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Twinkie is the first betta to come into our family. We have had him a year and a half. My husband and daughter had gone to WalMart and came home with him. And a 1 gallon bowl, some rainbow gravel, a rainbow "castle" and some flakes. I didn't know anything about fish keeping, but somehow kept him alive. I hated that bowl from the get-go. I actually moved him outside in the summer and he was in an actual pool, like an above ground pool. Just with like half a foot of water in it, well water. It was probably 10 feet across. He ruled that thing all summer. When fall came I brought Twinkie back in the house and had him in a big plastic tub with a heater and lots and lots of toys. He was our only betta and got ALL the attention. Now Twinkie is in a 10 gallon glass aquarium. We just love him. I had no idea fish could be so amazing! He loves human interaction. He loves mosquito larva. And he absolutely loves playing in the bubble stream from his airstone! He will put the tip of his tail in the bubbles and get "sucked" into it, do twists as he is floating up and then ride the current as fast as he can. Or he will enter the bubbles from the top and swim down. He loves his bubbles and is in them constantly. None of my other bettas play with the air stones!


So technically Twinkie is my daughter's betta. She wanted a pink fish- she got one! And purple gravel. Twinkie was all pink but he developed purple/plum spots on his fins at around 1 year old. He has beautiful blue eyes. His tail got sucked into his filter so I cut a glove up and put the finger over the filter intake. So far so good. I think I am going to give that "driftwood" ornament to Hatzallah and get a colorful coral Topfin ornament (fake) for Twinkie. He gets all the girly bright stuff. That is the life of a pink betta.

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