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You may already be a pro at moving, obviously the thought of it is stressful and since I don't know... I'm going to pass on some moving tips just in case! Might help some one else who reads it too.
I number my boxes, and list on paper everything that goes into a box..... 353 boxes later (no joke) .... Mom...where's the swim fins?....... box 28. Thanks mom. Darn if we didn't hire a company who had his teen boys help at the end of the day.... What box got lost? The "last minute" box. Coffee maker, Coffee filters, coffee, mugs for coffee-morning #1, spoons, paper towels. Lost 3 days until we moved the entire wall of boxes the boys had built as they came into the basement. Yes the furthest bottom box. Even tho it said CLEAR LABELED ON THE SIDE -- KITCHEN on it!! Apparently teens can't read. Label every box big in black marker with the destination room on all 4 sides and top. No guessing where it needs to go, no turning to figure out what box it is in the unpacked stack after the move. You may not have the strength to move a stack that day.
Unpacking...As I unpack boxes I "X" them out of the book and eventually pull fully X's pages out as the boxes disappear. I am then left with the usual last 10-15 boxes that we all never unpack and you will know exactly what is in them. Maybe you will toss a few. lol

Do you have any pet supply stores near by. Here in Canada we have one called Pet Valu. No actual pets, just food and supplies. They are great cause they get all shipments on a specific day and you can get all their boxes that night once they open them. So you know EVERY Mon or Tues you just have to get your butt over there. The big grocery stores are useless cause there are too many hands involved and no way to get your message from the customer service desk to the stock boy who is unpacking their shipment. Someone like a manager comes along and helps and woosh your pile is gone to the dumpster. They don't care. Go somewhere where the volume is reasonable with small boxes and the clerk at the desk is also the Unpacker! lol. Your odds are better. Once you find a load try to set a goal of 5 boxes packed a day.
As for clothes in closets on hangers... if you don't have access to those tall clothes boxes, here is another tip. Your beds should be dismantled by the last couple of days before the actual day, just mattresses on the floor by then, and keep a few flat bed sheets aside for this. Lay out a sheet, lay your clothes out on the sheet in stack 2 people can carry. fold the sheet over shut and carry out to a car (like a dead body lol ) by 2 people on the ends. you can stack them in the truck too. no folding no taking hangers off. Daughter can even put her own clothes back into her closet on her own. Or the 2 people carrying the clothes can actually hang that stack up and walk away... done! You can even identify who clothes are who's by the sheet you use. Susie has the Barbie sheet, Johnny has the Trucks, Mommy has the flowers. Making everything identifiable so nothing has to get opened up to figure out what's in it. If you don't feel well and have lots of help, you can sit on a chair in the door way and direct boxes and helpers to the appropriate rooms and not over stress. You are the only one who knows which room is Susie's, Johnny's and yours.
Hope this will help you lower the stress of that day. After all you have made laugh so many times! I wish I was closer I would be there to help you move!! JB
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JB ----- Thank you so much for those handy tips!!! I wish you were around too - if only to share the celebratory moving-in drinks on unpacking day. That'd be a cack. (laugh, in Aussie lingo )

I really like the sheets/clothes idea! I'm afraid I'm not organised enough to also steal your extensive listing concept, but I am now motivated to at least tag the boxes with some sort of contents reference...

At least 1/4 of my personal belongings (I actually suspect the percentage might be higher) are books, so there's already quite a few massive boxes marked.. funnily enough .. "books".

We went over to sign the lease today and checked out the available spaces for Things which Must Fit. I have a few very large bookcases that are always difficult to place and with (well over) 3,000 books, these shelves are a main priority (the TV just gets slotted somewhere in between them, if we happen to have room)...

We also did the "who gets what room" thing today. My room is green. Very, very... green. And on one wall there's a mural of --- fish --- made out of many gaily coloured stickers. Daughter thinks this both fortuitous and hilarious. I, however, think I will be investing in a bottle of solvent and some paint swatches, pronto.

