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Oooh, those gups sound pretty! I understand the snail trouble- I have mini rams and bladder snails rampant in my tanks. Blech. They've been recently attacking my broad-leaf ludwigia and I am not pleased.
Where did you get the guppies? I love puffers, can't wait to see how they work out in your tank. When do they come?

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Sam-Blue/Green VT (petsmart rescue).
Luc- white/black piebald marble HM
Caspar-pink/grey dragonscale VT (Petsmart rescue)
Guppy-Nickolas+ 3 unnamed blue males.
Endlers: Valentine (M red bar) and three Japan Blue females +JB fry.

Corydoras- black diamond, salt and pepper, bronze, pygmy, dwarf spotted.
9 !pt/chili rasboras
Nerite/assassin snails
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