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I would just like to say OMG! I love his name, Sid Fishus! That's genius and hysterical! I have a betta at my mom's house named Bruce Fishinson... lmao! welcome! I like to write poems too, though I've been more into stories lately.

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Daughter's decided to join the forum, also! So if Newfish (whose name might change several times over the coming days) settles in well, I dare say there'll be pics of him.

He's currently huddled against the heater, I think he likes being warm) and isn't quite so pale as when I last checked.

Sid's last ich spot is being stubborn. But aside from that, he's doing swimmingly (yes, that was a fishpun). Putting on weight consistently, and challenging anyone who dares to wear pink in his presence.

That fish really has a problem with pink.. as well as cheese.

PS: Nice to meet you Mandice, and haha, yes, Daughter picked that name, she's a huge Pistols fan. I've been too busy and prose-minded to feel much like writing poetry lately, but I'm hoping to get in the flow soon. I'm attempting a bunch of very short sci-fi stories for a web zine, which is fun.

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Dear Aus and Daughter! I love reading this thread. Please keep writing, I'm following along. My Betta in my pictures was Fishbert. (rip) I think the current in his 10 Gallon to himself from the HOB filter was just too much for him. He always seemed to be clinging to something rather than resting on something.
I love the poems too. (thank goodness for copy and paste huh?)
I'm sure you will sit down and write us a Betta poem one day!

I'm very proud of your daughter for taking a stand. Amazing the lessons we can learn from a tiny little life on a shelf in a cup! Bravo.

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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Thank you, Jakiebabie. I'm proud of her, too. :)

So sorry about Fishbert's passing. Do you think you'll get another betta? As to what we can learn from them - it really is amazing what positive change our Sid has created, just by being his fishy self.

I'm glad you're enjoying my rambling, lol. And the poems, too. I almost forgot today's poem! A prose-poem, since prose is the flavour of today, it seems. And yes, c&p is mighty handy, it spares my fingers a lot of grief.

by Rochelle Ratner

It just seems perverse to her, to have this fish tank dead center in the ophthalmologist’s waiting room. To have people sit trapped and facing those small moving forms, their reflections captured in the glass at different angles. Black and white against green foliage and rich brown coral, small stripes, wide stripes, hints of red, not to mention pebbles. Deep unmoving and unflinching eyes. Relentless sound of gurgling. New shapes appearing out of nowhere. One with long, thin whiskers that she didn’t see before.

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Well Fishbert's 10 Gallon is now home to about 60 itty itty bitty 5 day old Swordtail babies, Mom & Dad are in my 75 Gallon. Moved Mom over last week and next morning TaDa!! There is a local fish club who holds an annual auction April 15th so they will be 2 months old then and taken there. Or the LFS will take them. (and pays $). I know I will get another Betta some day. If you look at my Aquarium pics I once had a single Betta and a single goldfish together in the old tank... the pic with the dog. 45 Gal tall. Betta LOVED it!!

You know that this is an addiction right?

Every kid, regardless of what they are going through, is ONE caring adult away from being a success story. ~ Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert
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JB, I like swordtails, and awh babies! As for fishy addictions - I'm beginning to understand how it happens. Especially with bettas, they have huge personalities for such tiny critters.

I think Sid's stubborn ich spot may have finally fallen off. It's hard to tell, because he won't stay still long enough for me to get a good look. Silly fish. Either way, I'm still not happy with the lump he's got there, though it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.

In newer news, it appears that Mr. Fishus is bored with being a red fish, and has decided to turn blue.

He's definitely a different shade than he was last week. That black spot on his fin has been there since we got him, and is just a part of his colouring. He's still a bit too skinnybums for my liking, but isn't quite as pathetic now he's gained a tiny bit of weight.

Here he is, about to sit on his 'sofa' of whatever moss that is. He really likes that plant, and often takes a little rest on it.

And with Daughter's permission, here's some shots of her first tank and the new betta, "Demyx". I love the decor she chose and Gary the Snail' is a nice touch.

Here's the new boy on the way home from the LFS:

And in his new environment, looking a bit stressed out:

Finally, here's Daughter helping Tomtom feel less put out by all these new (and edible!) rivals for her affection - by dressing him up as a betta.

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Little Demyx is settling in, slowly. He's a bit of a scaredy-fish compared to Sid, who'll just about headbutt the wall of his tank trying to 'talk' to people walking by.

I think Demyx is only young, though there's no way to be sure, but he's so little and immature-looking and shy that I think of him that way.

Daughter's spending a lot of time just sitting quietly by the tank doing her art (she did a betta picture!), getting him used to human contact. I'm less worried now, but really looking forward to putting him in a larger tank. I have the feeling a bigger one right now would just freak him out even more. He's barely coping with the 1.5g and spends most of time squashed between the heater and a plant, out of view.

