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So two weeks ago, I added a divider to my 10-gallon tank using poster hangers (a little wider than the report slider things that I couldn't find) and craft mesh. I added Squirt (my tiny little baby girl) to the left side and she stayed there, so when my new betta Eric came in, he went into the right side. He has been in there for 1.5 weeks with no problems until tonight. I came back from my choir concert 10 minutes ago to find Eric on the left side of the tank. Thankfully Squirt is totally fine and doesn't even appear too stressed (her tail turns metallic whens she is stressed).
There is no room for Eric to jump (even if there was, he would have to jump over an inch to even get to the top) or squeeze through anywhere (plus the divider is in the same position as before I left, so it wasn't moved), my roommate swears she didn't move him (I did ask her politely), and our room was locked so no one else could do it.
What has gone wrong? I am going to try and move Eric into my 1-gallon. I just ordered him a 1.5-gallon and supplies to make a sponge filter for when I have to take the 10-gallon down to move out, so I can move him there once it comes in on either Friday or Monday. I guess Eric will live in temporary housing until summer and then I will get him a plain 5-gallon and leave Squirt in the 10-gallon with a tankmate or two.
Also, should I be worried about them mating at all? I don't think they did as there is no bubble nest and they were only together for a max of 4 hours.
Why do I have so many problems?

This was also posted in another thread.

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