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The Making of a Fish Fanatic

Enter a young typical girl who wants more than her two cats, a girl who wants a puppy. Of course, her parents are against the idea, her mother does not like dogs, and her father says the cats would most certainly hate having a dog, especially since they are already in the double digits in age. Her father had kept many aquariums as a child and longed to have another tank, so for Christmas, he got his daughter, and son, a fish tank to fuel his childhood passion. This tank was filled with fish very quickly (after the standard 24-hour "cycling" time) and after a few years grew to two tanks, with cichlids in one tank. Eventually after a good few years, the father decided it was too much work to keep up the tanks on his own since his children wouldn't help, so he stopped buying new fish after the old ones died. Eventually, one tank cleared and the other sat with one pleco (his son's fish from when the tank was first set up) all alone and always hiding. Eventually, the father took the fish out and brought it to Petco and took down the tank.
After the fall of the two tanks, computer monitors took their place and the girl grew older, missing the fish she once had. In high school, she learned of a project that the Environmental Science class did: the fish project. This project consisted of having a betta living off of a plant in a 2-liter bottle of pond water. As soon as she heard this, she decided to take the class. As senior year grew near, she grew more and more excited that she was finally going to have a fish again. Well, the project changed slightly and the betta was replaced with a zebra danio, but she stood strong, getting her supplies and setting up the bottle of pond dirt and water and shoving in the danio. Most of the students in the class lost their fish within the first two days, and those who didn't lose them the first two days lost them sometime else the first week. But, one fish and the entire class lived and it was hers. Two days before she could take him out she went and bought a one-gallon tank and as soon as she could, she dumped him into the tap water filled tank. Two hours later, he died.
Not even a month later, her class did another project with fish. This time, they watched goldfish at different temperatures struggling to breathe. At the end of the day, the fish were going to be fed to a turtle, but in an effort to save them, one of her friends took the last three fish, bringing the girl two of them. The girl promptly put them in her one-gallon tank that still had not been conditioned (though the water had been changed). The two fish lasted almost a week, dying only one day apart. The girl was devastated and left the tank running for days.
Senior year ended, and the chance of freedom was on the horizon. The girl knew that not living at home meant she could have a fish. She did some research on keeping bettas in a dorm and was convinced she could just stick it in her tank and it would live.
Time passed and the first semester ended. After excitedly remembering her idea, she convinced her roommate to get a betta as well. Of course, her roommate thought it would be a great idea to get a baby from her local Petco because then they could watch it grow. So, after visiting he house one weekend, they stopped at Petco and picked up a baby betta and drove two hours back to campus.
This time, the girl was more prepared and had conditioner and the fish didn't die right away. While researching baby bettas soon after buying it, she discovered this forum and learned more about fish than she ever had before. Because of this forum, her fish is now in a filtered and heated 10-gallon tank, she is obsessed with fish, and she will be buying another betta and dividing the tank next week.
That girl is me and that is my story.

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My Journal: The Making of a Fish Fanatic
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