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Picture Alexander Hamilfin
Hamilfin is the newest member of my fish family. He is also currently living with me in my dorm room. I was not planning on getting a new betta, but I had to do an emergency rescue from Walmart when I saw that he was on the brink of death and had severe fin rot. He is now happy and healthy with a feisty attitude to complement his ginger status.
DanaeLeigh 7 Yesterday 11:42 PM
Picture Disko
Disko is my oldest Betta, and he has the most amazing personality. He is always trying to see what I am doing at my desk and has a healthy appetite for his blood worm snack.
DanaeLeigh 5 Yesterday 11:36 PM
Picture Meet Neroin
The drawing of my profile photo I did today of him. Neroin is a half blind one eyed fish that is a split tail halfmoon dumbo betta. This silly fish will never let you catch him for water changes! He absolutly loves it when you interact with the tank! When ever I clean up with my turkey baster he swims right up to it to play dodge with it! Now I use it to entertain him for a little bit a little bit for play time! I have had him about a week and a half and he already responds to me when I talk to the tank! He knows i have something planned! I show him my art and he studdys it or I put tape balls all over the glass if the tank and he swimms from one to the next wondering what in the world is going on, or I blow bubbles through toobing to make him happy! I cant believe how much. Charactor this little fish has!
NeroBubbles 4 Yesterday 01:04 AM
Picture My Bettas
Mostly phone pics-- not the best quality;;
Nerite 20 01-20-2017 10:23 AM
Picture Tuigirls Tanks
Just set up a new tank, and got a new fish! Yay!
Tuigirl 37 01-17-2017 02:10 PM
Picture Cheryl Waters-Waters' waters
my first venture into aquaponics and fish ownership. wish me luck!
youbettawerk 10 01-16-2017 06:10 PM
Picture Unamed DTHM
frospike38 5 01-13-2017 06:16 PM
Picture Rubeus
frospike38 3 01-12-2017 05:50 AM
Picture Black Copper betta(s)
My soon to be bred Copper and Black copper Hm's
Copper Betta 1 01-05-2017 05:09 AM
Picture My Betta Boys (Flame and Mystic)
My Betta's tanks and photos. Flame is an Orange and Blue (VT), Mystic is a (TT)Half Moon. Both are a pleasure to watch and have very healthy appetites.
Betta20165 11 01-04-2017 08:34 PM
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