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Betta fish are beautiful. With their vibrant colors and long, flowing tails, betta splendens are thought by many to be some of the nicest looking freshwater fish around. It is often said that betta fish require very little relative to other fish in order to survive and thrive; whereas most fish may require elaborate setups with filters, skimmers, heaters and more, the betta is fine in a small bowl without any equipment. This is not necessarily the case. At you will learn how to properly care for your betta.

You'll find in most fish stores a collection of betta splendens ready and waiting for new homes. The betta often works out to be a "gateway fish" because those who bring home small bowls discover the joy of fish keeping and find themselves with full scale fish tanks full of tropical fish before long. Discuss your favorite betta here.

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Betta Care
Betta Fish Care (71 Viewing)
Betta fish are relatively hardy, but like any aquarium fish, they need to be taken care of. Discuss betta fish care here.
by EmilyHuskyWolf
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Betta fish are often housed in betta fish bowls and small aquariums. Giving your betta the proper lighting, filtration and more can help your betta fish thrive.
by Soriel
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Betta fish can and do get sick. Discuss betta diseases and their cures, including medicines such as Melafix, Pimafix, BettaMax, etc., here. Get help for your sick betta.
by JuliaRagnar
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Discuss which fish betta fish can live with.
by VivianKJean
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Planted Betta Tanks (5 Viewing)
Discuss adding and caring for plants in your betta tank, planted tank species, etc.
by SplashyBetta
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Betta Pictures (46 Viewing)
View and share betta pictures.
by FinnDublynn
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Betta Breeding and Showing
Breeding Betta Fish (12 Viewing)
Discuss breeding betta fish here.
by protossdisaster
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Show Bettas (3 Viewing)
Taking betta fish to the next level.
by Revosok
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Betta Spawn Logs (2 Viewing)
Detail your breeding results here.
by Nimble
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More Betta
Betta Fish Contests (1 Viewing)
Participate in betta fish contests. Check out pictures of beautiful betta fish and submit your own.
by FrankieandRoseForever
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Betta Chat (32 Viewing)
Casual chat about betta names and anything and everything betta fish related.
by Cinderwolf
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Buy, sell, and trade live betta fish, betta habitats, food, or equipment.
by DangerousAngel
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Betta Art (4 Viewing)
Betta fish drawings, paintings, poems, stories, and other creative works.
by Julie7778
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Honor your lost betta fish.
by DangerousAngel
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The Betta Fish Community
Introduce yourself to the community and learn about who your fellow betta fish keepers are.
by greyko
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The Lounge (4 Viewing)
Discuss non betta related topics with fellow betta fish keepers.
by FinnDublynn
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Other Fish (13 Viewing)
While we love bettas, they're not the only fish in our tanks. Discuss other fish here.
by Nova betta
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Finless Friends (4 Viewing)
Got pets that aren't fish? Talk about them here.
by AquaPlayz
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Journals (9 Viewing)
A place for members to journal about anything and everything. (Well, almost.)
by Watermelons
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Responsible Fish Keeping

Many people first become interested in keeping betta fish and fish in general because of their ease of care relative to other pets. Betta fish are easy to keep as compared to turtles with their special lighting and heating requirements. Like any living creature, though, these fish have needs. You should not bring a betta fish into your home unless you are willing to spend the time feeding it each day and doing water changes when necessary.
Tropical Fish Keeping
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The Siamese Fighting Fish Needs Space

There is some debate about whether the betta fish needs or would prefer more room, but they certainly can live in small aquariums. Betta fish come in many varieties. There are regular bettas, crown tail bettas, twin tail bettas, and more. There are show bettas and bettas that are caught in the wild and of great value because they refresh the betta gene pool. Betta fish have been found to live for up to three years in the right conditions, but few in home aquariums will live anywhere near this long. You may have heard betta fish referred to as "Siamese Fighting Fish." This is because male bettas are extremely aggresive towards one another and will fight. They have been known to flare up upon seeing their own reflections so as to intimidate what they perceive as another betta. Female betta fish are not quite that aggressive towards each other, though it is recommended that there be many hiding places inside a tank if several female betta fish are to be kept together. Keeping two male betta fish together will almost certainly result in one dying.


This is a hardy fish. Some consider it too hardy for its own good, as its reputation for being able to tolerate poor water conditions often results in it being kept in such conditions. The difference between surviving and flourishing cannot be stressed enough. Please be sure to give your betta a proper habitat and change its water regularly.

Betta Fish Colors

Betta fish have been discovered to come in all sorts of colors. While reds, blues, and greens are most common, they are also found to come in combinations of these colors which result in very unique coloration.

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