This house is (to say the least) not fancy at all, and in (many) places in need of a fresh paint (we do have permission to paint whatever colours we'd like) -- and the former tenants clearly did not take very good care of it at all.

Poor old house. It has a nice feel to it, though, and I am sure that between Daughter, Irish and I we'll make it a lovely home in no time.

Daughter's room is TINY (and currently an eyeball-searing shade of aqua) - but then - she also has the Shed.

Now, this Shed isn't just any old backyard storage facility. It's an Awesome Shed, which has been converted to a teenage lair, probably by a pile of teenaged boys. It's very large and cosy, with a whole wall of lovely big windows and not-too-horrid carpet on the floor. Brilliant for Daughter & pals to hang out in after school, for sleepovers, general noisy activity, etc.

I really wanted the Shed for myself (FISHROOM KTHX), but it seems probable that we'll have to find a third paying housemate to enable us all to have a bit of extra cash, and so Daughter gets the tiny room-plus-Shed package and that means..... :( no fish room for Aus.

I DO have a wonderful inbuilt space for the strohi tank in my room, though, and the rest of the smaller tanks can be strewn here and there, living room, maybe one in the kitchen.... AND I have a lovely sun room by the back door! There's a power outlet there, and room for.... maybe.... some plant stands for sundews and other carnivores... a couple of little NPT's ... mayyyybe ... a pleco tank....

We popped past the pet supplies store to ogle the bettas and goldfish (Daughter is quite serious about owning two fancy goldfish soonish, and plans on saving her pennies and birthday monies for a 35 gallon tank and pair of Eheim canisters for them, in preparation) --- and there was this HUGE and rather depressed-looking common pleco in a long tank with some cichlids who'd mistaken him for a log.

He looked so terribly resigned to a fate filled with a severe lack of things which might bring a pleco contentment: yummy driftwood to gnaw, space to really swim, the absence of annoying little fish who like to use him as a sofa, etc. I felt awfully sorry for him.

So, of course, I found myself thinking: pleco tank.

We'll see. I may have not have the means of keeping any more tanks at all for quite some time, what with rent being what it is these days (a pox on you, former Prime Minister John Howard, and your stupidly-unfriendly-to-those-not-rolling-in-kickbacks 'economic growth'!) and this house in more than a little need of some TLC in the decorating department.

We've set aside time tomorrow for that that iconic Aussie occasion which most of us Antipodeans must deal with, at some point in our lives.

Yes, dear readers, on the morrow it is 'Facing Hordes of Large &/or Potentially Deadly Spiders Out In The Shed Day', wherein Irish and I must don layers of protective clothing, arm ourselves with several cans of highly efficient bug spray, and get to sorting out all the stuff I have in storage out there before then imbibing a soothing gallon or two of Irish Cream in order to banish crawlies, heebie-jeebies and creeps alike from out our shattered psyches.

Oh, the joys of relocating.

JB, I am pretty sure that if the coffee gets left behind, you'll hear my reaction from across the Pacific.

I apologise in advance for any overy colourful words.


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Irish and I managed to survive the Shed of Doom and actually found very few spiders and only a couple of quite small deadly ones. I can still smell the flyspray.. ugh, I hate it. I'm one of those people who can't breathe around sprays, and anyway they're horrible for the environment so I far prefer a stout boot-sole as the solution to fast-moving, poisonous critters with many legs.

I'm so darned weary right now. But the small shed is cleared out, and 90% of the kitchen is packed. Tomorrow Daughter and I will finish up our bedrooms and start in with the serious cleaning. Irish is off work on Wed, Thur and Fri, which is beyond awesome for shuffling boxes around to make things easier on the removalists (and thus cheaper for us), and a few friends and rellies are coming to lend us a hand late in the week and then help us deplete a couple of cocktail mixes with our nothing's-upacked-yet fish and chip dinner on Friday night.

