ^_^ She's a pro!
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Have you named your new boy? Names from "The Graduate" are pretty nifty. Dustin Hoffman played "Ben Braddock." So, maybe "Braddock"? Or, maybe not.....

I thought I had names for my guys but, nope, just didn't work.

Although the yellow HM will still be Tamarack and. Need four more.

Cholla! Cholla! Cholla! Desert Driftwood Soon To Reopen
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