Daughter is learning patience. :D

I was thinking, oh he's such a good example of the whole 'bettas like small spaces' thing. But if I'd been raised in a cupboard since birth, I'd probably be freaked by sudden larger spaces too. Let's just see how he adapts to a gradual increase in tank size, and whether he's a super happy fishy by the time he gets his 5g Kritter Keeper.

Sid's ich is clearing up nicely. Another big water change and thorough gravel-vac today. No medication for two days, then the last dose on day 6, and we'll see how he goes. Stupid ich. On the bright side, Sid is a much healthier, happier fish. Though I've had to warn Daughter not to get sucked in by his 'poor starving fishy' routine, or we'll have to rename him Hoggy McNomnom and prepare for a bad case of bloat.

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In my various internet wanderings, in search of information on bettas, I've stumbled on some sites devoted to fish fighting, as well as its history and significance.

Before I start rambling on about that, I'd just like to make clear that I do not personally support the practice of fish fighting. I guess this rant is more about hypocrisy and taking a step back to consider context.

Of course, my kneejerk reaction is - "fish fighting?! how cruel and barbaric!" But standing back a bit from it, I could equally say that the poor pig I partially ate with apple sauce last week probably did not enjoy being raised in a pen hardly bigger than its own body. And the chickens who provide me with my yummy breaded nuggets really are not meant to live in massive sheds with no natural light, debeaked and stuffed with growth hormones. The bed I bought a couple of years ago, made from Malaysian timber, probably cost the lives of more than a few native animals in its growth and harvesting.,

I can't be such a freakin' hypocrite as to not consider that the evils of the culture that I live in just MIGHT be as bad - if not vastly worse - than the practises of the 'players' and breeders of the betta fighting rings. I can moan on about the terrible nasty gamblers and their poor mauled fish. But is that a blood diamond on my finger? How can I be sure? Is that plantation pine holding up my fish tank? Are those sweat-shop manufactured shoes I'm wearing - do I even bother to ask whether any imported product I buy involved child exploitation? Motes and beams, et cetera.

I also think there is a vast difference between the traditional betta fighters and the sheer neglect and cruelty exhibited by western retail outlets.

The betta breeder's entire reputation and that of his family name (and even his province) comes from providing the betting ring's 'players' with strong, healthy, aggressive fish carefully bred from bloodlines built up over years, even generations. He might also make a nice profit selling his many culls and 'fancy fish' to the affluent western pet market. This is where the money comes from to feed, clothe and educate his kids. This is how his family survives in a country with many fewer opportunities for earning than my own.

His business is also a tradition, a part of the Thai culture going back at least several hundreds of years, an intrinsic part of his nation's identity. Again, I'm not saying I approve or advocate the fighting of fish. But I'm less inclined, after doing this research, to be hating on the Thai fish farmer and his kids, or the gamblers who keep him in business.

We in the west do not hold these traditions. The keeping of bettas is not a part of our cultural history and holds no historical significance for us at all. The deaths of thousands of fish in Western homes and pet stores due to neglect bred by sheer and pervasive ignorance of the species' basic needs is not the same thing as the tradition of fighting bettas in Thailand.

Just like an animal hoarder and his filthy, cruel backyard puppy mill is not the same as the third generation breeder of champion poodles. Never mind the fate of the poodle culls, right? The odd pup with seven toes? It's not the same.

Or is it?

And here's today's fish-related poem:

by D. H. Lawrence

Fish, oh Fish,
So little matters!

Whether the waters rise and cover the earth
Or whether the waters wilt in the hollow places,
All one to you.

Aqueous, subaqueous,
And wave-thrilled.

As the waters roll
Roll you.
The waters wash,
You wash in oneness
And never emerge.

Never know,
Never grasp.

Your life a sluice of sensation along your sides,
A flush at the flails of your fins, down the whorl of your
And water wetly on fire in the grates of your gills;
Fixed water-eyes.

Even snakes lie together.

But oh, fish, that rock in water.
You lie only with the waters;
One touch.

No fingers, no hands and feet, no lips;
No tender muzzles,
No wistful bellies,
No loins of desire,

You and the naked element.
Curvetting bits of tin in the evening light.

Who is it ejects his sperm to the naked flood?
In the wave-mother?
Who swims enwombed ?
Who lies with the waters of his silent passion, womb-
—Fish in the waters under the earth.

What price his bread upon the waters?

Himself all silvery himself
In the element
No more.

Nothing more.

And the element.
Food, of course!
Water-eager eyes,
Mouth-gate open
And strong spine urging, driving;
And desirous belly gulping.