Cupboards, I must say, are really annoying.

Every time I think, "Oh, lookie, almost done here!" I open another cupboard full of stuff I've haven't actually had use for since grunge was the latest In Thing.

AND yet MORE blasted UFO books.. I have absolutely NO idea where they all came from originally. I've been carting them around for maybe 15 years thinking that one day I'll be bored enough to sit down read a few.

Somehow, mysteriously, I have acquired not three but FOUR large-ish boxes full of unread UFO and more-than-slightly-speculative paranormal books dating from the 1950's to present. I swear there was only three last time we moved, and suspect they may be multiplying.

We're going to have one heck of a garage sale in a few weeks:

"400+ UFO books, 600 self-help and children's books, several tons of quartz crystals and sundry minerals for sale -- plus one slightly worn, not-quite-middle-aged fishkeeper for free lease with temporary agistment. Handsome unmarried owners of tropical resorts and/or Hugh Jackman are welcome make an offer."


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Haha, I love your garage sale 'ad'.

I also think books do reproduce. I swear my bookshelf had room to spare but apparently not as books just keep piling around it. Ah well.

I think items also reproduce as every few months I have to clear out my room of all sorts of things that have just 'appeared.' How strange, yes?

Anyway good luck on the move! If I lived closer to you I'd help you out. Just remember that all the hard work you have to put into moving will end up with all of you in a nice new home.

The...ah...sticker mural sounds interesting. o-o Although a fish mural could look really amazing. Maybe you should put your wonderful art skills to work?

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Haha, BLT. "Interesting" is a good word for it.

I'll probably end up ripping the lot off and repainting the room at some point. All of the rooms need painting, but as I actually enjoy doing so I'm sort of looking forward to it.. and having permission to paint as we like is really cool.

Daughter wants her room to be lilac.

The movers are booked for Saturday lunchtime, as they were all booked up for Friday.. I'd have preferred Friday. But oh, well. An extra day for packing/cleaning is okay too.

Thing is, my cousin is coming Thursday night to help move the fish. So I am thinking that we should:

- Move all the smaller betta tanks over on Thursday and set them up temporarily in the kitchen (where they won't be in the way of the movers).

- Take most of the strohi's driftwood/plants over in a big bucket, also temp housed in the kitchen.

- Pray very hard that nothing goes wrong with the small tanks between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.

- Empty the strohi tank Saturday morning, put substrate in a sealed bucket for the removalists to take in the truck.

- Take the strohi + inverts over in bags inside two buckets on Saturday, when we go to the new place.

If I get buckets with lids, I can stick the buckets in a big tub of water with a heater to keep the buckets warm for the fishies and shrimps, etc, for Saturday night - and deal with setting up the 3 ft on Sunday (as I think we'll all be quite pooped by Saturday night).

Or I may just interrogate the snails, in order to discover their secret method of teleportation.


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Ah, good to see your move is going smoothly! My families renovating our house right now, in preparation to move to another house soon, so I'll definitley look to these last few posts as words of encouragement.

As for your snails, I do feel your pain. At one stage I had six Ramshorn snails wondering around my tank when the day before I had had one. Snails seem to be masters of disguise, or so it seems!

Oh, PS: Magnum, you're very welcome to visit if you're ever in Melbourne! Then you can see the tanks! :D
Yay! Hopefully my mum and I are going away soon for some daughter/mother time. Maybe I'll convince her to go to Melbourne, although I have an extreme fear of planes. If you don't mind me asking, how old is Daughter? Just out of curiousness, as I'm sixteen and I'm yet to find anyone my age that is into fishkeeping. No need to answer if you feel uncomfy, there are some strange people on the internet!

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Daughter is almost 14 (in about six weeks). I can't believe it, really.. how time flies!

