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What plants do bettas enjoy?

The title says it all: What plants do you find bettas enjoy? I have a 5.5 gallon long, divided tank I would like to convert to live plants, as I prefer live to fake and have a lighting fixture laying around and being wasted from a dismantled 10g tall that had been planted Obviously this means they can be high lighting requirements, but I don't want any that require CO2 systems, as the only one I have I don't trust to use.

I have gravel as substrate, with some boiled smooth, fancy rocks and fake 'silk' plants as decorations. The only live plant I have in there now is an Amazon Sword, who's life almost ended when I accidentally mutilated it when moving my other fish to a bigger tank. It *was* a nice top growth on a much more beautiful, tall plant, but since there was a good bunch of roots sticking out I figured i'd try planting this severed part in the 5.5g and see if it would live. And anyway, if it does live, it'll need to go into a bigger tank. <<;

I'll be honest, i'm no plant expert, even if I have mostly planted tanks. So it's probably best not to suggest anything that is suuuper picky, it'd be a 50/50 chance of survival

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With a tank that size I would suggest smaller species. The amazon sword will grow very large. Try anubias, java fern, or java moss. They are all hardy and grow well in low light. If you want to invest in a stronger aquarium light that will open up the possibilities to plants that need medium to high lighting. One that I love is pygmy chain sword.
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Try dwarf hygro, this is super hardy plant, its pretty hard to kill it. You can be given just a stem and it will grow leaves again, its pretty hard to kill. Its very fast growing and use up lots of nitrogen which is always good. My grows an extra inch every week.

I also recommend hornwort for the same reasons.

Just bunch them up and it makes a great chair for any betta!
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Yes, I know it will grow too large, it will be replanted into my 20g with it's 'mother' plant..if it lives ^^; I also have quite a strong aquarium light. It is the fixture from an old Fluval Flora, which I successfully grew several plants in before with only that light.

The Java ferns at my local LFS all seem horrid looking and brown, every shipment, so I don't want to get any of those..I tried to bring one back to life before..Yeah, didn't work <<; I was wondering if a Marimo moss carpet would be possible with gravel substrate? If so, what is the best way to create one?

I love the look of microsword and pygmy chain sword..I think I actually have the latter in my 20g, but i'm not sure- they were sold to me a 'grass', haha. My LFS doesn't label their selection most of the time, so the identification is left to me. Yikes. The thing with the 'grassy' looking plants, they arn't very leafy..? Would bettas really enjoy a plant they can't 'sit on' or hide behind?
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@Darkangel - I love the look of both of those plants! I'll be sure to check if there are any ^^ Still wondering about the leaf thing, though..The dwarf hygro does look more leafy. I adore the idea of a plant carpet, but i've never managed to make one. Any suggestions on creating something like that..?

Edit: Oh, anubias are leafy..I'll definitely look for those too :) For whatever reason I read that as 'anacharis', which I have and don't really enjoy. Need to get my eyes checked lol

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Get some frogbit! It's like catnip to bettas, I swear. :)
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Sounds great! I don't recall ever seeing it around here though, hn..
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Cabomba is my Bettas' favorite sleeping spot. You can float or anchor. It grows fast so I have to trim mine frequently.

Cholla! Cholla! Cholla! Desert Driftwood Soon To Reopen
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Marimo moss carpet might be hard to achieve since it is such a slow grower. Java moss is typically used as a carpet. Java moss is a slow grower too but it clings better than marimo moss. I had my marimo moss tied on to driftwood for close to a year and the threads that attached were too weak to bind it fully.

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seconding the java moss, my betta loves it & it's hard to kill. i used to have it growing really long on my driftwood, and my betta would stick himself in it to rest. he also likes the anubias nana a lot because it has broad, horizontal leaves he can rest on, but it's another slow grower, so i would spring for one that's already been grown pretty large if you buy an anubias. re: the frogbit, there are always a few people selling it on ebay at a pretty reasonable price, ime. once it gets going it really explodes, lol.
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