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Which do you use?

What plants (or plant) do you have for your betta? I just bought a plant and within two weeks it died and gave my fish a small bacteria infection (stuff started clinging to his fins..) Since my plant is now dead and gone: what plants do you have?

Last time I didn't know what i was looking for and the guy in the fish area said, " all plants work." I don't trust anyone that doesn't actually own a betta anymore..

I have a small tank of 1 1/2 gallons, filter and heater- if that even matters to plants :p
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it all depends on your lighting, rule of thumb is 2 watts/gallon of a flourescent bulb something from 5000-7000K with 6500 being average.

what is in my tank right now is:: Moneywort, anarchis, aquatic banana, and rotala indica, and java fern, and frogbit. They are all pretty nice plants, easy to care for although I wouldnt recommend rotala of any species because it seems to be pretty fragile.
What I have ordered:: anubias nana, pellia, lace java fern, java moss, hornwort, water sprite, water wisteria, and giant duckweed. -- bought all these because they are low to moderate light plants, pretty good beginner plants, and all but the duckweed and hornwort come highly recommended (duckweed covers the tank pretty fast and hornwort sheds its leaves too easily)

I suggest to start out with stem plants, and maybe some anubias and java fern.
I am also a beginner plant keeper so I cant give too much advice, but this is what I have that works for me and what I ordered because I think it'll work for me.

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I am new here, but not new to plants. However, sometimes I have differing opinions from others on this forum. SO take my advice with a grain of salt.

It's always good to start simple...try an anubias plants or a simple java fern...you can get these in a tube at petsmart or wherever, and they don't cost too terribly much. These plants would benefit from being tied onto driftwood or a rock, or else they won't grow quite as well and be knocked around during water changes. Put them in the middle-ish of the tank and see how they do. In a while, you might even want to experiment with a liquid fertilizer for the plants, but you have to be careful to dose correctly. There's no hurry, go slowly rather than too fast.

These plants are unlikely to really rot or die quickly (if they did, you'd have a really big problem), so they should work. Judging on how they do, you can expand to different types of plants.

Even though I have a whole ton of plants in my tanks, I continue to really love the look of anubias and java ferns, and the relative ease of caring for them. These are great starter plants, and I think you'll really enjoy them.
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I have found that for me, the low light plants tend to die off and the higher light plants thrive. I'm not sure why because my lighting does not qualify as medium or high light.

Anubias is low light and easy to find - it's one of the tube plants from petco that really is aquatic. It doe snot get planted but needs to be tied to rock or driftwood. Cabomb is pretty nice but Im not sure if its low or high light plant. It can be planted or left to float.

The ones I have in my tank

green foxtail
red foxtail
amazon sword
various anubias
water sprite
duckweed - I order like 2 cups but it always goes missing. I think the filter sucks it up on me
an a few others


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you need to make sure you have the correct lighting, ignore the watts/gallon rule as it doesnt actually work out the way it is supposed too. What light do you have? A cheap desk light with a daylight curly bulb would work well for you.

All plants will be safe with a betta, the trick is if the plant dies take it out immediately and it wont cause any issues.
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