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Thank you, adlemsi and Dangerous. :) I enjoy reading about your bettas too.

Twinkie's coral was on sale! Picked that up. I think it looks really good in his tank. He has enjoyed exploring it.

After having Twinkie for a year, we were walking through Petsmart which had just opened in our town (so exciting!). There were female bettas! We never saw females before in a store. I texted my husband "they have feeeeeeemales bettas!" and he returned "get one". Well, okay! He probably didn't realize I would keep getting them...ah hem. So! We picked out a turquoise one. She was sooooo small. My son claimed her on the way home and my daughter started crying. Then they were both upset. In the end, my son won and the betta became officially "his pet". He named her Stormy. I think this was back in...April? She is much bigger now. Probably tripled in size. Still small compared to the boys though.

Stormy's tank is right next to Twinkie. They can see each other quite well but for the most part just ignore each other. Occasionally she will tease him and he will put his gills out.

She is extremely difficult to photograph. She is constantly zipping around.

And her pretty tail:

And now you have met everyone! Twinkie, Stormy, Hatzallah, Antigua and Simeon.

Something noteworthy to mention about Stormy's tank is that volcano. I tried making it into a filter and I am pretty sure it is working. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 20ish nitrates by around day 11 is usually when I do water change for her. I filled the volcano with media balls and the bottom with filter foam/pad thing. The airstone pulls water through. I think the shape of the volcano is what makes it work so well. Oh, it is hard to see in the picture, it is behind the cherry blossom tree...
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