Fear also!
He knows fear!
Water-eyes craning,
A rush that almost screams,
Almost fish-voice
As the pike comes…
Then gay fear, that turns the tail sprightly, from a shadow.

Food, and fear, and joie de vivre.
Without love.

The other way about:
Joie de vivre, and fear, and food,
All without love.

Quelle joie de vivre
Dans I’eau!
Slowly to gape through the waters,
Alone with the element;
To sink, and rise, and go to sleep with the waters;
To speak endless inaudible wavelets into the wave;
To breathe from the flood at the gills,
Fish-blood slowly running next to the flood, extracting fish-
To have the element under one, like a lover;
And to spring away with a curvetting click in the air,
Dropping back with a slap on the face of the flood.
And merging oneself!

To be a fish !

So utterly without misgiving
To be a fish
In the waters.

Loveless, and so lively!
Born before God was love,
Or life knew loving.
Beautifully beforehand with it all.

Admitted, they swarm in companies,
They drive in shoals.
But soundless, and out of contact.
They exchange no word, no spasm, not even anger.
Not one touch.
Many suspended together, forever apart.
Each one alone with the waters, upon one wave with the rest.

A magnetism in the water between them only.

I saw a water-serpent swim across the Anapo,
And I said to my heart, look, look at him!
With his head up, steering like a bird!
He’s a rare one, but he belongs…

But sitting in a boat on the Zeller lake
And watching the fishes in the breathing waters
Lift and swim and go their way— I said to my heart, who are these?
And my heart couldn’t own them…
A slim young pike, with smart fins
And grey-striped suit, a young cub of a pike
Slouching along away below, half out of sight,
Like a lout on an obscure pavement…

Aha, there’s somebody in the know!

But watching closer
That motionless deadly motion,
That unnatural barrel body, that long ghoul nose,…
I left off hailing him.

I had made a mistake, I didn’t know him,
This grey, monotonous soul in the water,
This intense individual in shadow,

I didn’t know his God,
I didn’t know his God.

Which is perhaps the last admission that life has to wring
out of us.

I saw, dimly,
Once a big pike rush.
And small fish fly like splinters.
And I said to my heart, there are limits
To you, my heart;
And to the one God.
Fish are beyond me.

Other Gods
Beyond my range… gods beyond my God. .
They are beyond me, are fishes.
I stand at the pale of my being
And look beyond, and see
Fish, in the outerwards,
As one stands on a bank and looks in.
I have waited with a long rod
And suddenly pulled a gold-and-greenish, lucent fish from
And had him fly like a halo round my head,
Lunging in the air on the line.

Unhooked his gorping, water-horny mouth.
And seen his horror-tilted eye,
His red-gold, water-precious, mirror-flat bright eye;
And felt him beat in my hand, with his mucous, leaping

And my heart accused itself
Thinking: I am not the measure of creation.
This is beyond me, this fish.
His God stands outside my God.

And the goId-and-green pure lacquer-mucus comes off in my
And the red-gold mirror-eye stares and dies,
And the water-suave contour dims.

But not before I have had to know
He was born in front of my sunrise.
Before my day.

He outstarts me.
And I, a many-fingered horror of daylight to him,
Have made him die.

With their gold, red eyes, and green-pure gleam, and
And their pre-world loneliness,
And more-than-lovelessness.
And white meat;
They move in other circles.

Things of one element.
Each by itself.

Cats, and the Neapolitans,
Sulphur sun-beasts.
Thirst for fish as for more-than-water;
To quench their over-sulphureous lusts.

But I, I only wonder
And don’t know.
I don’t know fishes.

In the beginning
Jesus was called The Fish.
And in the end.
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Betta update:

Sid's clear of all visible ich and is in the last stages of treatment. I am fervently hoping that this is the end of the blasted thing. He's getting more blue by the day, with his fins having thin strips of electric blue in them now, and lots of bright blue scales on his body. He likes to watch my housemate do his Hapkido exercises, and also likes nipping Daughter, who finds this both hilarious and a little disturbing.

She wonders what sort of toothy monster a betta might seem to a gnat, or a gnat-sized girl. :D

Demyx is enjoying not having the filter running - it freaks him out even on the very lowest setting. So he's in for frequent water changes until the larger tank happens. He seems happy enough, though, his colour's returned and he floofs merrily around the tank a bit more often. Daughter's thrilled - he even greets her now, like Sid does.
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Sid's dorsal fin is about 1/4 electric blue today. There's also new blue 'threads' in his tail that I swear weren't there two days ago.

The rest of his fins are the same deep red, but his body scales all have a blue sheen now and even his face is taking a blue cast. I wonder if it's something I'm feeding him, or the change in water quality. In any case, it's amazing to watch him slowly change colour.
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