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Re-scaped 35 community, awaiting my pea puffers!

Yes I know dwarf puffers are not exactly recommend for community tanks, I have a spare 10g for the pair if the community tank doesn't work.

My plants were haphazardly poked around in the tank, it was a mess after the snails got finished... I had a huge explosion of rams and bladder snails and it decimated my sprouting tiger lotus and dwarf lilies,killed half of my jungle Val and a portion of my camboba. I was NOT happy. I threw out many of the snails and rearranged the tank, baffled the filter and cleaned up all the dead plants. My corys have the rocks and terracotta pots if they decide to spawn ^^ my guppy fry have the hornwort and camboba to hide in, 3 larger dwarf lillys survived and a ton of smaller ones have sprouted, the original tiger lotus plants are dead but the bulb sprouted a new plant that looks amazing.!

I'm going to be dividing my camboba and the lilies and lotus will spread out creating much more cover. I keep separating the plants with good roots from the bulbs^^ so I'm going to have so many to spread out my other tanks after the move. I'm not quite happy with the way it looks but as everything bushes out and grows it's go to look wonderful.!
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