Melbourne's a lovely city. And with a lot of nice cafes and places to see. I'm really hoping to scrape up the cash a few weeks after this move for a trip to the aquarium and the art gallery, as Daughter hasn't been to either of them yet. The zoo is also very good, but the walking around necessary might be a bit much for me, after all this strenuous stuff moving house (it can take a month for my legs to stop hurting after I overdo it.. oy).

It'd be very worth going to visit Exotic Aquatic, another place I must get to soon. LBF swears by it and I hear they have some amazing display tanks there.

One thing I hate about not driving is not being able to ferry guests around, but if you don't mind trams and buses, you and your Mum would be very welcome to stay for a weekend if you do come down to Melbourne. We don't know many fish people either (I did meet LBF of course, she is very nice :) ) so it would be lovely to meet some others. We're about 10 mins from the airport, and 35 mins or so from the city on the slowpoke tram, and not very far at all from both the zoo and Vic Market. If you look up 'Fawkner cemetery' we are just a stone's throw from it (not that we've actually thrown a stone over there or anything.. >> ).

Our little household might be a teensy bit geekish and odd (wait til you meet Irish, he is the very definition of 'odd' - perhaps he'll be wearing his bowler hat and goggles, though I sincerely hope not..) but we're certainly not creepy internet people!

As for snails.. oh my gosh. I turned Cole's light on today and there must be at least forty teensy babies in there. I squinted at them really hard, and I am pretty sure most are ramshorns, with a few pond snails, what I hope are some baby MTS and maybe even a few blond snails.

I really do not think I can bring myself to squish them. So I might just re-use some of the plastic moving tubs and make some outdoor snail sanctuaries, lol.


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Just one of those moments..

It's 3am. I have insomnia, being a little overtired, and am relaxing by reading and posting on my favourite fish forum.

The strohi tank has its lights on, as it didn't have much lights-on time today. As I finished my last post I glanced up to the tank, which is opposite the end of my bed. The water level's a little lower than usual, as I have to empty it in a few days. The fish are mostly asleep, aside from one who is hunting among the reeds and little Peeka who is in the fork of the tall driftwood, which is her territory, staring back at me.

The plants are thriving, as green as green gets. The moss, in growing, is covered in glistening, brilliant green tips, which gives the illusion of it sparkling. The wood is a dark contrast, and Om-nomnom the pleco is wagtailing his way around the bottom of Peeka's log, fat as a pup and merry as ever. The Darwins are shrimping about, as shrimps do.

Everything in there is so beautifully alive.

I love being a fishkeeper. And in moments like this, I can only be thankful that I have the means and the opportunity to do so - because this little bit of nature I've transplanted into my room makes me feel intimately connected to the world in a way that people do not.

And with that happy thought, I think I may attempt to get a little sleep. =)


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Originally Posted by Aus View Post
I love being a fishkeeper. And in moments like this, I can only be thankful that I have the means and the opportunity to do so - because this little bit of nature I've transplanted into my room makes me feel intimately connected to the world in a way that people do not.
Snaps fingers. Thats it! I was searching for a time the reason why i get excited with that water bowl of mine (thats what i call the aquarium) and why i feel kinda depressed now that i have to leave it behind (along side my betta).


Heres to hopping that i will find a job in that northern country soon and build a new one!

EDIT: BTW i might not comment much but i read this thread and i like both your poetry and your general disposition. Also i am happy that you found a suitable house. I know how it is since i grew up without even a room to call me own.

Keep inspiring us!

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Hey Aus, have you ever thought about attending one of the Victorian Betta club meetings? I don't go but I know a few people from AusAqua who do and they are always badgering for me to come along so it mustn't be too bad.

Just thought I'd suggest it since you said you hadn't met any other fish people.

EA is awesome. I was there the other day getting some celestial pearl danios and some moss. Although I think my mum and Adrian were about to have a punch on over what dog he is going to get haha. It's a really nice presented store with lots of cool scaping stuff and awesome little nano suitable fish and shrimp.

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