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I've dealt with blue-green algae twice now, and I don't know if this will work for you, but...

In the first tank that got it, it was in an isolated area of long stems, so I just manually removed it and did a blackout for a couple of days. The plants were fine without light for that period of time, nothing was lost except the algae-fied clippings, haha.

In the second tank that got it, it was everywhere! Luckily only on the top portions of the plants, so I just cut it all out, basically. The tank looked rather bare, but things will grow back. This time I blacked out for a full four days. Again, the plants were fine during that period, so I wouldn't worry too much about depriving your plants of light for a couple of days!

So far I haven't seen a recurrence of the stuff in either of the tanks that have been affected by BGA. With blackouts, you've gotta remember that people ship plants all the time and they survive, so do what you gotta do to get rid of the algae.

I hope that helped somewhat, I haven't had my coffee yet so may not be quite coherent enough to explain stuff. >.<

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What kind of snails are you using?
I have MTS for my gravel and they've gone right to work. I don't even think they sleep.

Somebody else on here will know, but I think MTS will take to sand, from what I've read. Anybody know first-hand?

If not MTS, then maybe you could borrow some plecos from somebody? I bet they'd eat it.

Also something I can't speak for but just an idea, you may try loaches. I know they like sand and I've heard they munch anything on the bottom.

I just think there's probably a safer alternative then throwing chemicals in there.

Good luck!
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I have nerite snails in my tank with the bga problem. They eat the bga from the glass and plants, but not from the sand. I have MTS in my 55 gallon with soil/sand substrate and they love it. I think I'd need a lot of them in my 10 gallon, though, enough to mix up the sand and keep bga from blanketing the surface of the sand.

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the bga growing like crazy in the tank that i treated with peroxide. now i got it covered in a blanket for a black out for a week. we will see what will happen.

i also got some hornwort out of a tub from outside. it has bga. i rinsed them in tap water and then put them in dechlorinated water. i can see pieces of bga. i put them in a jar and put them in a storage locker. i will keep it there for a week and see what happens.

next i will order some excel and do some experiments =)
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I might end up doing fake plants in that tank and move the real ones to my 55 gal. That way I can block out the sunlight during the day when I'm not home, and then put on the tank lights once the direct sunlight has moved. Right now my plants are doing poorly because it gets direct sunlight for a couple of hours (causing the BGA), but the rest of the day there's not enough light to keep my plants alive. If I leave the tank lights on in addition to the direct sunlight, my plants do ok, but the algae gets worse.

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finally see the bga getting less. its gonna prob be a 2 week blackout
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Erythromycin is a great treatment for blue-green algae. I've used it twice on two different tanks and it's like a charm.

Just follow the instructions on the package. I used API's Erythromycin.

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ive used ethromycin as well which did work but killed one cory. it is also cost about $10 or so to treat about 20 gals. so im looking for something that works that doesnt cost that much.

so i have heard that for some people black outs work. i have now blacked out my 20 gal that was very infested with bga for 2 weeks. looks like the bga has disappeared but i still see some kinds of algae on there. hope its not bga. the fish and plants are still alive. plants are more yellowish then green. ill post in a week or so if it comes back.
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I have used products meant for reef aquariums, Red Slime Remover specifically, to eradicate that dark blue-green slime algae in a small betta tank I have. I am a little apprehensive about putting straight Erythromycin in established tanks. I know RSR has antibiotics in it, but I've never had any issues using it.

Also, be wary of cross-contamination with your other tanks, it can transfer easier than you would think.

I know that stuff is a pain, hope you have success getting rid of it!
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Here is a site with all the algaes and cures , I would suggest finding the cause of the blue green algae and keep it from coming back, just getting rid of it to have it come back is just not much fun
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algae , bga , blue-green algae

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