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Thanks ^.^

Going to quit taking pictures of Tupperware. It hurts to look at.

Too bad there was a smudge of dirt on this pic~ You can see that pretty turquoise!

Just some lil' snips I took. Since I can finaaallly see him~ Still worried about the heavy breathing, though. We'll see how he goes for the rest of the week!

As for Sebastian- I'm seeing some clear growth(suuuuper tiny) but it's there! The redness has receded to the tippy tips as well.
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My gosh.. is it tail chomping week? Ciel just bit her tail and the top half is gone :c Put AQ salt...

Probably because she's sharing the same water with Cherry now. He seems to just be cool with it. At least now I know she won't be a candidate for placing in the split 10g.
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Hmm ^~^ clear growth on all the lil' nippers! Red spotted areas seem to be "melting" though... So I'll keep an eye on that for now.

I found an uninvited guest!

Can you spot this new snail? :P I believe this one came from one of the plants I placed in the 10g this week. Not sure what it is, yet. It also came with a strand of baby tears that is most likely to die off, soon. Tooootaaal bummer, I'd love a carpet of the stuff! Absolutely beautiful~
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Mini-mini rant~

I think my cycle crashed or something after the blackout. Before I did it I had 5ppm of nitrates. I did a water change when I was done with it. I tested the water today and everything is at 0ppm except for .25ppm ammonia and 7.6PH... To top it off now I have staghorn algae, LOL. It's certainly not the worst thing ever, but... I waited soooo long for my tank to cycle QAQ! I wonder what I did to break it? Anyway, I'll just keep track of the ammonia levels since I have Lewis in there. He's the lil' baby w/o ripped fins.
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Good luck! I hope everythig recovers.

SIP Derek the crowntail
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Alright ^~^ So I bought some ghost shrimp a few days ago to see how they were (It was a buy 4 get 2 free)
Needless to say it's not going very well. I checked the water before and after- turns out the test before was just a bum test! Nitrates are at 5-10ppm! Everything else is fine. Anyway, 3/6 dead so far within 2 days of purchase. I guess I'm just not cut out for the shrimpy life :c total bummer- they're so cool lookin'. Currently watching one get in touch with their cannibalistic side- figured it was extra calcium.

This is also just rambling to procrastinate my last set of finals tomorrow! There's no set order to what I'm talking about~

My bacopa seems to be doing far better than it was before- I'm seeing growth that looks young and "fresh" if that makes any sense. As in, they don't look old and yellow. It's cool! I'm trying to learn how to "prune" my plants to make them bushier as well ^~^ Other plant news... My anubias are yellowing along with my swords. Java fern also looks just darn sad. I guess after my finals are done tomorrow I'll pop over to home depot or something and pick up dirt and start the whole "NPT" battle. My myrio also has melted back completely and is showing little sprigs of green growth all around! Very excited c:

As for the whole NPT thing.. I need to find a way to (for a lack of better wording..) get rid of a whole ton of snails. There are far too many in my tank that they're making a snail army on the sides of my tank. Even bladder snails are becoming noticeable! I don't think boiling water would get rid of them. I don't really understand how their population exploded.

Additionally, I'm going to be splitting the 10g into 3's once I start the NPT! More concerns would be that I feel as if I'm lacking in light for the 10g. I mean, I feel like staghorn would be a good indicator that says I'm overdoing the light. It just feels like the plant growth is somewhat slow for 2.-something watts per gallon. It's really all I have to go by since I don't have fancy PAR ratings. I wonder if someone who can measure that stuff would compile a sheet full of bulbs at some point. That'd be cool!

I will post fish pictures much later. Since I'm already taking up too much time! I will also be posting many questions in the planted sections later~ I'm going to try and make the NPT transition as smooth as possible for me!
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Huh, I think Sebastian likes smaller housing. He makes bubble nests daily in the .5g container whereas I've only seen once in the 10g. How weird is that! Starting my final now ^~^
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Oh my goodness, I never expected to be so tired after taking down a tank and then putting it back together again. relocated the fishies that were once here elsewhere c:

^From the top.

Is what I've got so far! I used some organic dirt my father had bought for fruits and veggies. Most of it is just kind of stabbed into the dirt randomly as I got tired midway, LOL. This is totally a workout.. plus my room is a mess!

I'll probably do a 50% waterchange on it tomorrow morning. I didn't attach the fern/anubias either- just having their rhizomes sticking out.

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Did some water tests after a few hours.

It seems.. normal.

PH - 8
Ammonia - .25
Nitrates - 5
Nitrites - 0

I expected to see some horrifying ammonia levels and messed up PH- guess not!
I'm a bit iffy on the dirt for some reason. It was practically 30% woodchips. I also didn't put in the dividers which I regret. Didn't have all the supplies~ This is what I get for rushing x3 It looks great so far, though! I can't wait to make the first trim! Apparently that's supposed to be done after a week.
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Actually with new plants it's best to leave them for six weeks approximately, this gives them time to acclimate and build up a root structure before you chop them up. While it's generally not harmful to the plant, they still do have to make up for the chopped limbs so then you wait another six weeks and they should be fairly established by that point and you can trim when you need to.

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