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Red face Blue Marble Koi PK x Marble Koi HMPK

Say hello to Zoolander and Zootopia! This is my first foray into breeding. I fell in love with these colors and their shape (though there is definitely room for improvement!). I just picked them up yesterday. They were both imported from a Thailand breeder. Currently they are in little quarantine tanks recovering from their journey. I have two 5 gallon tanks set up for them (though they are both finishing up their nitrogen cycle while the guys are in Q). This will be my log of this process.

Pairing: Blue and White Marble Koi PK male (he was advertised as HMPK but I don't think he is a full HM, maybe genes tho) x Blue White Marble Koi HMPK female.

Goals: To create a line of well formed, HMPK koi in the blue and white color markings. I want to breed out any red and reduce black as much as possible. I am going to call this particular line Qing Hua, or "Blue Flowers", after the inspiration of cobalt Chinese porcelain.

Set Up:
- 10 gal spawning and fry grow out tank (to conserve space I hope to only use this for now)
- Two 5 gal home tanks for the parents
- Book shelf for jarred male juvies
- Two 2L bottles for home made BBS hatchery
- Adjustable valves to make hatchery
- Aquarium tubing for hatchery
- Sponge filter for fry tank

Still Needed:
- Jars. I was thinking of getting these plastic tubs? They are what I've seen restaurants put soup in. (amazon link)
- Reptile Heat Tape. I haven't been able to source any locally so I'm probably gonna resort to buying online. Though my tank water is 80F without the heater in my house... I keep it pretty warm.
- Baby Brine Shrimp
- Air pump for hatchery
- Plants for fry tank (I hear most people use hornwart? My LFS doesn't carry it, but they do have anacharis)
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