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I read a little about them in one of Petsmart's care brochures and, yeah, the stuff you have to hasve is expensive.
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Uhhhm, let me check the petsmart care guide.. I don't usually trust those with reptiles...Also, they like to sell things that are over priced. Most things you can get for reptiles you can get for cheap at lowes.


Calcium sand=DEATH SENTENCE for reptiles. The amount of calcium in just a little bit of sand is enough to cause an overdose in humans. Constantly breathing in, licking, eating on, living on the sand... That's killed more bearded dragons and leopard geckos than I care to think about. Even regular sand isn't great--they can get a mouthful(thinking they see a bug) and get an impaction--and you can't use epsom salt on a bearded dragon if its constipated!

40 gallon breeder, yes that's important. But you can get it on their 1 dollar per gallon sales. So 40 bucks! Or cheaper on craigslist sometimes!

Substrate: go with tile or paper towels. Reptile carpet is pricy, holds bacteria, and little beardie feet get stuck! Sand..we already went over those risks! You can get tile and slate rock for cheap.. When one gets dirty, just pick it up and rinse and clean it in the sink--the replace it! Done.. Paper towel..Just replace the paper towel.

Light: Can't skimp on the uvb. You don't need both a heat light AND a ceramic heat emitter(which is basically an invisible heat light...Causes heat but no light)...The light in the room+the UVB light gives the beardie plenty of light to see.. The ceramic heat emitter gives the beardie the warmth they need! The heat warms up the rocks the beardie sits on and gives him belly heat!

Also: Never get a heat rock for any reptile! When a heat rock fails--it fails "ON"...meaning it gets hot as heck... Bearded dragons don't have the same heat sensory we do... So if it's laying on that rock...It'll burn..Or even cook. It's not good. Not to mention, having a plug inside an enclosure is asking for an electric shock if it knocks over it's water bowl. A heat rock is more useful if you cut off the cord and use it as a paper weight! Pet stores like to sell them because they can charge a lot for them. They are dangerous though.

The beardie then needs a small water bowl...get a cat dish or something. The rest is up to you. Don't want to spend 30 on a little tiny piece of cage decor? Build it out of styrofoam..and seal it with grout(not the anti fungus grout though).

Feeding is the most expensive part of owning a bearded dragon, and it gets cheaper when the beardie is an adult. As babies they primarily eat bugs..Bugs get expensive, especially if your only source of bugs are crickets..a big beardie could eat HUNDREDS of crickets! (Thus why some pet stores carry roaches)

But as they get older they switch to 80% greens. Meaning they lighten up on the bug eating..And greens and veggies aren't so pricy. :)

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lol, my family had a bearded dragon a few years ago.... awesome dude, they really do have a lot of personality :) they do get pricey (thats how we ended up with ours, teenage kid couldnt afford him anymore so gave him to my mom in exchange he could come over and visit.... which he did :) )

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Thanks for the info, Purple.
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What fun! We went to the reptile expo today! I got to hold a leachie gecko--the largest gecko species in the world, sometimes reaching as much as 19 inches long, and weighing as much as 400 grams!

This is my friend holding the same leachie! He's a big guy too..You can see how big this little gecko is!

We also have been talking more with the guy who owes us money. We think our 'free' pet we'll be getting will be a captive bred trio of red eye croc skinks!

Insect diet, high humidity, and temps between 72-82.. Not too bad. :)

We almost considered the leachie, but the one we want will be well over 1000 dollars to get a locality specific 'giant', so we don't think he's willing to give us one of THOSE hahaha! We'll just wait til we can afford one of those beasts! They are cool though--like room temperature, eat the same diet as crested geckos, and get big!

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Those are some neat looking lizards. LOL

Kindest Regards,

Keeping fish its not a hobby it is a passion!

55 gallon, 44 gallon, one 20 gallon tank, three 10 gallon tanks, and a 2.5 gallon all with real plants.

I have MTS and there is no cure.

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Oh yes..very neat looking!!!

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Checked out our local petco for the first time. Good news= they don't sell baby bettas. Bad news=the bettas they did have all had severe SBD and just looked kinda sad. Not a happy boy in the whole house.

I also finally understand what people are saying when they warn against those 'aquatic plants' sold at pet stores. Every last one was a LAND plant. And the plant they called wisteria was NOT wisteria! It looked like catnip actually. They also had succulents for Well, shriveled husks of succulents I guess. Very sad, I don't think they were watered once in the past..well, year?

now, IN the tanks they actually had a lot of really nice healthy plants. I actually might go back and get some of those, they were a good price too. They had snails on them though so I'll have to keep that in mind and check for them.

Reptile section...Seemed to be a hit or miss. Some healthy ball pythons, sad looking leopard geckos, a SAVANNAH MONITOR was labeled as a beginner pet and said to only get to 2 feet...They did have a healthy crested gecko for 20 bucks. They also sold thermostats which was surprising and nice. But then they also sold vita sand and calci sand and heat rocks which was disappointing. Our pet co had stopped that.

They did have correct housing for hermit crabs which was SHOCKING. Though all of them had painted shells that were chipping off nastily.

I bought some new fertilizer because mine had almost ran out. They had a huge section of products for fish care. I was very surprised.

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Went back to the awful pet store. That discus fish is STILL THERE...

Is this a birth defect? An injury?

They never cleaned out the aquarium all the firebelly toads died in. It's been over taken now!

Sad sad store! Very empty now, they don't seem to be replacing animals when they die.

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Christmas was AMAZING... First off, we did family christmas(extended family)

I got a 25 dollar giftcard to petsmart, and nathan got a 25 dollar gift card there as well! Since we basically share all our pets, that means we have 50 dollars to spend there on anything. So excited. :) Who knows!

From my parents I got 100 dollars in giftcards to our local aquarium shop that has tons of plants and supplies. O_O that's 100 dollars to spend to make my axolotl tank AMAZING.. I already have the 55 gallon, the light fixture and lights, the large rocks, and the display stand. All I need are two sponge filters and plants plants plants PLANTS! :) I can afford to get one of those AMAZING giant pieces of driftwood too!! I have to say I was SHOCKED that i got that card.

I also got a super macro camera lens that I am so pumped about! Means great pictures of my animal friends! Hehe, since my boyfriend and I have been on a sushi rampage, his family bought me a sushi kit, and my family got me a rice maker. How fun.

Nathan also got money in cash and we both got Visa gift cards. :)

SO many animal supplies will be bought.

I'm thinking of doing a LOT of moss in the axolotl tank. Moss is very low light and low maintenance, but in huge numbers it REALLY helps with ammonia.

First off, I'm planning on doing a moss wall in the back, not over the full back though. Picture the back wall separated into thirds, the edges will be moss wall, and the center will be a cool rock wall/cliff area.

For the rock sections, I'm considering sort of a fusion between these two. I like the dark bluish color of the second rocks, but I also like some of the flatness of the first. Might be some elements of both.

As far as plants, I'm planning on most of the tank being dark, but having floating plants that need medium/higher lighting that will also block most of the light down below. That may be a fusion of both fake and live plants if my live plants do not block the light enough.

Above is a good example of a dark tank with the plants up top soaking up most of the light!

For the most part, I'd like the foreground to be decently simple. I love the look of this--

Maybe instead of some of the smooth rocks, they will match the big rocks in the background.

I love how this above is a tank that is mostly moss. Still looks GREAT though! I'd like to have a lot of coverage like this.

Those are my ideas anyway! :) SOOOO excited!!!

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