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My guess is the teacher was letting you off the hook, so to speak.

I had a, well not similarish sort of situation, but teachers do know, and some do care. The guys in my class were jerks, and talking about doing horrible acts to cats, not animals, just cats. I was practically in tears, so she asked me to do some sorting or something in the library across the hall. I didn't realize it at the time, but I know she was trying to keep me from being hurt, and of course, being made fun of if they caught me crying.
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As a school district network administrator I must scorn you for using your schools internet for non subject related material! As a fellow fish dork and a been there done that view, my best advice is to learn how to ignore those around you who you don't care about and their opinions, its hard at your age, I know, I remember but if they look at your screen then completely ignore and not even notice that they are looking. And when the eventual snide comment comes just reply with "eh" and shrug your shoulders, they reason kids make those comments are to get a reaction to help reassure themselves they are somehow better then you. Also remember your not paying any attention to him but hes still some how interested in what you are doing, take that to mean what you want

oh yea forgot to say HI BETTA PEOPLE!
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Yeah. I owe that teacher one, big time. It's one thing when someone is deliberately saying to your face then you know what's coming and it's a little bit easier. But when they are behind your back they completely let loose what they want to say because they think you can't hear them, or they want you to hear them but also want you to think that they think you can't hear them. If that makes any sense whatsoever. There were some guys when I was in 6th grade we had to write a big end of the year essay. If had chosen to decide to write mine on the abuse of animals at PetCo as well as PetCo's supplier. We had to read it in front of the class, so I launched into my passionate essay. I was so proud of it, I used great description. I wanted people to really feel the message I was trying to give. Then these complete jerks walked up to me and launched into a lengthy explanation about why they thought my essay was stupid. They said animals had no feelings and no emotions and that they couldn't tell the difference if they were dead or alive, they were basically like rocks to them. I was about to burst into tears when my normally shy friend, ushered me away, and just about verbally slammed the c-r-a-p out of those guys!

I asked the tacher if it was OK. She said it was fine as I had finished all her classwork as well as homework for other classes. Light HWK load as we have mid term testing this week. I know those people were just making fun to make themselves feel better, but it doesn't mean their reamrks still don't hold weight. Thanks, though. :)

I like bettas. Why would I be here if I didn't?
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I would like to, first off, inform you that about 90% of the social things you experience in Middle School, you'll never have to deal with again in your life.

Middle School is one of those times when everyone is trying to "find themselves" so to speak. A lot of people feel that fitting into a clique or develop some kind of social standing is an absolute necessity. I had a lot of medical problems growing up, and was always too distracted by having to deal with that, then worrying about what everyone else in my class was wearing/ who they were hanging out with. By the time I had gotten a grip on all my medical issues, cliques had formed and I was left to be a social butterfly. One thing I never EVER regret about any of it is that I was able to make it out of Middle School with my sense of self in tact.

I had a lot of people scoff at me and think I was a little unusual during that time; and a lot of those people are now friends of mine; and if they do think I'm a little strange, don't verbalize it.

Worrying about what other people think about you, or being critical of others is a HUGE waste of time. I felt bad for everyone who ever wasted time making fun of me or looking for something to be critical about; that's time they could have spent doing so many other, more productive things. I might have wasted some of my middle school years dealing with other things, but I never wasted a moment being someone other than myself.

Be who you are, love who you are and have no regrets about it.


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Don't worry- middle school doesn't last very long, and chances are you won't have to deal with these people once you're in a bigger high school^^
All my friends know I'm an animal freak, lol, they just accept it and move on. I try not to talk about fish/animals though, since it must get annoying to regular people haha.
That is wrong, and all that jazz, but you won't get anything done about it. I'm in highschool, the best you can do is just stay out of their way- sometimes I give those really popular kids disgusting looks though, even though in our school at least, those popular butts don't really bother the "normal" kids. They're more interested in starting fights with each other than picking on random people o__O
Focus on your studies and then you also have the comfort of knowing you'll get farther in life than they will ;)

taking a break from fish-keeping.
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Thanks so much everyone! It helps so much to know that there are people who care!

I like bettas. Why would I be here if I didn't?
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I know what you mean >:( Before this I had many people giggling and yes "hissing about me right beside me" too. I got tired of it, so...
I was on it (on my spare), and then some guy sits next to me, glances over at my screen after logging onto a computer.
" -scoff-"
"What's wrong with it?"
"it's about fish. That's stupid and useless." (as he logs onto POKEMON SITE)
"Well why are you on Pokemon?"
"because I like Pokemon..."
"pokemon is pretty useless and stupid too. " >:(
"No it's not! It's a hobby! I like pokemon..."
"Yeah well OWNING FISH IS A HOBBY. and besides, I LIKE fish."

basically in the end he agreed to leave me be. Because I ranted at him <.<; and told him to stop ASSUMING everything he doesn't like is "stupid" or "useless".

Make it even better, to get you through school...
"Smile at your enemies. It confuses the Hell out of them." we had one girl come up and rant at us because we apparently called her something o_O we didn't...but okay... she was yelling at one of my friends, and we ended up giggling because she was making a fool of herself in front of her friends. (besides, if she swung her non-existent hips anymore a baby was bound to fall out )

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.

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It seems that bullies always go for someone who seems a little "different". I had my share of bullying from around 5th grade right until I graduated. I HATED school with a passion! Sometimes I wonder what those people's home lives were like.
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what's awesome is that I can read these "bullies" like a book. If I wanted to be a jerk back I'd detail them their home lives because it's easy for me to see (body movements and structure is amazing to learn from) what they have inside (anger, resentment, a hole/void, etc). I knew one guy had a bad family life, and that his parents fought and were violent, and took it out on him and his siblings. No one told me :3 the teacher was amazed I knew this and understood this.

However, I've only done that to one person but he was coming after me really bad, and aimed to "Make my life a living Hell" (yeah he told me that). and he cried. And I felt bad. because I don't like being like that

Breed for the breed, not for the money; the words any REAL breeder would understand.

You must know nothing in order to know all, for all is nothing and nothing is for all.
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Hey girl..don't worry about it too much! I'm a high school sophomore and one of the two fish freaks I know. In our high school, we all have school distributed computers. I used to get questions about what I was browsing all the time...people are so nosy! Although unlike you, I didn't have permission to be on here during class and they booted me off the school student Internet...heh! Pretty sure it was because this is a forum though and possibly violates policy or something. I stay off here during school now! I'm the fish freak though, and lots of people don't understand. Even my best friend thinks I'm a little obsessed! Way I see it, at least you care. So more power to you!

Side note: The other day in Spanish class I was browsing a website that sells competitive swim suits, as I'm a swimmer and a water polo player. A "popular" obnoxious freshmen girl turns who SOMEHOW managed to see my screen from three feet away turns to me and asked "Why're you looking a swimsuits? It's winter!" in a voice suggesting that I was being a pervert. I jut gave her a blank stare and said "...I'm a swimmer.". That shut her up pretty quick! Just ignore people like that...clearly they have nothing better to do but creep and be mean!
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