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Let me introduce you to Simeon.

Everytime I went to Petsmart to pick up some supplies and things to pamper my now FOUR bettas (and that seemed crazy, who has FOUR bettas?! That is excessive! Haha.) I would see this same pretty betta each visit. He was labeled halfmoon dumbo. He was so gorgeous I figured someone would buy him and that would be that. I was surprised, each week I went into Petsmart I would look for him and there he would be! After week 4 he started to lose color and his fins looked shorter each time I came in. What was a beautiful fish with a hope and a future was quickly fading. His water always looked clean at least. After he had been there well over a month, I took a picture of him. I left. But I kept looking at his picture. I decided I had to get him. I really liked him anyways, I was just hoping someone else without a houseful of bettas already would get him!

I named him Simeon ("hearing", for his big ears).

I am happy to have him. He is loads of cute. And way spoiled.

Here he is, after weeks of waiting for me to give in/ come to my senses:

And his awesome home:

Simeon's tank is by far my favorite. I love how it looks. The plants don't seem impressed with the LED lights however. I am going to have to do something different. He loves that Topfin root. This is the only tank I have bought, all others were given to me. This one is a 20 gallon Topfin "kit" from Petsmart. I like all of it except the lighting...what to do, what to do. I have Flora-Max substrate with Seachem's root tabs in there. Oh, and that red fabric is a "curtain". I put curtains up on all their tanks at night and take them down in the morning. Don't laugh.

And a closeup:

Now, he was labeled as a "halfmoon" and I think his tail was pretty long and full when he first arrived at Petsmart. But it hasn't grown much or any since I have had him. ?? I was expecting him to recover like Hatzie did (and he was nowheres NEAR as bad off as poor Hatzalla was, I was just expecting Simeon's tail to grow I mean). But even if Simeon's tail stays short I am totally fine with that. I really like plakats.

So, that is Simeon! My 5th and last betta. I got him July 27th and managed not to buy anymore bettas since then. Heh. I think it is safe to say once you have 5, anything is possible...
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