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The Uglies Spawn Log

In the past I have had little-to-no success in the past with breeding bettas. I got one pair to spawn (it was a small spawn) but only had one stunted fry in the end. I had numerous failed attempts at spawning. Realizing I might have been over-complicating things, I decided to experiment with an inexpensive pair of Petco bettas. The female was almost white when I bought her, with just a few speckles of green. After marbling she is mostly green now (to my dismay). The male is a piebald blue DT. They appear to be still somewhat young, not adult-sized. But, hey, the more "into it" they'll be, not like the old fart I used first time around.

I have a heavily planted twenty gallon breeder which I kept the female in for a week after purchasing. The male was bought later that week. The night I bought him he was a very pale color, obviously stressed. So without thinking, I dumped him into the twenty gallon. When seeing the female, he turned dark blue in a matter of minutes. Seeing as how they were the least violent of all my pairs, I left them in there, figuring if they spawn then they spawn.

Two days later I caught their last spawn. He blew the bubble nest under a banana lily leaf. The height of the nest was impressive. I had one male make his nest on the fly and another think that bubbles should be scattered and not clustered. I took the female out that night (last night) and am expecting fry Sunday morning (80*F water).

This log will be more for my benefit, a place to keep track of everything and to look back on for future spawns. Expect lots of pictures!

Here is mum (crappy picture before cleaning the tank, sorry) and dad:
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meow ^~^
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