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~Super update and follow-up after release~

So sorry I have't posted in like 3 weeks! I let the girls out on the 27th and they were fine and dandy with no fighting or anything for about a week. Then I came home from work one day and Bastet (my red and white cambodian CT) looked like she'd been in one crazy fight. Half of her bottom fin with torn clean off in two spots. She had re-growth the very next day but it was still freaky. Ever since I've come home to someone missing some little peice or tear in a fin. It's gotten a little better over the third week though. I've been adding at least one new live plant eery two weeks and they seem to be loving it. I'm just gonna make a small paragraph about each of the girls so that I stop jumping around >.<;;

Mystique: From the moment that I let everyone out she was really chill like she really couldn't care less. But for a couple days Icelia (my purple CT) chased her and nipped at her fins. Tangi, Goldeen, and Bastet (the two orange ones and the red cam.) All ganged up on Icelia and kept "guarding" Mystique from her though so that was kinda cool. Mystique is probably the most often torn out of everyone but she's a trooper and nothing's ever been serious. She also has shown absolutely no aggression whatsoever... And she's the girl I've had for over a year! She just minds her own business and dances with the thermometer.

Bastet: At first she and Tangi and Goldeen (the two orange VTs) were a group of three that kind of kept everyone (Icelia -coughcough-) in line. Then a week into it I mentioned above what happened to her. I believe she got into an arguement with someone and she has since been serene and kept to herself and not challenged any of the others. Her fin is almost entirely regrown and half of it is the red coloring again. Yay!

Lulah: Is so not pastel whatsoever. She is really patchy and tricolored and her colors dont make a lot of sense but she's awesome. Her fins are perfect and she of anyone has had the least fin damage the entire time. She is the skinniest female in the tank but she's strong. For the first couple weeks she just kept to herself and kind of hid away but ever since I put the wisteria to float in the tank she has become fiercely defendant of it. I believe that she has claimed the larger mass of wisteria for her own. If anyone comes near it she flares then away. Hardcore and chases them. I had no idea she had this much fight in her. But no one appears to be challenging her for the territory so I think she's good.

Icelia: She was a bully to Mystique for the first couple days until she was put in line. After that she was kind of the "outcast" is seemed. But then a week ago I released Alexa (my first baby who's mostly grown now!) and they were cool for a could days but about 3 days ago I witnessed a flare/slap/circle down between the two of them. Alexa apparently doesn't like Icelia and Icelia now won't go near her. Sometimes I feel sorry for Icelia but she doesn't really seem to care. Although she does pale/stripe more often than any of the other girls so I think she is probably the most stressed out.

Tangi: My giant bright orange VT... Oh the stories to tell! So I though she's be a beast but she's turned out to be really mellow. She and Goldeen are most of the time pals although if Goldeen gets tired of her she'll chase her away... just to have Tangi chase her a few minutes later. I think for the two of them it's a game. About a week ago... actually the day I added Alexa to the tank... I had just finished feeding the girls and I had the lid off so I could let Alexa float in her cup in the water once I caught her right? Well Tangi decided that it was the perfect time (mid catching Alexa) to jump out of the tank and land in amoungst my things next to the tank on the floor. All I was was a bright orange flash and heard a little splash and I immediately knew what had happened. I searched frantically and with utmost care for her all the while yelling, "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!: over and over again... It was super intense, adrenaline and fear and anxiety attack... yeah... It was bad. I ended up finding her inside of the cardboard container for my hard cider. Porr girl was terrified. It took a few moments to get her off of the cardboard and into a cup filled with water but she finally got flopped in. She was covered in bubbled and at first I though she lost both of her "arms"... but by the time I left for work she was using them and for the next two days that I kept her floating in the cup to watch her and clean her off she was pissed at me. Ever since then if I feed her more than 2 to 3 pebbles of food she has swim bladder issues. Can a fall like that cause SBD? She used to eat at least 6 pebbles a day because of her sheer size. I hope that poor thing will be alright. She seems fine but she keeps getting her fins ripped. SIlly girl... She hasn't jumped since and I hope she keeps it that way.

Goldeen: My orange combodian coloration VT. She and Tangi must truly be sisters I think. She has since the fighting started apparently asserted herself as head dog and she just looks at someone next to her and the swim away. She is yest unchallenged by any of the other girls although Lulah is putting up a show whenever she comes by the wisteria... I also have to separate her for feeding time (as well as Tangi) to make sure that (they) don't get too much food. If she has more that 1-2 pebbles she has swim bladder issues. I don't quite understand why this is for both of them but maybe it is genetic in their spawn or something... Both of them appear to be calming down when I have to cup them because they are beginning to associate the cups with food. So that's good. But man...

Alexa (baby): How much she has grown since I got her June 20th.... Just wow... She is a beautiful "little" girl and she is such a sport. I was going to wait until she could completely immediately gobble down the adult sized pebbles to let her free but I didn't want to have to worry so much about territories when I went to let her go in there so when she could eat the OOBB pellets but not quite the NLS pellets I let her float. (she was the same size body wize as most of the others) She only floated for like 3 days before I let her go because everyone looked at her and them completely ignored that she was there. She was able to slip into their world seemingly unnoticed. She has since become a little terror. She's only been torn once in the week she's been free in there but she doesn't take anything from anyone. If someone comes near her she flares/pushes them away. If someone tries to get up in her space or the plant she's in she gets in their face. She is just a right little terror and I'm glad that she can stand up for herself. She doesn't go out of her way but she will chase the girls off. No one messes with baby Alexa... no one.

So yeah, that's my sorority update. It's been great, the Seachem flourish has been great on the plants. I have lots of wisteria in there floating and planted, like 4 anubias and 3 crested java fern as well as some needle leaf rotala I just got yesterday (found out that is super sensitive but I might as well try)

The white baby I got didn't make it. It stopped eating after a week and then just wasted away. I tried everything food related. I never did have live bbs though... I bet that's what it wanted... poor dear. I didn't even have time to find/get any either. I looked it over constantly and it never had anytihng on it or visibly wrong with it. It just... wasted away and looked at the food i offered but refused to eat. Anyway after that sad episode I took him back and they let me get a new baby. This one has more spark and vitality that even Alexa did and I have fairly positive it is a boy as well if nothing else based off of the length of it's ventrils. Like beast long. It hasn't stopped moving and eating since I brough it home 3 days ago. Love it~ Also Mayim occasionly nips a bit of his tail of but it is mostly grown back now. He is so happy~ I can't wait until I can get hima 5 gal :D

Anyway, thanks for reading and I'm sorry I fell off the face of the earth. I'll get pics up here soon. I'll even post the couple I have from the second baby that didn't make it. It was cute...

~Rainbow Sorority Ladies 10g~, Mystique~ CT, Alexa~ CT, Lulah~ VT,Icelia~ CT, Goldeen~ CT, young unamed female.
Tangi~ GIANT VT on her own because of SBD 2.5g
My little man ~Mayim~ 5g
~I loved you Rainbow, you were the best~
~R.I.P. 5/12/2012~
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I love your update on your girls. Yes, I believe a fall can cause SBD. It happened to one that I rescued several years back. He belonged to my cousin and their cat knocked his vase over and he ended up on the floor. It's a wonder the cat didn't eat him. I nursed him back to health, poor little guy.
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